How to Become a Hacker for the Government

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Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to become a hacker for the government

The need for ethical hackers in designated government agencies is on the rise, which has given room for hackers to do great service for their countries. With such opportunities opening, this is the right time to become a hacker. In this post, I will show you how to become a hacker for the government, after becoming a professional ethical hacker.

One of the major routes to become a hacker for the government is by exposing flaws in their systems and calling the attention of the right department to those flaws. The head of the cybersecurity department wouldn’t have a choice but to bring you on board.

But before you consider carrying out such a feat, there are many gaps you need to fill. This is because the government doesn’t just employ hackers randomly.

Think of this like those Navy Seals who are enlisted for special duties. They undergo special training just to be considered fit for the job. This is exactly how hackers are trained and employed to serve the government’s purpose.

Ethical hackers employed by the government contribute to the countries security in many ways. They continuously lookout for system vulnerabilities. As soon as they identify it, they release the required patch before a black hat hacker exploits the system. By removing those potential flaws, government white hat hackers not only save the government monetary loss, but also ensure that confidential documents and data are not exploited by hackers from other countries.

So how do you become an Ethical Hacker for the Government?

how to become a hacker for the governement

Typically, there are two types of hackers for the government – black hat and white hat hackers. Black hat hackers are always used for offensive jobs when a government tries to get information from another government.

Typically, white-hat hackers are also able to launch advances to take down systems, which is how they discover patches and flaws in the system. So let’s see the steps to become a hacker for the government.

Learn and Become a Hacker

Starting out, you aren’t sure whether you’d end up becoming a Black hat hacker or a White-Hat hacker. But the foundation is to become a badass hacker and know everything regarding hacking.

In this post, I have explained the basic process of becoming a hacker in 15 minutes, and I believe that the information is concrete enough to get you started on your journey. There are so many knowledge bases required to become a hacker such as;

  • Coding, programming.
  • Database (SQL, Oracle, etc.)
  • Phishing, etc., to enable you to become a master on the job.

Once you acquire this basic skill, every other one becomes an easy step for you.

Take Ethical Hacking Certifications

You need the Certified Ethical Hacker (C│EH) credential to boost your chance amid several other applicants that intend to work for the government.

When you partake in the EC-Council program for hacking certifications, it guides you through the various areas regarding ethical or white-hat hacking. In this manner, you can validate your credibility because no branch of government agency will hire your services without a professional record.

When you are certified with the Certificate Ethical Hacker, you will access several key features including, DoD 8140/8570 recognition, GCHQ accreditation, ANSI 17024 accreditation, NICE2.0 Framework Compliant, and hands-on experience.

DoD 8140/8570 Recognition:

To get a job under Information Assurance categorized as CSSP (Cyber Security service Provider), CSSP Auditor, CSSP Incident Responder, and CSSP Infrastructure Support, you must be certified Certificate Ethical Hacker.

GCHQ Accreditation:

The Certificate Ethical Hacker is also a seal of trust that indicates that the holder (a certified hacker) can succeed in their respective fields.

ANSI 17024 Accreditation:

It shows that you, a hacker, is highly trained for ethical hacking tasks.

NICE2.0 Framework Compliant:

When you have the Certificate Ethical Hacker, which is mapped to the “Protect and Defend aspect of the NICE framework, it shows that you have acquired the industry-demanded skills.

Hands-On Experience:

If you possess the Certificate Ethical Hacker, you have acquired the practical skills and not just theoretical learning. It is one of the most important skills if you are looking to become a hacker for the government.

Undertake Hacking Projects

After obtaining the recognized certificate, you want to be better established in the field of ethical hacking. It would be best if you undertook hacking projects such as simple phishing attacks, password cracking with Python ethical hacking, a man-in-the-middle attack (using dSploit), bypassing OTP (using Burp Suite or No Rate Limit Attack), hacking Microsoft Windows (preferable with a Simple Payload), etc.

At times, specific developers put up their software for hackers to check for vulnerabilities. For example, Google and Apple are two companies that pay up to $1 million if you can hack their phones.

You could take on the project to see whether you can breach the software. Or, you may narrow down to less popular hack-and-get-paid tasks from developers hoping to discover loopholes in their products.

Apply for Government Jobs after Breaching their System

The government is a constant target for paid black hat hackers that breach the security systems, cart away, and sell the information on the black market to top bidders.

For example, there was a breach at the U.S. Voter Database in 2015 that compromised well over 191 million persons. Another incident is the 0ctober 2009 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that compromised about 70 million persons.

When breaching incidents such as these occur, it leaves the government wavering on their toes. Of course, they would be willing to employ someone that causes even a sand-size breach of their systems. It is a method the government employs to buy every good hacker out there.


As Senator James Watson said, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” The government needs you because they can’t stop you.

Typically, when you apply for government jobs, they need your certifications, which one such certification is the (C│EH).

You may have to prove that you are indeed a professional by showing them your hacking skills.

Do Bad Hackers Get Hired by the Government?

No, the government doesn’t hire black hat hackers who have done damage to their network and breached their security. In many cases, the suspect is caught, tried, and jailed for a long time. Experts might argue that black hat hackers are employed behind the scene, but my interview with some security chiefs disproves such claims.

It isn’t as glamorous as the movies portray it to be. If you are a black hat hacker trying to breach the government and get caught, you’d be prosecuted and jailed. Instead of trying to gain the government’s attention by attacking its network and infrastructure, you can get hired if you have the following;

A squeaky clean record for at least five years, showing that you are contributing to the economy positively.

You’d also need a Bachelors Degree in computer science or its equivalent. To become more competitive, then you need another degree in cybersecurity.

To improve your chances of working with government agencies, then you need to get started with some entry-level positions. You can become a police cadet and ask your heads to transfer you to the Cyber Crime department. Alternatively, you can also decide to join intelligent services like the FBI as entry-level staff, then work your way up the ladder.


Although most of these agencies have plenty of openings, they have rigorous admission protocols. While the FBI has an awesome cybersecurity unit that is highly functional, it also comes with great challenges.


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