Become a Professional Yahoo Boy


Do You Want To Learn Yahoo?

I will teach you what nobody will ever want to teach you. Please, if you are reading this, make sure that no one is seeing you. So that they won’t call the police to arrest you.

If you want to be rich, drive the latest BENZ, but any iPhone of your choice and spend money carelessly in clubs, then you have to take action. 

Below is the money that my client sent to me some few days ago for my monthly upkeep.

There are TWO things you need to become a professional in Yahoo;


I will give you all my formats to become a top yahoo boy and start making money.

  • Inheritance format
  • Doctor format
  • Lotto format
  • Dating format
  • Wallet format
  • Itunes gift card format
  • and many other formats

All of them will help you scope your client to send you money


You will also need to join a group where you can learn from other yahoo boys who are already CASHING OUT big time from Yahoo.

I have a group of over 120 professional yahoo boys, and they will help you to start cashing out too.

All you need is just to become a member of the group.

The format book I will send to you

My latest scamming formats book

Why you should Join my Group

  1. I will train you to start making money from yahoo
  2. I will also show you how and where to get clients
  3. You will be given about 12 formats to start
  4. Other yahoo boys will mentor you on how to cash out
  5. You will start making money immediately

My group members sharing ideas below


Mehn, the group make sense sha. I never see any legit group wey pass this now
Ronald Neely
I have spent just 3 weeks in this group and I don cash out better money. This group make sense sha.
Paras Shah
As the only girl in this group, I am thankful for the admin to mentor me and make me to start cashing out sharp sharp
Theresa Sarah
Admin, you no need force anybody to join. No need to dey ask us how the group dey. I no need plenty people for this group again abeg.
Douglas Joe

How to Join the Secret Yahoo Group on Whatsapp?

It is simple, just follow the steps;

  1. Send an email to [email protected]

Then you explain why you want to join the group

If you reason is good, you will have to pay the admission fee of 3,000 Naira.

This will give you access to the following;

  • Format book
  • The link to the secret Whatsapp group
  • Mentorship from me.

Once you finish all these, I will add you to the group and start mentoring you. This job isn’t for lazy people, so if you are one, please BACK OFF and don’t send any message.

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