was founded in May 2018 by Mike Bush as a way of helping people to make money illegally or legally.

Smartlazyhustler is the number one website when it comes to illegal hustles or illegal ways of making money fast.

Asides illegal ways of making money, we also show you how to start legit businesses and make money legally.

We cover everything about making money online or offline – but mostly faster ways of becoming a millionaire.

This blog is focused on the following;

  • Making Money Illegally
  • Making Money Legally and Faster
  • Exposing profitable businesses to start and make money fast
  • How to Hustle and become rich.

So if you are interested in paying off your bills and driving the latest cars, then always visit this blog.



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I made my first million dollars after reading your posts and following all the instructions. I am very confident I will make more money as we progress.
Thank you Mike Bush

Web Programmer

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