How to Attract Rich Friends into Your Life [Secret for Hustlers]

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How to attract wealthy friends into your life? Okay… but how can you really attract some rich ass ballers?

Can this ever happen? I don’t know whether to sigh or to catch a glimpse of this absurd question. I mean, are you still there without knowing how to attract wealthy friends? If such is the case, I can’t say you’re losing, but you’re serious, I mean, seriously a problem to yourself.

Check this, the reason why poor Arnold is a rich town boy is because of something you choose to remain ignorant of. Arnold knows how to attract wealthy friends – yap, he does. Do you know why you hate going places? Oh, allow me to tell you this one! It’s because you can’t afford them.

You think I’m pissed, but I’m not at all pissed. It’s just that I’m hurt you’re failing to attract something good to yourself. See, I didn’t become who I am today alone, neither did I beg. I did a simple self-merge with rich friends whom I use to build my way to the success I’m bathing. If I’ve never done you a favor, then let this be the first because there are more to follow.

Be calm and watch me show you how to attract wealthy friends and reserve big respects. But before that, you have to understand the psychology of how the rich choose their friends. Just like trying to convince someone to give you money, you must understand how people think.


Two Ways the Rich Chooses Their Friends?


how to attract wealthy friends into your life

Friends with money


“A beggar? Please never be one.”

We – the poor, middle, and upper class, all have what we hate. I don’t know what those who think they’re poor hate, but I can attest to what rich friends hate. Over time, I have conducted a close study on friends who have money and can tell that they hate beggars.

If you think that just getting close to a rich friend and begging will make you rich, it won’t. I should call such a dream, but I won’t because somethings are impossible to dream of. That your rich friend will choose only if you choose not to be a beggar. Trust me; this is one way on how to attract wealthy friends.


“Never oppose a wealthy friend’s risky idea unnecessarily.”

Yesterday he said something, and you disagreed, and today, you’ve repeated it? Man will sack your ass from his crib without informing you because that’s not how to attract wealthy friends.

Some time ago, a friend proposed a business idea, and a friend opposed it. The reason he opposed it was that the risk was high. And this friend who thinks the risk is high happens to be even poorer than me then.

Wait, please, a rich person isn’t full of negativity. You may conceive something as a potential loss, but he is ready to risk it. Instead of opposing the idea, invent resources to manage the risk. He can call you ‘Daddy’ and then allow you the freedom to explore riches with him.

Let’s progress

I just revealed two critical things that your rich friend(s) would likely use to measure you. You’ll find no way no matter the amount of data you waste surfing on the net.

Let’s now ascertain the elements that helped me on how to attract wealthy friends. I didn’t just draw them; as I said, I built my way to success with them.

How can you attract rich people into your life and even find a way to become one of them? It is complex to figure out but still simple with the ideas I will share with you right now.


How To Attract Rich People Into Your Life with Seven Steps


  1. Build Your Personality Worth

Do you know that how you see yourself is how others would see you? A man once told me that a fisher could never call himself a banker. Then I asked if he doesn’t call himself a fisherman, would you know? My statement is logical but confines the truth.

If rich friends can’t find anything tangible about your overall personality, it becomes impossible to rapport with you. And as you should know, if a connection is absent between you and them, nothing can connect you. You do want to be the sort of guy they talk about often? Then you have to become someone that he’d, at times, feel is better than him.

You think you’re too financially unfit to change, but I think you’re lying to yourself. I sense riches in your every direction – even when you aren’t, but you can become so. It’s easy, build your self-worth and add price, if necessary.


  1. Find Yourself at Conferences

The day I knew conferences go beyond just meeting and discussing a topic would forever remain in my memory. It wasn’t my story, but I was a friend of a friend who owns the story. He invited me for a conference on the business talk which I did not hesitate.

He, on like myself, was just guests. Now, the business talk locked up somewhere, and everyone needed an answer to a particular question. As someone who is business-inclined, I murmured a response to my friend, and he said it made sense.

He stood up and said it. After a few moments of analysis, that response became the solution and was integrated. Lest I forget, that’s how he made friends with some rich guests who eventually offered him a job. Well, he acknowledged me, but I preferred that he take the glory, and he was grateful. The following day, I started Googling for conferences around me.


  1. Join Certain Social Media Groups

Forget about groups for soccer updates, as Americans call it, or football updates for a while. It makes no sense to shout over football if you have no good connection with millionaires to generate real money.

Joining an ‘anyhow’ group is not how to attract wealthy friends and gain respect. If you sure want to be like me on how to attract wealthy friends, there are secret groups for this. On platforms like Facebook, these sorts of groups are set to ‘secret’ so that non-participants won’t see the activities.

These are the groups you should join and see if you won’t attract rich friends to yourself worldwide. The problem, however, is not about joining these groups but finding them. Anyways, what would help you find them is nothing other than keywords, and I’ll reserve that. It’s a simple thing to drop it here, but I prefer to expose it to too many eyes.

If you wish to know these keywords, use the lovely comment box below to express your interest.


What to Do in Such Groups

No matter your wisdom level, it can never be enough. Therefore, you also require my wisdom to make your steps more definitive. Here is the sort of thing you should do in a group filled with participants basking in wealth.

  • Don’t be too active but make every contribution meaningful.
  • Once in a while, make it known that all you require is an investment in you.
  • Some wealthy friends posted something wrong? Do not crucify it; instead, signal corrections in a logical manner.
  • Do not join in absurd threads.
  • Always make logical questions and ask for answers.
  • Develop topics that will make you chat with these wealthy guys.
  • Find their problem in that group and proffer solution occasionally.
  1. Regularly Freshen Up

I do not see a pauper in people. However, people make themselves feel like paupers. Do you know what pauper means? ‘Someone who is very poor.’ If you think you’re very poor, where did you get the money to subscribe to a data plan? How come you own a phone? Now tell me, why then can’t you appear in a way that looks freshening?

Are you questioning yourself whether this is also how to attract wealthy friends? Yes, it is! Wealthy people, before I forget, love to hang out with seemingly fresh pals. Even if the cash is not there with you, they’re willing to knock off your bills.

When they notice that fire in you, something comes to their mind. Investment! Not only would you be attracting yourself to them, but they’ll also see you like money. And this will make them happy to have you around. I know rich ladies to be crazier in this – an individual’s freshness.


  1. Constantly Switch Environments

Staying in one place doesn’t help in any way. It instead limits you to so many things, including poverty. That is, if you’re trying to be rich or maintain your richness, a poor environment can discourage you. The fact that I’m asking you to switch environments does not mean ending up in silly places. If you do so, I will personally find you and come for you.

“Wealthy people do not look for people; people look for them.”

The thing is, they don’t even look for themselves because they are too busy. And when you switch environments, you’re most likely going to end up with them. Moreover, as you switch, be mindful of the environment and spend more extended periods in the one that looks good. You can never tell what lies underneath.


  1. What Have You to Offer?

You’ve known a lot by now about how to attract wealthy friends. This is the last and the best part of it all. Society today is based on what you can offer as an individual. It’s also very easy to know what to offer and where.

Did I mention ‘where’? Oh no, it’s the wealthy guys, of course. Practice and do what they Like and be the best, if possible. This might be the shortest section on how to attract wealthy friends but almost the best. Offer something.

  1. Be Controversial

Most of the time, controversial lifestyle brings you the fame and connections. Although the things you may say may be untrue, some persons may find sense in it. And if you continue in the trend, you’ll become a brand, and the rich guys will be attracted to you as friends.

Typically, they make friends with you to build their business or to tap from your controversial fame. Some may start a diss with you to gain attention.

Along the line, they may offer to partner with you to keep the fame alive.

If you must continue as a controversial person, make sure to maintain a respectable personae because you might stop in toes.

Lastly, be mindful of the topics you take on. Most topics may be too delicate to earn fame and attract wealthy friends.

While in college, being controversial boosted my presence and secured a larger fan base, consisting the rich also.

Tactically Hype Them at Some Point

How would you feel waking up one morning and seeing someone writing something brilliant about your personality or brand? I guess you’d love to reward such a person for thinking about you, right? That is how the rich also behave – bear this in mind.

If you have a rich friend you want to attract into your life, then you have to position yourself to hype them tactically. Hyping them means making them feel good about themselves with things you will write/say.

Even if you want to become a sycophant, then no problems – as long as it gets you to where you want.  But you must be tactical about this so that you don’t piss them off with unnecessary praises.


In conclusion, how to attract wealthy friends requires no magic but the brain. It doesn’t require hard work, but instead, just being smart is enough to help you attract wealthy friends into your life.

The focus word is ‘common sense,’ which I’ve highlighted here in so many ways. You do not need any more guidance on how to attract wealthy friends than this. Understand my concept and proceed to make the best out of it.


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