How to Attract Money Instantly

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How to Attract Money Instantly [9 Secret Strategies to Become a Money Magnet]

To gain wealth is not just about determination. The reason is that you can always practice how to attract money instantly following your attitudes.

You may be aware of the law of attraction (LOA). Well, what is it? It’s quite powerful and real if you know how to follow its principles.

Some people think LOA is unreal, but anything that human thinks is real. The law of attraction works like a support for your objectives to attracting money. It does not also make you rich overnight, but riches start immediately after you start practicing it.

It is not magic or voodoo, but it can be magic depending on how you use it. Just like the process of attracting good luck with salt [Click here to read the post on how to attract good luck with salt], you can also learn how to attract money instantly into your life.

Below are the ways regarding how to attract money instantly:

Key Steps to Attract Money Instantly into your Life

how to attract money instantly

Understand the Reality

First, you must understand the reality surrounding you. To attract money is to get it to manifest because money is all around you.

When you discover the reality of your financial position, which is easy, you start working accordingly. You must be honest, otherwise, you would be making a vague decision.

Calculate your finances, including debts, and do not be scared to reach out to wealthy people for money. You can start with friends and family, or get financial advisers to assist you to design a financial plan.

It’s OK if you have a little amount of money today. Just keep telling yourself to think positively while you manifest that thought.

Stop Being Jealous of Others Wealth

To attract money yourself, celebrate the wins of other people. When you become jealous of their wins, it affects your psychological conception of riches.

Instead of being jealous, think of ways you can earn from their wealth. How? Solve their problem, and earn passively.

Always Think about Money

When thinking about money, you must be in alignment. To be in alignment, your thoughts must be on money and you must think positively about money. When you’re thinking, it should be problem-solving thoughts about acquiring wealth.

attract money instantly by thinking about money
Always have Money Thoughts

And most importantly, your actions must align with your though to reach your desire. The manifesting situation may be different, but action aids the manifestation to an extent.

For example, if you must repay a car loan when manifesting money, you do not search for odd jobs to raise funds. You’d just have to be where ever you are, anticipate an impactful phone call that changes the story.

In this regard, you’d have to work things out earlier, such that it comes calling tomorrow. Lest we fail to mention, professional skills are critical when attracting money instantly.

If you are not skillful in any field, your agents of money manifestation become weaker. Of course, you can’t get a miraculous phone call to handle a project if you have no related skills.

Be Smarter than Parents

Did you grow up in a lower-class family? It’s not your family’s fault, though, that you have to be poor. However, it is a responsibility to become rich.

How does your poor family perceive money? You must counter the attitude if it’s negative because it affects the forces of wealth manifest in your life.

The best practice is to identify your family’s fears regarding money. Note that these fears were passed to you, and you must fight them to attract money immediately. Of course, you won’t immediately attract money, except you invite spiritual elements, which isn’t our subject matter.

How do you fight the fears of your family? By adopting a new mindset and sight towards money. If your parents had money before collapsing, you can find out about their mistakes and attempt to correct them.

Believe You Can Have It

Some money-attracting greats like Howard and Goddard love to quote Jesus. He says that you must believe that you receive everything you pray for and ask, and they shall be given to you.

But then, you must initiate actions because “faith without work is dead”.

Stop Tying Down Yourself

The truth is that not having money is not a problem. The problem is actually what the lack of money makes you feel, the discomfort. When your mind should be processing money, bad thoughts come up, and you slip into depression.

However, you can transform that aggressive energy, including anger, shame, frustration, resentment, etc., into wealth-creating thoughts to manifest money.

How? You wake up from slumber and say to yourself, “It’s enough.” Move out of your comfort zone and take a walk around any of nature’s beauties around you.


Do not remain stuck in thoughts troubling your innocent self that you’re in desperate need of money. Otherwise, you are retaining the dastardly feeling, which traps you in illusion.

With all these in mind, understand that your principal thought should be that you have the money already. Your mind conceptions are as powerful as reality because our environment is possible today because of our imaginations.

Don’t Hoard Money

Never hoard money! Normalize giving money and do not bother when giving out money. If it’s hard to give out the money, close your eyes for a few seconds and tell yourself “I’m rich” because you can afford to give money.

When making payments, do not consider the amount too big. Besides, the mere fact that you can afford that amount means you are rich and you can raise the money again. When you develop bad feelings about a particular amount of money, it becomes tougher for your money-attracting elements to match the requirements of remaking that money.

When paying taxes, including Income Tax and Goods and Services (GST), be happy that you are contributing to the growth of the country. You can decree within you that the universe should fortify you with more money to give even more to society in the future.

One mistake you’d make is delaying payments. Just a few-second delay can alter your money-manifest elements, and it’ll be difficult to regain it, except when a similar money-spending event repeats itself.

Normalize paying for people services, including chauffeur, cook, maid, etc., as quickly as possible. You would be no different than they are if you delay payments. Besides, you’re an employer, and the thought of it develops your financial mind.

Practice the Law of Participation

LOA will not function, except you practice the law of participation. LOA alters your mentality but does not give money as people believe it does. It is the law of participation that manifests money, and it requires professional skills in today’s world.

While thinking, prepare yourself to work in alignment with your thought. If you do not plan your actions, you’d be stuck in thinking every day, developing the feeling of disappointment. You can also click here to know how to command money spiritually.

Keep Learning Money

Yes, learning to lure money is a never-ending investment. It exposes you to more ideologies you can work with to refine your skills regarding how to attract money instantly in the universe.

You can undergo self-improvement lessons and seek financial help. When learning money, it is not necessary to consume everything the teacher says. What works for others may not work for you, and you can tell when something is not for you.

Questions to Answer to Attract Money Instantly

Before you begin attracting money, you’d want to answer a few questions.

It is important to know what keeps or is keeping you in your current position. Most of the time, it is man’s perception, altered by his environment, that keeps him stuck.

Below are the questions to ask yourself before you work to manifest the money you desire:

  • What amount of money do you want?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when you think about the amount?
  • Does it feel like you can manifest it?
  • If you feel uncomfortable when you think about the money you want to manifest, ask yourself “why”.
  • Do you talk about what you want when thinking about this money? Otherwise, ask yourself “why you’re talking about the money you can’t manifest”.
  • Are you taking action towards making this money? If you’re not taking action, ask yourself “why you’re not taking action”.
  • What actions can you take?
  • Are your thoughts realistic?

Note your answers and make neutralize them, such that they are longer questions that bother your attempts to attract money in the universe instantly.

The Secret of Attracting Money Instantly

What is the secret of attracting money instantly? The secret of attracting money is to think and believe it without a doubt while listening to money subliminal affirmation audios daily. When among people, speak like a wealthy fellow and do not feel intimidated among wealthy people. Always meditate on your thoughts, and make sure you’re thinking realistically. Otherwise, you’ll remain confined in illusion.

Final Thoughts

Understand that you can only acquire wealth by being wealth conscious. You must think about wealth and believe that you are wealthy before wealth comes your way. Otherwise, you’re likely to lose even the little you can afford.

You may consider a typical lottery winner. A lottery winner wins millions and just when wealth should arrive, he files for bankruptcy or slips into severer poverty. The reason is not spiritual; they simply have no understanding about money, so it’s hard to keep it.

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