About Us

Background Mission

In 1990, a man, Mike Bush, realized the need to move riches to the hands of the common man. He, however, had challenges regarding how to circulate the vision and carry everyone, including you, along. During 1993, the dream seemed like it will tumble and Mike Bush settled down as a school teacher. The vision and the mission, however, was revived in 1998 when Mike Bush gained employment in a worthwhile company in Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Fast forward to 2003, Mike Bush relocated to Africa where capitalism had long devoured the bones of Africans. Somewhere in Africa, the dream of making the common man an elite, came to LIFE. By May, 2018, that dream gave birth to the SMARTLAZYHUSTLER.

Our Culture

The SMARTLAZYHUSTLER evolves thoughtfully after thorough assessments of how people make money online and offline. The findings center on the differences existing between the common man and the elite. Being unbiased, the SMARTLAZYHUSTLER focus its studies on how to build ideas that accommodate both the common man and the elite. What makes us unique is our ability to enlighten society of the legal and illegal activities taking place daily.

We are aware that some persons regard this platform as a cartel. But guess what? We are a savior to society. How? Our articles, images, videos, and audios are purely for EDUCATIONAL purposes. After we publish our researches, we strongly DISCLAIM and highlight that every reader, viewer, and listener is solely responsible for their actions.

We do not publish our researches to encourage illegal activities. Instead, we do so to enlighten the general public. We also publish legal money-hacks which we most encourage our users to participate in. So, the philosophy of our culture is simple; enlightening society and making the common man an elite.

How We Research

Every publication on SMARTLAZYHUSTLER takes weeks to months of valid researches from our team. After which we use the singular pronouns ‘I’, ‘ME’, ‘YOU’, etc. to make readers understand the information.

Do note that our contents are strongly covered by DMCA to keep off content thieves.

Our Vision

the vision is simple; taking advantage of money-making opportunities around you. We further strive to create opportunities that common the man can seize to become a CEO overnight.

SMARTLAZYHUSTLER is most interested in identifying legal and illegal opportunities. Regarding the illegal opportunities, we highlight them not for our users to participate, but to be aware and thread the internet with caution. Should any of our users decide to implement any of the illegal researches we publish, such a user would be SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for the penal consequences.

Our Focus

  • Disclosing how people make money illegally.
  • Making Money Legally and Faster.
  • Exposing profitable businesses to start and make money fast
  • How to Hustle and become rich within months.

If you are interested in paying off your bills and driving in the latest cars, always visit SMARTLAZYHUSTLER.

What Readers Think About Us

“I made my first million dollars after reading your posts and following all the instructions. I am very confident I will make more money as we progress.
Thank you Mike Bush”
Austin B. (U.S.A)
Web Programmer

“There is no better place to learn the tricks of riches. I am pleased with Mike Bush and hope to make more money by the day”

Lindiwe P. (South Africa)

Internet Marketer

There is no other way to describe this platform other than “indescribable”.

Zhang Wei (China)

Beijing Business Guru

Our Principles

The Smart Lazy Hustler is a learning hub for the entrepreneurs and a fast-growing internet citadel for growth-hacking. We do NOT encourage internet fraud, including but not restricted to phishing, unethical hacking, carding, etc.

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