How to ask a Guy for Money through Text [Sample Messages Included].

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Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to ask a guy for money through text

One of the trickiest ways to ask people for money is by text messages, maybe because your emotions and feelings aren’t conveyed perfectly, resulting in less empathy from him. I want to show you how to ask a guy for money through text and make sure he gives it to you.

Even as friends, when you text a guy and requesting for money, there are high chances that he will turn down your request with many excuses. This is because there’s no physical contact, so he isn’t under pressure to commit.

On the other hand, you might not want to initiate physical contact because you fear being rejected. So the best option would be to make money requests through text messages.

It is pretty complex, but I will try to show you some techniques that will make you learn how to ask a guy for money through text and increase your chances of getting it.

How to ask a guy for money in a nice way through text messages.

how to ask a guy for money through text

So these steps will show you how to place a monetary request over texts. Whether you are using Snapchat, IG, WhatsApp, or whichever text message medium you are utilizing.

Just compose your message in the following form, and you should be good to go. I am not saying the guy will meet all your needs, but your conversion rate will be high. I.e., if you ask ten guys for money through text, you should have at least 4 of them willing to help.

So how do you achieve this?

Make sure he is rich.

If you ask a broke dude for money – whether through text or even physically, you will get nothing! He is fighting to help his situation, so why should he even think of giving you the money he needs?

You may be wondering how to know a guy is rich. Well, there are no final clues, but just;

  • Watch out for things he posts,
  • Things he says,
  • How he acts and reacts with money.

If you’ve discussed with him before, check out his reaction towards giving people money and if he is open-handed.

These are the quick investigation you should carry out to make sure you are always reaching the right guys.

Asking the right guys for money would reduce your stress and the length of the text.

Offer value or Make Sure you’ve Offered value.

Even when trying to ask your man for money physically, I also mentioned this same strategy – you can read it here.

Unless the money isn’t all that important or you have other options that you can explore. But you want money (something of great value); what value are you giving in return? Or what have you provided to the guy in return?

Money holds so much value, so people need a tangible reason to part with their money. So when you identify the right guy(s) to ask for money, figure out if you’ve given him something of value in the past.

Something of value might mean just anything – maybe what guys love in a girl, or you’ve helped him in the past, or just anything.

If you think that he will see you in a bad light, you should know the type of guy he is before making such a proposition.

The game rule says that you “use what you have to get what you don’t have.” I am not saying this is a must-do, but if you want to increase your chances of asking a guy for money through text, don’t neglect this strategy.

Praise him as a Reliable Helper.

The first step in composing a text for a guy you want to ask for money via text is massaging his ego.

Be careful so your praise doesn’t come off as fluffy-hype. Simply identifying him as someone that can help you in dire situations that others can’t show you’ve placed him in a top position.

If the relationship between both of you is incredible, then he’d be happy to remain there. If not, he will wonder why you’d elevate him to such a position and feel uncomfortable. You can use the following lines.

Brad, I don't know who else I can run to because I know you are the only guy that can help me, and I don't want to expose myself to others who might want to exploit my situation.”

Give Genuine Reason for Help

This should answer the question, “Why do you need the money?” Most guys think that they give a girl money, and they use it to get frivolous things for themselves.

You should state a compelling reason why you need the money and make sure it emits emotion – even if it is a lie.

Sometimes it should come with a back story that helps to show why you really need the help.


"Brad, last year my dad was laid off – since he's been the one helping me, and my two siblings are still minors and dependent on me. I have a course I wish to take that would help me get a job to sustain my family, and I need help from you so as not to miss it.

This is a chance for me to move forward in life after years of being stagnant, and please, you can help me – no matter what it would take from me.”

Give a Deadline

Deadlines will spur people who are willing to act faster and cause people who don’t want to help to miss out.

Giving deadlines will help them act fast. The faster they act, the quicker you get your money – which I believe that’s what you want.

“I was asked to pay the money before {insert a date}, I am confused and don’t know what to do.”

Give Room for Negotiation

After informing him about the deadline, pause and gauge his body reaction. Does he look like someone who wants to pay the total amount or negotiate?

In many instances, most guys would ask you how much you are requesting, not to help you source all of them, but to see if they can give out easily.

I will suggest you increase the amount a bit. If you need $100, you can inflate it to $300.

Most guys would beat the price down to like $100 or even $150.

So if the guy asks you how much you are requesting, you can say the following.

"It is $300, but I wouldn't want to be much of a burden to you, so I will appreciate anything you give to me."

Recall the need for his help.

This reminds him why you need the help after calling the amount you are requesting from him. It also helps stir his emotions again and find ways to give you the money you are asking for.

"Brad, I need your help, and I believe that you can help me; please, don't forsake me."

If you follow these strategies, you can successfully ask a guy for money through text and expect to get it.

But there are other factors you need to consider.

How to ask a guy for money through text examples

Example One

Hi Jared, please, I’m telling you this in confidence because I know you have a little capacity to help. I need your financial assistance in any way you can because I am confused and down emotionally and mentally.

My family and I are going through a severe downtime this period, especially my father, who needs help. I need to send money to him, but I have nothing on myself because I just recovered from illness, which drained my finances.

I have no one else to run to again, and I am scared of being exploited by others. Would you please help me in any way that you can?

Example Two

Fred, I need a bit of help, I know I shouldn’t be disturbing you, but I wish I had someone else to ask. I got a shop…I need to fix things like painting, carpentering work (shelf), and electrical wiring.

So I left my sister’s shop because she sent me away, and I am just trying to stand on my own. I have spent the money I have in buying goods because I have spent the rest on helping my siblings pay their school fees. I hope you can help me to start somewhere.

Would you please help me? I am in dire need of any help you can offer me, no matter the amount.

When is the right time to ask a Guy for Money through Text?

You have to make sure you are asking at the right time and also the right person. So when is the right time to ask a guy for money through text?

When he is in a happy mood

Happiness is essential, and the current mood is king when looking for the best time to ask a guy for money. While discussing with him, gauge his current mood and know if he is in a happy state or not.

While exchanging texts, you can quickly figure out what his current mood is like and know if you should go on with your request or not.

Few weeks after you’ve offered value.

Let’s say he was complaining of cold, and you sent him some incredible traps to cool down, or you visited him and had some excellent time with him.

After a few weeks, you can go ahead and place your request. I am not saying that it MUST be granted, but your chances of getting a YES would be high.


Asking a guy for money through is dicey, but if you apply these strategies I have mentioned, then you will find that the psychology game is pretty simple.

Try these and let me know your thoughts.

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