Bank Drop Creation Guide 2021

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Howdy, Hustler? Today, I am revealing the bank drop creation guide to mark an anniversary. If you are a money mule that collects money from money launderers, carders, etc., this bank drop tutorial is for you.

Bank drop creation guide

A bank drop is similar to a drop (pickup location) but differs because a bank drop uses a bank account while a drop uses a physical location. Also, the person that picks up from a bank drop is known as a money mule, while the person that picks items from a drop is a picker.

To create a bank drop is easy, and the importance of a bank drop is that it keeps you from being caught.

I did a bank drop creation experiment recently and it worked. So, to mark an anniversary, I am giving you this guide for free.

Requirements to Open Bank Drop

In this section, I disclose the tools you need to open a secure bank drop account.

Below are the steps to create a bank drop:


I recommend using the US fulls because I have experimented with the US fulls, and the result was positive. I also tried out a country like the UK, but some aspects of their securities are difficult to bypass.

The 3 states I use for this bank drop creation guide are CA (California), TX (Texas), and FL (Florida). It is easier to obtain information related to their SSN since the governments allow free access to the data.

SSN Lookup

You will look up the SSN that you obtain to gather personal data. I recommend using to search the information of the people first. Compared to other personal data websites, tends to give more updated information about people, including marriage records and MMN, for free.


You need good OPSEC, such as a VPN. In this bank drop creation guide, I used Socks5. When you pick your OPSEC, note that you must repeat the IP address every time you want to access your bank drop.

Also, your OPSEC must be connected to the US servers to give you access to the US services while opening the bank drop.

Burner Phone Number

You need a US burner phone number even if you reside in the US. You can also use VOIP and some of the US-based sites that offer free number services. Note that these US phone number services are public, and anyone can see the messages that you receive or the phone calls that you make or receive.

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Email Address

I used a premium email service to create a custom email address that matches the information on my SSN. I do not know whether free email services will work, but I hope it works for you.

You should also learn how to create multiple Gmail accounts with one phone number.

Preferred Bank

You need to decide on the US bank to use, and that will be convenient for you. The best US banks for creating a bank drop are:

  • Suntrust
  • Bank of America
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Wells Fargo
  • Capital One
  • Fifth Three

So, just select the bank you know can be convenient for you and start creating the bank drop with them. Before you select a bank, research their security policies, especially on receiving strange bank transfers and cashing out.

Bank Drop Creation Guide

In this section, I disclose the steps to open a bank drop without going to the bank.

Below are the steps regarding the bank drop creation guide:

  1. Run the Background Check

The first thing to do is to create a TXT file (text file) that stores the information of the people whose information you have. You can create a TXT file using any notepad.

During the background check, write out the phone numbers, addresses, relatives, DOB, and other available information of the victim.

You can run additional checks to discover their property records and assets registered in the name of the person. During two of the experiments, they requested the mortgage payments for credit reports and identity checks. I use and to collect the updated details.

  1. Check the Credit Report

After you collect all the information in the section above, you must check the credit report of the victim. Without detailed information, you cannot create the bank drop; otherwise, you will be stuck halfway.

Bank drop creation tutorial

I use to collect a free credit report from The next step is to answer the credit questions and you do not need a CC to get the answers right. When you complete the questions, you would have advanced information on the person’s financials to use for opening bank drop.

  1. Get an Email and Burner Number

Now, get an email and a burner number for the US, and make sure to enable your OPSEC. When your OPSEC is ready, launch a browser and use its search engine to search for the US bank you want to create the bank drop with.

I find it okay to access the bank via search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing instead of visiting their website directly.

  1. Create Bank Drop and Receive the Card

Now, open a bank account on the website and apply for the card. Note that you will use the SSN address as the mailing address for the card because the bank uses it to verify the address. You also need a burner phone number for the application. You can also get a traditional burner number from Walmart at the cost of $20 if you stay in the US.

  1. Deposit into the Account

Now, you have to make an opening deposit with clean funds. If you send your first payment via a payment processor, the bank drop account will be flagged and closed by the bank within a few days. So, you must use mobile payment services such as Paypal, or you attach the drop to a circle.

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You can also use Coinbase or any BTC selling site to send clean funds to your bank drop. First, you have to sign up on the BTC site and put up BTC for sale and get paid. Note that you will receive payment into the bank drop, and since it is clean funds, the account will remain open.

Meanwhile, a bank like Suntrust does not use open deposits, but you must send payment from the bank drop within the first week, or the account will be suspended.

How to Maintain a Bank Drop Account

Now that you have opened a bank drop, you need to know how to keep it from closed.

Below are the tips to keep a bank drop account open:

  • If you use Socks, use a dedicated VM to run the bank drop.
  • Use a dedicated IP always.
  • Avoid transactions that cause chargebacks too many times.

Typically, when a bank drop is about to be closed by the bank, you will experience many chargebacks. If you have funds in the account, make sure to move the funds because the account can be closed in the next minute. You must also be careful when cashing out.

Note: Use debit cards to cash out because it eliminates issues such as failed transactions.

Meanwhile, I have written a guide on how to cashout bank drop successfully.

Best States for Fulls

  • CA
  • FL
  • TX

I recommend using the states above to get easy access to personal information such as marriage and birth records. You can also access the mother’s maiden name from any of these states. Moreover, it helps a lot when you have to verify the birthplace and DOB.

Final Thoughts

Note that place of birth is one of the recurring questions you will come across during an identity check. You can access the place of birth data by running checks on the SSN using the 3 numbers of the SSN to know the birthplace of the person.

If you want to do loans, you have to know the worth of the person and how much they make. You can tell how much they make using the tax return retrieval tool on the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) website. All you have to do is sign up with an email address, SSN, and DOB of the person, which I assume you have already.

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Your tutorial has helped me know many things, may the good lord almighty bless you. Boss one thing that worry we the hustlers is please how do we or can we cash out from CC bought online dark web. How can we cash out Luke world remit wave, wire wire etc

Mace Ghost

Thanks for the info bro. I’m a newbie in this and I currently loaded a Simple bank account and I’m having issues pulling out the cash from the account. Over 1k dollars. Can you help me?

Cory Boedecker

Hi, thanks for this article I found it very educative. But I would like to ask, how can i get my hands on the debit card if it is sent to the address attached to the SSN ? I need suggestions on how to get around this issue.


Hello boss
I really appreciate your tutorials
You are a real game changer but I gat to ask, how do I lay my hands on the debit card since it’ll be sent to the ssn address, meanwhile I do not reside in USA
Happy new year boss
More cash out this year

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