Detailed Barbing Salon equipment Price List in Nigeria

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Last Updated on September 1, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

The most annoying thing about buying is discovering how bad a seller cheats you. It’s even worse when you hear another person still bargaining, despite the cheapness of the price compared to yours. To bar sellers from cheating you, knowing the actual prices of all barbing salon equipment in Nigeria will do. Having foreknowledge of the actual cost of this equipment will block sellers from cheating you. Besides, you hustled your money just like them – it didn’t only appear in your pocket.

Furthermore, your case will need the necessary barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. And in this article, moreover, the essence is to help you remain smart. Before that, you’d be thinking that setting up a barbing salon is a business venture for poor people, right? The truth is, ‘barbing salon’ is one of many fast-growing businesses in Nigeria. As a growing business, not everyone recognizes the underlying juices in it. Most Nigerians even believe that ‘it is a business venture naturally for the poor.’ Well, with all manner of sincerity, this is an unfit and unworthy conception.

The present social study reveals that about 70% of Nigerians in this business are ill-informed. This percentage, notwithstanding the ill information, still manages to thrive big time on this stage. It is this ill information, a product of ignorance, that causes them to remain static rather than innovative. Imagine if this percentage are better informed, think about it! The economy will boom like waves.

barbing salon with equipment in Nigeria

The determination as a Source of Success

To make it big in the barbing salon business, you must put in a million lots. Beginning from time, everything must be powered by determination. When you get the barbing salon equipment in Nigeria, don’t see it as the road end, but as the starting point. If you’re getting barbing salon equipment in Nigeria for business, you equally must have passion for the deal. ‘Patience’ and ‘hard’ work are equally very necessary terms in this aspect, don’t abandon their importance.

In addition, you can’t start a barbing salon business without getting the right barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. The barbing salon equipment is numerous and differing. They each have a function they serve. Most importantly, their functions will enable you to satisfy customers with proper haircuts professionally.

A List of Barbing Salon Equipment in Nigeria

In this article, I will be listing the barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. The places to obtain the equipment at less expensive prices will also come in.

Note that the amount of money it’ll cost to get barbing salon equipment in Nigeria varies. In entirety, the what it’ll cost your bank account basis on the kind of barbershop you’d intend to establish. On a regular ground, about One Hundred Thousand Naira worth of barbing salon equipment in Nigeria is the estimation. It may be on the high side for you, but you have to do it. This is because this business can’t thrive without the necessary tools to work with.

It is also important to opt for original barbing equipment. They might be a bit expensive, but they guarantee durability. The idea behind this that you do not want to own barbing equipment that will make the business lag. For a start, get the most important of the barbing salon equipment. Allow time to have its way, and then days go by, bring in new additions to add thirst to the business.

List of barbing salon equipment in Nigeria includes:


This is the most important barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. Without the clipper, a barber cannot perform his job. A clipper gives the operator the name ‘barber.’ It is an effective tool that must always be there. If possible, own more than one of them. This is because there are customers who might want to serve themselves on arrival. In turn, they’ll pay for utilizing your clipper. Lookout for clipper(s) and purchase them so that you’ll be able to serve patrons.

barbing saloon tool


This is as well important to any barber. The sterilizer is used for keeping some barbing pieces of equipment such as comb, clipper, hair products, and other things in a hygienic condition until the time of usage. Presently, Nigerians are aware of the risk of sharing barbing tools. The only way to curb this fear is to sterilize the equipment before use. Now, this is a principal reason why sterilizers were produced – to aid in the health of the society and diminish diseases outbreak. If you lack this barbing equipment, your clipper(s) will be useless. This is because no one will have you cut their hair with an unsterilized clipper.

Wide Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are very important barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. If there is a way you can wall up your shop with a mirror or anything of mirror likeness, please do. Every barber needs to get a mirror if they do not have one. Wall mirrors are used especially by customers to check the looks of their hair. Sometimes people might just walk into your barbershop, stare at the mirror and ask you to give them a haircut. So you see, a mirror in this sphere of business is very necessary.


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Hair Products

Hair products such as hair cream, hair sprays, dyes, relaxers, conditioners, alcohol are important in any barbing salon in Nigeria. They serve as very useful products for hair management. Often, customers show pleasure towards finding these kinds of products in your shop. It will suggest to them that you’re a true professional in the business. After every haircut, a lot of persons would want to tweak the nature of their hair. Some might decide to dye the hair to any colour or simply cause it to stay relaxed. With these products available, the customer would want you to use them on him. After using them, they’ll pay for the decent service with smiles. This is equally a form of innovativeness in the business.

Hair products are one of the barbing salon equipment in Nigeria

Rotating Chairs

There are various kinds of chairs out there, but chairs that rotate are ideal for barbing in Nigeria. As clearly shown in the subject of this section, ‘rotating’ is the specification for the kind of chairs to use. When customers sit, they’ll eventually have to change the direction of their head. If the chairs in use do not easily support direction change, it’ll be difficult for you and the customer. If possible, avoid static chairs. You can use static chairs for customers who are waiting to have a haircut.


Entertainment is an ideal thing while rendering services. This is unlike products because people do not consume what you do. They instead stay back for you to service them. You can drive in more customers to your barbing salon in Nigeria through entertainment. It adds pleasure to them, and of course, people love pleasing outings.

Purchase standard music set for playing music. If the money is available, get a TV and a decoder for and subscribe to entertaining channels. This is the necessary thing to do because the majority of people love viewing during their haircuts. When you eventually acquire this sort of equipment, you’ll be amazed by how your barbing salon will boom in Nigeria.

Electric Fan or Air-Conditioner

Getting either one of these is perfect barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. This is equipment that will calm every soul that steps into your shop. Fan or air conditioner might not yield money, but assist in making people bring out the money. Do not underestimate the power of this equipment, especially the air conditioner. It would be best if you had for the business.

Standby Generator

Imagine cutting a customer’s hair, and there is a power outage. When you do not have a generator as a backup plan, what do you do? Would it not seem awkward telling your customer to wait till they bring back the light? I bet you they will not like that idea. So to avoid a series of embarrassment by customers, a generator set is very important. In Nigeria, power holding companies might not be stable with electricity. You, however, should not depend solely on their services or end up disgusting your client.

Hair Washer

Some customers often come to wash their hair after months or years of not doing so. Should you have equipment such as this around, they’ll be so happy. However, this is not a piece of necessary barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. It’s optional, so your business can do without it at the start or in progress.

Other Barbing Salon Equipment in Nigeria

  1. Cover clothes
  2. Attractive pieces of furniture
  3. Disinfectants
  4. Treatment supplies, e.g., powder, spirit, lotion, and so on.
  5. Socket extensions for charging
  6. Hair combs/brushes

When you have all these in place, you are good to go. If you’re already running the business, check this list and make sure you omit no equipment. It is for your own that this list is made to make your barbershop a standard in your area.

Where to Buy Cheap Barbing Salon Equipment in Nigeria

You can purchase cheap barbing salon equipment in Nigeria from retail store outlets – online and physical stores. However, a lot of things determine the prices you’ll get the barbing equipment for.

If you’re buying online, consider using e-markets like Jumia, Konga. On e-markets like Jiji, you’re going to find both used and unused barbing salon equipment in Nigeria. This is now about choice – whether you want to buy used or unused products.

You can as well locate a reputable retail store around you and purchase the barbing salon equipment.

Price of Barning Salon Equipment in Nigeria


Chaoba Hair Clipper – ₦3,500


Rechargeable GTS Pro Hairclipper – ₦6,500

Head Balding Clipper (Rechargeable) – ₦5,800

Termix Kit Barber – ₦6,500

Chaoba with Complete Accessories – ₦5,000

Reef Hair Clipper – ₦5,500

Kiki Shaving Clipper – ₦9,000

Gemei Clipper (Set) – ₦8,000


Generic UV Steriliser – ₦25,000

Rotating Chair:

Victory X Swivei Chari – ₦19,000

Electric Fan/Air Conditioner:

OX 18” Standing Fan – ₦12,000

What to Know About Buying Salon Equipment in Nigerian Stores

If it’s your first time making these purchases, consider asking others for the price. This will minimize the chances of sellers cheating you too much. Also, before making buys, bargain with the seller and question them on what you like. Sellers may often be portrayed as liars, but in truth, they’re always willing to help. You see, business is for money-making, and as such, they tend to be seizing this opportunity, although sometimes too extreme.

Never make it obvious that it’s your first time. The mistake will be making them know that you’re about to begin a barbing saloon. They’ll see that you have the money and may want to drain you excess cash with high prices.

In the end, the primary purpose of this article has been fulfilled. It has been able to bring in the necessary details of barbing salon equipment in Nigeria to your reach. This post isn’t for just beginners but professionals alike. It’ll keep them abreast with the knowledge they should possess about barbing salon equipment in Nigeria.

This is the end of this elaborate article but not the end. I have with me a standard business plan to help in your barbing business situation as a newbie. I’m sure you’d like to have it to grow your barbing salon business. It is very easy to get it from me, send me a mail and it’ll be yours. For now, au revoir.


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