How to Write a Letter Asking For Money

At a point in our lives, we have felt the need to ask for money using text messages. It is a difficult one to compose, which is the reason I am writing about 10 different asking for money text messages that will surely help you get the money you need.

asking for money text messages tactic

Someone begging for money

Asking for money using text messages is one of the best ways to ask for financial help. This isn’t because of the fact that we can’t ask verbally, but most times it will enable the person read your message over and over again – while imagining the agony you might be passing through.

These asking for money text messages I will show you in this article is a sure-fire way to melt the heart of any person that will read it. Before you continue reading, I would love to say this; it isn’t ideal to just ask for money using text messages without calling. The text message is only meant to soften the heart of the lender. The moment you call, later on, you are sure to get the money you need from them.

When creating asking for money text messages, you can see the specific steps that I used to create mine;

Steps to create an asking for money text message

write a letter asking for money

Start with a good salutation

Use “Hi” instead of “Hello”. It will help create the bond that you need with your friend. Also, make sure you add their name after the “Hi”.

Appreciate them for what they have done in the past

I assume you are sending these text messages to friends, which means that you both share history. Appreciating them for being true friends will help them remember some of the good times in the past.

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Explain your current situation

When you explain your current situation to them, they would try to match it with the former person you were before. Research has it that they would surely imagine the worst of you and would try as fast as possible to help.

Tell them about your plans to escape your situation

When you show them that you are making plans to become stable, they would believe that you won’t ask again the second time. Just like a one-time payment, they will be willing to just give you and forget about you.

Promise them you will pay back

Since they know your future plans already, they believe you will have a source of income to pay back. It would make them send the money to you and probably start waiting for when you will pay back.

Thank them in advance for helping

Thanking them in advance will show that you believe they can surely help. It will also hasten up the process.

Some little tips before using these asking for money text messages

These are some of the little psychology you should know before you decide to use these asking for money text messages I will show you. When you want to ask for money using a text message, you should understand first some certain ways humans think. Once you’ve understood, it becomes easy for you to go ahead and get money from them using a simple text message.

So what the hacks you should know before you ask someone for money via text message;

  • You must call them after you send the text message – this process should happen like 20 minutes after the text message.
  • It should be laden with emotional triggers
  • Don’t expect them to call you and offer to give you money. You must do that yourself.
  • Trying to convince someone to give you money via text message is easier than calling them immediately
  • You must send this asking for money text messages to only those whom you’ve not requested money from before.
  • Don’t put a payback date – since you don’t want trust issues to arise if you don’t pay back before that time.
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Just finally before you see the text messages, you must know a few things to save you some elements of shock;

  • This asking for money messages won’t work for everybody.
  • Some people will block you from calling them immediately they see your text message requesting for help.
  • You must send it to a large number of people for it to be effective. The larger the number of people who read it, the more chances you will have someone that would give you money.

Back to the main message;

Best asking for money text messages?

I will list just 10 of them; you can go ahead and customize your own using the template I will drop later on in this post.

Hi John,

You know at some point in time in life, everyone hits rock bottom – you know that point where contemplating about suicide becomes a hobby. John, I am currently at that point, which is why I am sending this text message and requesting for help.

I am ashamed of asking you over the phone because I never believed that my situation will get to this point. You know you can help me and that is why you are the only person I have reached out to among others. I have a business that would start yielding money in a few months, but I need some funds that will sustain me and keep me alive till that time.

John, I promise to pay you back as soon as I lay my hands on any money. You know I need to eat to be alive, and that is what this little money I am asking for will help me achieve. Thanks so much as I anticipate a positive response. Yours truly beloved friend – Mike

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how to beg for money using text messages

Hi Mark,

I appreciate you for being one of the best friends I have ever had in my life. You’ve always been there when others fail, and I know that I have never failed you either. I have reached a point in my life where I don’t have anyone else to run to again aside you.

My life is crumbling, and I need someone to save me from doing something stupid. All I need is just a little amount of money that will help me keep my body and soul together. I have not been feeling well ever since I lost my job, and life has become extremely difficult. Dear Mark, I still believe there is hope; because there is this business venture I am expecting to pay off soon and give me money, but I need to be alive till then.

I would love if you can lend me just a little amount of money to survive on, I will pay you as soon as possible.

I thank you for being such a true friend to me. Much love from your friend Mike.


Hi Loveth, I hope life is treating you fine. Ever since I lost my job, I have not been able to put myself together. I am scared of doing something stupid, which is why I come to you for help.

I am seriously in need of any amount of money to survive on, as life is becoming difficult for me. Anything you can afford, I know you will help me. There is a job I am about to start, but I need something to survive on till I get money from the job. I will pay you as soon as I lay my hands on the money. Thank you for being a true friend. Mike.


Now you have seen just 3 of the best asking for money text messages, you can go ahead and customize yours to suit your need. Make sure you don’t send the same message to one person twice.

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