How to Ask a Guy for Money Online and Get It

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How to Ask a Guy for Money Online

You need money badly, and you’ve seen a guy you met online flaunting money – whether legit cash or some illegal stuff, it doesn’t matter to you. All you want is to ask him for money and make sure he gives it to you. In this post, I will show you how to ask a guy for money online and make sure he gives you.

This is quite complex because doing this wrong will make the guy term you a beggar or even embarrass you. Then imagine getting embarrassed in the presence of people or where you are pretty known, doesn’t make sense.

So, to ask a guy for money online and make him give you, there are things we call format that you have to employ. Just think of this as a child using excuses to get money from his parents; the lie to earn money is what we call formats.

So, depending on how good your formats are, that will determine how much you can collect from guys. In this post, I will show you some excellent formats that you can use to ask a guy for money online or even ask lots of guys online and make them give you money.

If the guy isn’t aware of yahoo scams, you can use some of these yahoo formats to get money.

ask a guy for money online

Steps to Take to Ask a Guy for Money Online

Just follow these steps, and you are good to go.

Set up a Good Profile

Your profile picture should be you, and I recommend you use a professional photo. There should be nothing extra, but make sure you put up your best picture online.

Asides from your picture, what you do should also reflect something professional because this would be your main billing format.

I recommend something like, “I am a professional online shopper; I help both my male and female clients get the best products for the best possible prices online. Feel free to contact me and let me blow your mind with the best experience.”

This is what your profile description should look like while setting it up. You’d get to see why this description is essential further down the line.

Join Online Groups

The next simple tactic would be to join groups, and the aim is to meet guys who can give you money. To ask guys for cash, you need to be around them, and since it is online, the best option would be social media.

Typically, I see WhatsApp groups as an excellent alternative to quickly meet guys and request money. When you join groups on WhatsApp, introduce yourself with a beautiful picture and briefly state what you do, just like the sample I have up there.

Alternative places would also be apps like Clubhouse, Twitter, and Facebook.

Be Active

When you join groups, you must quickly become active and contribute to meaningful discussions. Being active helps people know of your presence and attract attention to yourself.

Respond to DMs

When guys start sending you DMs, always reply to your DMs and be polite and playful with everyone. Typically, many of them would propose naughty things like hoo^ups and so, but you can carefully play along because you see them as a means to an end.

Never commit to anyone.

The rule says, “never commit to anyone in terms of love and relationship.” The more guys you have chasing after you, the more options of guys you want to ask for money.

So never get tied up in a relationship with anyone, promise nobody anything, and always be free and playful with everyone.

Use the format to get money.

Typically, I would have suggested you make it open in the group that you need money, but that won’t work. You have to make every guy feel special for them to send you money, and the best way to go over this is to request it in their DMs one after the other.

The best format to use would be the “Sponsored Post format” or “exam fee format.” You can check out some available lists for formats to use when you want to ask a guy for money online.

Clean your Tracks and Move to Another Guy

Once you are done with a guy, quickly move to another guy and choose another format to use. You can also use the same format; after all, you need a huge Ad budget.

Make sure you don’t overdo things to avoid getting busted and embarrassed.

Best Formats Ask a Guy for Money Online

These are the cool and smooth excuses you can use to ask a guy for money online.

Sponsored Ad Donation

You will ask a guy to help you with money because you want to run Ads for your business on Facebook and Instagram. Typically, you need the money because you intend to survive by making sales.

You must make it look like you need to make sales to survive. It is advisable to have already had an active Instagram that you can present to ask a guy for money online.


“Hey {name}, sorry for bugging you, but I wanted to know if you can help me with a little favour. I hate asking for money directly to spend when I know that you can help me in a bigger way. Sales are very low this period, and I have a lot of debt to pay. I am not asking for money to pay the debt, I am asking that you help me with a little amount to run adverts for my business, and I will pay off my debt from the little money I will make. Please help me to grow my business and survive. I will never forget you. Thanks.

Then you wait for them to ask you “how much.” I recommend you say $50 – $100, and you will be happy with anything they can give you.

Exam Fee Completion Format

The idea behind this format is that you want to take a certification exam and need a certain amount to complete the money you have at hand. Make it obvious that you are single-handedly training yourself, so you will appreciate the support.

“Hey {name}, I would love to request a bit of favour from you. I am training myself, and I am having difficulty with the exam I want to write now. I am required to pay $200 for my exam fee, but right now, I have managed to raise just $80. I don’t know if you can help me with anything you have, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks so much, and I will find any possible way to repay you.

Then if they ask you how much, always make it clear that anything they give to you will be appreciated.


These are the two best formats to ask a guy for money online. Even if the guy embarrasses you, the reason you asked for money will draw sympathy to people who would also want to give you.

Anywhere you meet a guy online and start talking, these are the best formats to use and ask a guy for money online.

If you have questions, please let me know in the comment section.

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