How to Make Money as a Rice Distributor in Nigeria

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Rice is regarded by the majority of Nigerians and the world as the most consumed food.  That implies that any form of rice business, be it rice distribution or rice farming, will make waves. If you are a businessman and you are searching for more things to invest in, I urge you to invest in the rice business and become a rice distributor in Nigeria. You would bet to agree with me that 90% of families in Nigeria consumes rice at least 3 times a week. In this article, I will be teaching you about the steps to become one of the stallion rice distributors in Nigeria.

Stallion rice is known as one of the most populous and largely most distributed rice around the globe. Its demand worldwide is ever-increasing, and this has made stallion rice distributors in Nigeria famous. The stallion has different brands: Tomatoes King, African Princess, Caprice Gold, Caprice, Mama gold, etc. The mentioned set of stallion brands are very popular in the Nigerian markets today.


We are putting our focus on stallion rice in Nigeria. This is because the brand is known all over the country. When you become one of the stallion rice distributors, you can make your profit as fast as possible. The turn over selling stallion products is very high, so I suggest you cash into this business and start making money.

The steps needed to become a stallion rice distributor in Nigeria include:

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Getting the right amount of capital

No one can become a distributor of any product without first purchasing that product. And that is why capital is the basis of any business. If you have enough money, you are advised to buy the stallion rice in bulk so that you can distribute any amount of quantity that is demanded. To become a distributor of stallion rice in Nigeria requires huge capital.

Getting registered with a stallion rice company

This is the first step to becoming a stallion rice distributor. Register with a stallion rice company by imputing your name, address, phone number, where you wish to work. You can as well pay for some of the stallion rice so that you can start distribution.

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Getting a reputable supplier

If you do not want to go through the stress of registering in their company, you can opt to find a reliable supplier who would be delivering to you stallion rice in bulk for a cheaper price for you to sell. Getting a good supplier implies succeeding in the end.

Obtaining a warehouse for storage

If you are the type of distributor that will always buy stallion rice in bulk, then you are required to rent or buy a large warehouse for storage. You can store the stallion rice bought in bulk and deliver them to retailers when a situation calls for it. Obtaining a warehouse is always advantageous because you can easily protect the stallion rice from theft or any misfortune that could occur. But the only challenge is that your warehouse could catch fire, leaving you with nothing. Notwithstanding, the probability of occurrence is very small.

Renting or buying a warehouse will enhance your distributorship business of stallion rice.

Getting transportation means

Since you are going to be a stallion rice distributor, getting a form of transportation is very much required. A truck is the best alternative for the distribution business. The truck will enable you to transport the stallion rice from the company or your supplier to your warehouse. At least 2-3 trucks are required for the distribution business because you will be buying in large quantities.

If you no money, hire a truck or join money with another distributor to order the bags of rice.

Registration with CAC

If you want to sell rice under your name, you must register with CAC in Nigeria

The steps to register include name checking, reservation, and registration. The purpose of checking your name is to be sure that nobody is using the brand name already.

It costs about 20,000NGN to register your rice business and be a certified retailer.

The importance of registering with CAC is that it makes people trust your business. Wealthy customers can comfortably ask you to supply rice to their staff or family monthly.

Get TIN for Tax

If you plan to move the business to a new level, you must obtain a TIN (Tax Identification Number). Suppose the government wants to do business with you, they will request the TIN to have a contract with you.

Depending on the size of your business, the government can give you a contract worth 50 million Naira to supply rice to its ministries or workers.

Bigger companies get more than 100 million Naira worth of contracts to supply rice. You can be the next top supplier as you remain in the business and build connections with top customers.


High demand rate

Stallion rice is high in demand in Nigerian homes and eatery today. If you become one of the stallion rice distributors in Nigeria, you can serve Nigerian homes and make your money. Like I said earlier, rice is generally eaten at least 3 times a week by every individual in Nigeria, making it very high demand. Restaurants, canteen, eatery, etc., all purchases bags of rice because they cook it for their customers who would come to eat daily.

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Large income 

Since stallion rice is demanded in every nook and cranny of Nigerian markets, it has made its distributors smile to the bank on every sale. Get the right people to supply to, and you would make money in excess.

High consumption rate

If stallion rice is highly demanded, so also it is highly consumed by the public. The majority of Nigerian homes serve their visitors’ rice when they come, and as well they eat rice. Restaurants and canteen also cook rice daily for people who are willing to eat it.


Easy to start

Aside from the capital to start the business, there is nothing difficult about becoming a stallion rice distributor. Well, I have explained the steps to raise capital as an entrepreneur in my previous post, so I guess you would indeed check it out. Becoming one of the stallion rice distributors in Nigeria is not a difficult thing to start and would not require lots of registration, unlike other businesses. What you have to do is to find a reliable producer of the stallion rice or a trustworthy importer to partner with. Your job is only to distribute the rice to designated places where it is needed.

What’s the business potential of rice distribution in Nigeria?

Honestly, the business potential of rice distribution is high in Nigeria, especially if you have an understanding of your business environment and customers. During holidays, many families stock their homes with rice bags to reduce the cost of buying retailed rice. You can also retail the rice and sell faster by deducting 5-10 Naira. For example, if other shops sell at 150 Naira for long grains, you sell at 140 or 145 Naira.

How to Attract Customers

Advertisement is the secret to attract buyers. I advise rice distributors to run cheap social media ad campaigns on a platform like Facebook.

You can spend from 200 Naira to advertise the bags of rice you sell to attract buyers near you.

Another method is to contact people in person. Go to officials in various organisations or government agencies and explain that you are a rice distributor. You can go there with rice samples. Explain that you order from the company directly and that your price is affordable.

Before then, find out the cost of the rice elsewhere and reduce your cost by 5 to 10 Naira only.

Ensure customers to return because they can refer your business, and you get more money.


The points above stated will assist you in becoming one of the stallion rice distributors in Nigeria. To become a successful distributor, you should establish good communication between you, the distributor, and the retailers. The stallion rice distributorship business is also capital intensive, so it is meant for people willing to put down their hard-earned money to make gains in the future. You might also be interested in becoming a coca-cola distributor.

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Uwa Eke

I am really inspired by your post.. Since I have not been able to get employed, I want to start a profitable business. But please I want to know how much it will cost to register directly with the company. And maybe a list of the wholesale dealers closer to Akwa Ibom

Odunayo Joseph

Am in Lagos, l want to be a whole seller of stallion rice,where can l see a distributors

Adigun Olabisi

I am in Ogbomoso, l want be a distributor of stallion rice l have the capital on ground. Where and how can I get the distributorship?

Michael chinedu

I am so much interested I based in Portharcourt I would like to be a distributor of stallion rice, like how much will it take me to register direct to the company

arinka babatunde henry

i want to be a distributor how should i go about it

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