Ways to Become a Millionaire Overnight – Simple Tricks that Works

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Whoever told you that it isn’t possible to become a millionaire overnight lied to you. In this post, I will show you some legal or illegal ways to become a millionaire overnight. Unless you want to work pretty hard, you should also consider some of the illegal ways I am about to show you.

Well, they aren’t all that illegal – because you aren’t breaking any law or directly stealing from someone. You are only exploiting the greed of people – like most millionaires do before they become rich.



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Becoming a millionaire is possible


A little bit of hard work and smartness allows you to become a millionaire overnight. If not, you will work all your life with just a few dollars left in your retirement account at old age.

Now for the ambitious people who are looking for how to become a millionaire overnight, let me share with you some of my insider tricks and tips or how I made my first millionaire bucks.

As long as you succeed, nobody cares how you got the money. So try as much as possible to think outside of the box.



But if you think that you don’t want the stress of thinking outside of the box, let me show you something.

If you decide to save $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars) annually, it will take you about 20 years of continuous saving to save $1,000,000 (one million dollars). I don’t have so much of such time to waste, so I keep looking for faster methods to bulk up my cash inflow and roll with the big goons.

I might not be on the Forbes list as one of the richest people in the world, but I wouldn’t be caught managing money to survive. I want you to become a millionaire overnight; let me show you how!

7 Simple Ways to Become a Millionaire Overnight

Let’s get straight to the ways to rake in a million dollars overnight. No need for so much hard work – it is for losers.

Become a Picker for Nigerian Scammers

If you need in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or anywhere in Europe, you can make so much money by transferring money to a Nigerian scammer in Europe.

Now here is the trick, all you need to do is liaise with the scammer and agree on a commission to collect for every given sum you send down to Nigeria.

The idea behind this is that you will assume he owns a charity organization, and you work for the organization. Even if you get caught – which isn’t possible, you will feign ignorance of abetting a scammer and working for him/her.

The truth is that these guys make as much as 10 million dollars from a single pick-up. Now if you are to collect 20% of every pick-up you do for the scammer, you are already a millionaire from a single deal. Doesn’t this sound too exciting to start?

You don’t need to work too hard; this is a simple job that a citizen can do. The ugly truth is that 40% of Americans, Brits, and Canadians are involved in such a business.

So feel free to join the bandwagon by contacting me, and I will link you up to the right source.

Run a Charity Scam

No one would tell you this, but 60% of all the charity organizations you see around are all scams. I hate to break it to you, but if you’ve been donating money to many charity organizations, you’ve been scammed.

The charity organization owners make so much money by receiving donations from people. In a day, they can make over 1 million dollars from donating to the cause they are pursuing.

If you are looking to become a millionaire overnight, consider setting up a fake charity organization. You can start with the following simple steps;

  • Register the Organization’s name – to gain credibility.
  • Build a website to showcase the reason for starting the organization
  • Hire a copywriter to craft a compelling and mind-blowing write-up on the website
  • Insert fake testimonials of people who have already donated.
  • Promise them a branded T-shirt if they also donate to your organization
  • Start promoting your organization on social media and anywhere
  • Spoiler alert: Never put a real face to the organization, just in case you get busted.



Start a Fake Start-up

If you have the balls, you can consider starting a fake start-up. The aim is very simple; come up with an exciting idea and pitch it to investors.

You are going to see people who are willing to put so much money into your idea. Play around and be serious for a while before you disappear into thin air and file for bankruptcy.





Once you have gotten angel investors to put in money into your business, in most cases, it runs into millions of Naira. The next step is to create a momentarily wave of attention before squandering the money and going “bankrupt.”

Nobody will sue you for wasting their money; there was no detailed agreement that the company must work all the same.

Pitch on Shark Tank

If you are finding it difficult to get investors, then make sure you pay a visit to the Shark Tank show.

It isn’t difficult guys, it all depends on your creativity. If you want to become a millionaire overnight, then you have to think like an actual millionaire.

Develop a product or pay someone to help you think of something. Create a prototype and make your way to the show.

Practice till you become perfect, then go ahead and wow the audience. You might be lucky, and they make you a deal in millions; what a way to become a millionaire in a single day. Genius right? I know so!!!

Perhaps the judges don’t make you a deal; you can easily get other angel investors who want to buy your idea. Fair enough, you collect their money and repeat the process in number 3 (Start a Fake Start-up).



Build a Fake Cryptocurrency and Sell Fake ICOs

Now, this is one of the fastest ways of how to become a millionaire overnight. It would require a bit of hard work on your part, but the proceeds are on the high side.

A report stated a guy who sold fake ICOs to investors and made away with millions of dollars after the first two days. This means that he made over 200 Million Dollars in Two F*cking days!!! That is genius, so if you have some tech abilities, you can also follow suit and become a millionaire overnight.

The chances of getting caught are extremely low because you sold the coins to them. If they lose their money, it would be as a result of their carelessness.

Create an HYIP Website

Another simple way to jump on the millionaire train is to design and create an HYIP website. The aim of the HYIP website isn’t for beauty; it is to find “greedy” people and make them invest in your website.

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. These are platforms that give investors over 100% of their investments within the shortest possible time.

In most cases, the HYIP website pay over 300% in 30 days, which sounds ridiculous – of course, it is ridiculous.

The truth is that all HYIP are scams, and that is how their owners become rich. You won’t get caught because the investments are made in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So if you want to become a millionaire overnight, then think about starting an HYIP platform.


Funny enough, US citizens make over $17 billion shoplifting yearly.

Suppose you shoplift a piece of jewelry worth $10,000 about 10 times, that brings $100,000. If you repeat the process 100x, you make a million dollars. Depending on the jewelry you shoplift, you can make even more. Meanwhile, reselling the items isn’t difficult.

The only problem with stealing expensive items is that the company may geo-tag them. So, you want to find out the ways to bar geo-tagging after shoplifting a preferred item.

Carding and Cashout

Can you card? It’s illegal, though, but you can attempt it to become a millionaire overnight.

It’ll also depend on the number of credit cards you collect and the amount in each bank account.

Meanwhile, learn to card as a beginner.

We also have bank logging, which is similar to carding, but it requires bank logs instead. Bank logs include bank account email address, username, and password. You log in to the bank account, connect with a trusted third-party site, and cashout without a PIN.

Note that if you are caught as a scammer, you’re treated as an armed criminal. You can increase the chance of not getting caught by using a VPN.


So if you are thinking of how to become a millionaire overnight, I guess this post might have put some ideas into your head. It is almost impossible to become a millionaire overnight with a legit job.

It would take you years of hard work and toiling. But if you need a faster of becoming a millionaire, then explore any of these ideas I have dropped for you.

Thanks for reading; the hustle to become a millionaire overnight starts now.


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