How to Ask a Guy For Money and Make Sure He Gives You Money

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to ask for financial help from your boyfriend

Hi Female hustlers, I hope you all are turning up well. I am writing this article to show you how to ask your boyfriend for money and make him give you. There is no reason to be broke when you have a boyfriend. Forget about sounding like a gold-digger because, after all, he also digs something from you.

The reason bad girls make so much money from their man (men) is that they understand the manipulation process. They know how to make demands without sounding demanding. So if you think your man isn’t giving you enough money, you need to start thinking like a bad girl.

This article will also cover how to ask for financial help from your boyfriend. It’s all part of the process.

If I give you a hint, I will tell you that men become restless and unfulfilled if their girlfriends don’t ask them for money. So they believe you are cheating once you buy things for yourself without their assistance.

But you also have to know that men also feel pissed off if all you do every time is beg, beg, and beg. It becomes a turn-off, and they start looking for ways to cut off the relationship. Now you see, there should be a balance right in between.



I will show you ways to ask for money – using some asking tactics that I have developed and taught many girls. When I wrote on How to get money from a married man, many girls who used my tricks testified that it worked.

Before you ask your Boyfriend for money, you need to know the right time to ask.

Factors to Consider Before You Ask Your Boyfriend for Money


how to ask your boyfriend for money


It’s not every time that you pop the asking request; you need to be strategic. There are good times to ask for money; there are also bad times. So if you ask in any of those times, you are bound to get different responses and reactions.

So when is the best time to ask for money? Here are some of the best times a guy would be so willing to give you anything you ask for;

When He is Happy

When a guy is happy, he can do anything for anybody. As his girl, you’d be the first to know when he is happy. That is an excellent time to strike and place your request. There are certain conditions first to be fulfilled before you start to ask your boyfriend for money when he is happy.

But understand that happiness is a huge factor when it comes to giving. You have to explore this manipulation factor.

Anytime he hurts you and Apologizes

This is always a good time to ask him for what you want and be sure of getting it. You should note that it should be something serious like when he forgets your birthday or when he promises to call and fail.

Not every time you should make a request, but when he wrongs you and apologizes is always a good time to ask.

After Intercourse

If you are in an intimate relationship, you have higher chances of getting money from your boyfriend. While you blow his mind, table your request and peck him continuously until he says yes.

Depending on the amount of money, increase the intimacy so that he does not regret his decision.

Ps. Do not use your body as a weapon to get money from a boyfriend always.

When He Gets a Contract

When your boyfriend gets a contract, it pleases him, and he’s willing to spend some money on you. Ask whatever you want, and he will accept to give you the money. Meanwhile, when you receive the money, wish him more success and pray him more lucks in life. He will not only provide the funds to you happily but sees you as a fortune jewel.

Tips on How to Ask For Money from your Boyfriend

These are the tips I will give to you; I hope you utilize them correctly. There is no guarantee that if you ask your boyfriend for money using these tips, he will give it to you. But believe me, these tips have worked almost 90% of the time.

Ready to learn how to get money from a guy? Here are they;




Choose a Perfect Environment

A perfect environment in the right mood, as I mentioned earlier, is a key determinant when it comes to asking your boyfriend for money. He is more likely to heed your requests while cuddling on a sofa than fixing his car. I hope you understand the scenario I am painting.

Create the perfect environment to place your request. You can cook him a wonderful meal and allow him to start eating. Then gently call his attention to the fact that you need some financial assistance. He is likely to give a definite answer because of the second point I am about to mention.

Help Him and Ask Him for Money

After cooking a wonderful meal, helping him clean up the house, or even doing his laundry for him, watch how happy he is, right? Then wait for a few more hours and subtly place your request along.

If he were going to pay someone to help him with the task initially, he would be much more excited to hand over the money to you. When you help him with a task(s), he is excited and happy. Happiness triggers the feeling of trying to reciprocate your kind gesture.

He doesn’t see you as a gold digger; he sees you as a helpmate – which you believe you are.

Drop your requests subtly and repeatedly

Humans react to things they’ve heard over and over again. This is why this is a powerful way to ask your boyfriend for money without sounding demanding.

Always place gentle reminders and make the request open-ended. This is a request format you can use while asking;

“I was looking to get a new laptop for my project; I am wishing someone loving could help me.”

You didn’t mention a name, but you left a hint on who you are expecting to help. If you repeat the request over again at intervals, you’d surely get a response.

Play the Moody Game

This is also one of the tips on how to ask for money from your boyfriend. It starts with being moody and ignoring many things till he asks you, “what’s wrong.”

After that, you need to use the “subtle and repeated” asking tactics to get what you want. It works if you are looking for how to ask your boyfriend for money.

I would also add that you need to be a cheerful girlfriend and a happy one before using this asking method.  If you are always the gloomy type, please don’t bother using this – as it would seem reasonable to your boyfriend.



Get a Loan from Him

“I am broke and need a small loan from you,” that is what you should say to him. The truth is that he wouldn’t give you a loan – instead, he gives you part of the money without asking you to pay it back. So here is the trick;

When requesting your boyfriend for a loan, always ask for an important figure. Let’s say you need $500 (five hundred dollars) for a project; you can ask him to loan you $2,000 (two thousand dollars). The rule of law states that he will be willing to give you about $600 (Six hundred dollars) and claim he doesn’t have enough money to provide you with a loan.

Just thank him profoundly and collect your money and move on. It is a psychological way to ask your boyfriend for money without sounding demanding. I have explained more in a post that shows you how to ask for money

Play the Emotional Game

If the money is urgent and I know that my boyfriend has the money, I will cry (or at least pretend to cry) till he gives me the money. Play on his emotions, explain things to him, show him what you need it for.

Just keep pestering him till he is worn out and ready to listen to you. This method should be seldom used. The continuous abuse of this method might likely see you dumped and tagged a “Gold Digger.” Here is the meaning of a gold digger.



Continuous Murmuring and Complaints

This is another tip on how to ask your boyfriend for money. It should always happen if he is still around you or in his house.

This method works only when you need money to replace the existing stuff you have. Let’s assume you want to get a new phone and that you need cash to replace the older phone. The complaint and murmur method says you should always complain about the old phone in the presence of your boyfriend.

It should continue till he finally asks you to change the phone; you can then reply with, “I don’t have the money – please help me.”

If he declines your request, continue murmuring and complaining till he gives into your request.

Request and Withdraw

You can also use the request and withdraw method to ask your boyfriend for money. Here’s how it works;

  • You make a request
  • Immediately he wants to react; you retract the request
  • You then go ahead to confirm you can handle it yourself
  • Then you complain about your lack of money.


Here’s a practical example;

You: I wish I can have $700 (Seven Hundred Dollars) now.

Your Boyfriend: What do you need it for?

You: Don’t worry, I will find a way to help myself

You (contd…): Who will help me with $700 now…

Do you understand the scenario I am trying to paint?

After this, you repeat the process over and over again at intervals – then watch him offer to give you the money.

Men love their ego and would always want to be in charge. So if you play this game correctly, you’d get so much money from your boyfriend.

Things to Avoid While Asking Your Boyfriend for Money

So while you’ve made up your mind to implement some of the strategies I have outlined, here are some quick pitfalls to avoid.

  1. Never go aggressive. It isn’t your money, so show some respect.
  2. Don’t mention another guy’s name while psyching him on people you’d have to meet for the money.
  3. Avoid comparing your boyfriend to your ex when he doesn’t want to help you out with money.
  4. Do not sneak your boyfriend into your house because you want to prove a point.
  5. No insults if he doesn’t want to give you money
  6. Always leave a “welcome back” route if you wish to ask for money another day.


Although it is okay to ask your boyfriend for money, when it is excessive, he feels uncomfortable around you. Whenever he sees you, he gets the impression that he’ll spend money, which might hurt the relationship.

Be minimal and get him gifts often. Also, get a job to support yourself.


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