How to Write a Letter Asking For Money From People {It Works!!!}

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At a point in our lives, we have felt the need to ask for money using text messages alongside how to ask for money politely. It is a difficult one to compose, which is the reason I am writing about 10 different asking for money text messages that will surely help you get the money you need.

asking for money text messages tactic

Someone begging for money

Asking for money using text messages is one of the best ways to ask for financial help. This isn’t because we can’t ask verbally, but most times, it will enable the person to read your message over and over again – while imagining the agony you might be passing through.

These asking for money text messages I will show you in this article are a sure-fire way to melt the heart of any person that will read it. Before you continue reading, I would love to say this; it isn’t ideal to ask for money using text messages without calling. The text message is only meant to soften the heart of the lender. The moment you call, later on, you are sure to get the money you need from them.

When creating asking for money text messages, you can see the specific steps that I used to make mine;

Steps to create an asking for money text message

write a letter asking for money

Start with a good salutation

Use “Hi” instead of “Hello.” It will help create the bond that you need with your friend. Also, make sure you add their name after the “Hi.”

Appreciate them for what they have done in the past

I assume you are sending these text messages to friends, which means that you both share history. Appreciating them for being true friends will help them remember some of the good times in the past.

Explain your current situation

When you explain your current situation to them, they will try to match it with the former person you were before. Research has it that they would indeed imagine the worst of you and would try as fast as possible to help.

Tell them about your plans to escape your situation

When you show them that you are making plans to become stable, they would believe that you won’t ask the second time again. Just like a one-time payment, they will be willing to give you and forget about you.

Promise them you will payback

Since they know your plans already, they believe you will have an income source to pay back. It would make them send the money to you and probably start waiting for when you will payback.

Thank them in advance for helping

Thanking them in advance will show that you believe they can surely help. It will also hasten up the process.

Some little tips before using these asking for money text messages

These are some of the little psychology you should know before deciding to use these asking for money text messages I will show you. When you want to ask for money using a text message, you should first understand specific ways humans think. Once you’ve understood, it becomes easy for you to go ahead and get money from them using a simple text message.

So what hacks you should know before you ask someone for money via text message;

  • You must call them after you send the text message – this process should happen like 20 minutes after the text message.
  • It should be laden with emotional triggers
  • Don’t expect them to call you and offer to give you money. It would help if you did that yourself.
  • Trying to  convince someone to give you money  via text message is more comfortable than calling them immediately
  • You must send this asking for money text messages to only those you’ve not requested money from before.
  • Don’t put a payback date – since you don’t want trust issues to arise if you don’t pay back before that time.

Just finally, before you see the text messages, you must know a few things to save you some elements of shock;

  • This asking for money messages won’t work for everybody.
  • Some people will block you from calling them immediately they see your text message requesting help.
  • You must send it to a large number of people for it to be effective. The larger the number of people who read it, the more chances you will have someone that would give you money.

Back to the main message;

Best asking for money text messages?

I will list just 10 of them; you can go ahead and customize your own using the template I will drop later on in this post.

Sample 1

Hi John,

At some point in life, everyone hits rock bottom – you know that point where contemplating suicide becomes a hobby. John, I am currently at that point, so I am sending this text message and requesting help.

I am ashamed of asking you over the phone because I never believed that my situation would get to this point. You know you can help me, and that is why you are the only person I have reached out to, among others. I have a business that would start yielding money in a few months, but I need some funds that will sustain me and keep me alive till that time.

John, I promise to pay you back as soon as I lay my hands on any money. You know I need to eat to be alive, and that is what this little money I am asking for will help me achieve. Thanks so much, as I anticipate a positive response. Yours truly beloved friend – Mike

how to beg for money using text messages

Sample Message 2

Hi Mark,

I appreciate you for being one of the best friends I have ever had in my life. You’ve always been there when others fail, and I know that I have never forgotten you either. I have reached a point in my life where I don’t have anyone else to run to again, aside from you.

My life is crumbling, and I need someone to save me from doing something stupid. All I need is just a little amount of money to keep my body and soul together. I have not been feeling well since I lost my job, and life has become complicated. Dear Mark, I still believe there is hope; because there is this business venture I am expecting to pay off soon and give me money, but I need to be alive till then.

I would love you to lend me just a little money to survive on, and I will pay you as soon as possible.

I thank you for being such a true friend to me—much love from your friend Mike.

Sample Message 3

Hi Loveth,

I hope life is treating you fine. Ever since I lost my job, I have not been able to put myself together. I am scared of doing something stupid, which is why I come to you for help.

I am seriously in need of any amount of money to survive, as life is becoming difficult. Anything you can afford, I know you will help me. There is a job I am about to start, but I need something to survive on till I get money from the job. I will pay you as soon as I lay my hands on the money. Thank you for being a true friend. Mike.

Sample Message 4

Hi Kyle,

How are you? And I hope life is treating you fair at least. I wish I can say the same about my condition, but it’s been hell over the past few {insert duration}. I was stopped from committing suicide by a friend – I am not proud of it, but what is life without hope? I am exploring my last hope on people I believe can help me.

I need to get my life back, and I need a little financial help from you. I want to start a business that requires (insert amount of dollars). I may not be able to get all from you due to the present condition of things, but don’t leave me to myself.

If you can offer me just any amount to get started, I will be so grateful. I promise to pay as soon as I kickstart the business. I can equally send you a business plan to explain how I will spend the money you intend to give me. I will be expectant and hopeful – I will never forget the good deed.

Thanks in advance for your help, and God bless you, richly.

Yours Faithfully

(Your name)

Sample Message 5

Hi [name of recipient],

It has been a while we’ve talked, and I hope you’re doing great.

That we don’t talk doesn’t mean we don’t have each other’s back, and I am writing to request help from you as [either a friend, sib, relative, etc.

Recently, I encountered a problem beyond my abilities, and I am so stuck in thoughts.

I borrowed $100 from John last week, and I’m so broke to pay back. He has been disturbing for me to pay back, but I’m unable to explain how broke I am to him. I managed to raise $30, and I plead for you to assist me in completing the payment for my friend, John.

I understand he feels disappointed, and I do not intend to make excuses because I promised to pay him back early.

Kindly get back to me, and I hope you consider my request. My account number is [your account number], and my account name is [account name].

How to Ask for Money Politely

This is very crucial when trying to ask for money via text messages. You are caught between stating facts and trying to ask for money politely.

I will be showing you how to ask for money politely and the tricks that have helped me over the years. If you want to ask for money politely – when you are supposed to get the money anyway, then you have to follow the steps below;

Start with a Polite but Firm Greeting

I understand you want to ask for money, but you don’t need to sound like a hopeless beggar. When you demean yourself, no one will value you enough to give you money. Most times, I suggest you start your greeting with a “Dear {first name}”

It not only shows that you respect them, but it also indicates that you have self-value and even good respect for yourself too.

Try and understand their needs

In one of the asking for money text messages I composed, I suggested that you try and empathize with those you want to ask for money from. It is also another trick to ask for money politely. Try and understand their situation before pressing your demands.

I understand things might be problematic in terms of finances. The economy isn’t friendly at all – which I understand.

This will make them believe that you have their situations at heart, and that might create good grounds to read the other part of your SMS.

Explain why you need the Money

When trying to ask people for money, they believe you want to add it to your existing river of millions. There is no way to force them to bring out the money unless you want to take legal action.


That way, we try to exploit their human side to know if it might make them have a rethink. In explaining what you need the money for and asking for money politely, bring up pitiable situations.

Saying something like;

“I need money to invest in a Government Bond.”

It would make your debtor feel reluctant to give you the money.

I think a brilliant idea would be;

Many things came up, and I am reaching out to know if I can use the money to survive. Things have taken a downturn, and I am just hanging on. Please, I need the money at this point. I know you can help me with the money.

Give them Flexible Conditions

When asking for money politely and using the asking for money text messages, most people are willing to give you but skeptical about paying all (especially when the sum is huge).

It is advisable to give them flexible conditions to provide you with the money. Paying you in installments is also a huge option you might want to explore.

I wouldn’t mind if you can give me 30% of the money I am requesting now and pay up in 2 months. I sincerely need this amount to survive till then.

I don’t think anyone who has the conscience would deny giving you money at this point.

Thank Them and Drop your Account Details

This isn’t faith for Christians, and it is saving time for further exchange of text messages or emails. Just after you’ve written all that,  drop your account details and tell them you are hoping for a favorable response/action.

Thanks so much {first name}, here are my account details _____________. I will be waiting for a favorable response from you. Thanks.



That ends in a simple but powerful way. All you need do is wait for some days before sending a reminder asking for money text message again.

Now you have seen just 3 of the best asking for money text messages and the best way to ask for money politely. You can go ahead and customize yours to suit your needs. Make sure you don’t send the same message to one person twice.

Asking for money back text messages

If you’ve loaned money to someone, asking them to pay might seem pretty tough. If handled without care, you stand to lose both your and your friendship. Just in case you’ve asked for your money back, and they seem obstinate to pay back, there is a post that shows how you can handle the situation.

However, when handled properly, you stand a good chance of recovering your money alongside not losing your friendship. I will quickly highlight the steps you can take to reclaim the money you loaned to the person. Every situation is unique, so I suggest you consider your situation before using the asking for money back text messages sample I will be dropping soon.

So let me give you an overview of how to craft your asking for money text messages. It is important you understand the structure and why my messages came in such a format.

Introduction and a reminder of the agreement you had with debtor

The first part of the message contains your introduction of yourself – even though they know who you are. You then remind them of the exact words they said when they came to you for help. The aim is to force them to have certain emotional thoughts about their initial promises. This will lead you to the next line where you then introduce…

Reasons you need the Money-back from them

Now you are going to explain why you need the money you loaned them carefully.  You’d still be careful to whip in emotions alongside a bit of logic in your explanation. Letting them know a good reason why you need your money back helps them understand that you aren’t just a wicked soul trying to make life miserable for them.

Chip in what would happen if they don’t pay up as they promised

If you’ve been trying to reach out to your debtor and they seem obstinate, while sending this message, make sure you explain a list of possible things that might happen if they fail to pay back the money they owe. That way, they understand the outcome of not paying back their debts.

Here are some Sample Asking for Money Back Text Messages

Johnson, this is Kyle, and I wanted to send you a little reminder regarding the money I sent across to you. When you came for the money, you promised to pay it back in 5 days, and this is almost a month since I loaned you that cash.

I never had much interest in collecting it from you till yesterday when I needed money to pay my rent. It will be sad to know that my money is with you, and I am kicked out of my apartment for not paying my rent. Johnson, I believe you know the aggression that comes with being homeless. I will need the money as fast as possible – most likely tomorrow as I am told to vacate from my apartment.

Johnson, I would want you that if you fail to give me the money I loaned to you, and I am finally thrown out of this house because of that, it would be a long ride home for you. I suggest you do what is necessary and save me from this incoming embarrassment.

So guys, here is a sample asking for money back text message. With this above example provided, you can tweak it to suit your own needs. If you like what you read, please consider subscribing and following my blog.

Tips to Collect the Money

Sometimes, getting approval from someone to give you money can be difficult. However, the tips below can help to collect money after asking:

Be Detailed

Asking for money request messages must be detailed to entice the recipient to give you money. If you write a short note, they might think your problem isn’t severe.

Add Call to Action

In letter 5, you notice that I included bank account details. The reason is to encourage the person to send me money instantly without having to send a message requesting your bank details.

Don’t Promise to Pay Back

If you don’t promise to pay back, you will be given the money, but it may not be the complete amount. For example, if you requested $100, you may be given $30. If you request from others, you should get $100 within 2 weeks.

When you promise to pay back, the recipient wondered how you intend to pay back when you can’t afford any money currently. So, they might not give it to you.

Tell them Your Progress

For example, if you have raised $100 so far, but you needed $250, explain to them that you have $100 so far.


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