Birthday Billing Format [Copy and Download]

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Birthday billing format

If you are new to learning how to do yahoo, then the birthday billing format should be one of the most straightforward formats you can use to get your first cashout. Funny enough, novices tend to make the mistake of using the gift card format, but that is a wrong move.

If you study Nigerian girls well, you will discover that once they get comfortable with you and notice that you are a giver, they make you understand that their birthday is coming up soon. You can also apply this tactic to any client you meet online and would want to get money from.

The constant but subtle reminder is enormous and affects you psychologically, making you convince yourself that you must do something for them on their special day. If you copy this method and use it on your clients, watch how you receive unique gifts and cash on your birthday.

But we won’t just be using girl’s strategy; we will refine it a bit to make it more effective, using some of the methods I shared in “Tactics to convince people to give you money.”

When to Use the birthday Billing Format

birthday billing format

Knowing when to use a format is very important to avoid making a costly mistake and losing your Client. So, if you see these signs, then know that you are free to use the birthday billing format to get money from your Client.

When the Client loves you and always want to speak to you

So, let’s say you started with the dating format to make a client your friend, and the Client loves you deeply already and always wants to talk with you, then this is a good sign. Showing this sign shows that the Client likes you and would do anything to keep your attention. So, you can get an expensive gift with the birthday billing format.

After giving your Gift and the Client Loves it.

If you’ve given your Gift and it was well-received, it shows that the Client MIGHT be looking to reciprocate. This isn’t guaranteed, but there’s a higher chance that when you’ve helped someone, they will also be looking to help you too.

If the Client is Working Class

A client who is out of work or doesn’t have a job can’t help you financially. They might even need help more than you. So, before you send a client gift and hope they will also send it to you, try, and confirm that the Client is working.

In some cases where the Client isn’t working currently but has a good credit report, SSN, and driving license, it would be an excellent option to get SSN from the Client or even get a driving license and cash out massively.

The Client is interested in your birthday.

When a client asks for your birthday, this is usually a good sign that they want to mark it as a special day for you. So have that at the back of your mind, then closely remind them once your birthday date is getting closer.

Rules for Using the Birthday Format

Just follow these rules I will be dropping here, and you will be good to go.

Your birthday should be three weeks from when the Client starts falling in love with you.

The birthday billing format should be used before any other format.

You can request gift cards as a gift

Billing should be between $500 – $1000.

Make sure your Client is deeply attached to you before you use the birthday billing format.

Sample Birthday Billing Format Message 1

Maria, I just wanted to let you know that my birthday is coming up on the 23rd of December. I will be celebrating it because it’s been a tough year for me, and I am so excited to mark my birthday this year.

You know getting gifts from you won’t be a bad idea. Haha…

Maybe you could even gift me a Tesla lol… that’s a joke tho. Anything that comes with love from your heart, I will be so excited to receive.

Much love, darling. Xoxo.

Sample Birthday Billing Format Message 2

This format is for a girl to a man – i.e., using a female profile for work.

Hey, darl, you might have probably forgotten, but my birthday is coming up on the 24th of December. I am so excited about the date, and I would love you to surprise me with something that will put a smile on my face.

Maybe a Tesla, haha, don’t mind me, babe, I will sincerely appreciate anything that comes with love from your heart. I love you so much and hope to be in your arms soon enough.

Sample Birthday Billing Format Message 3

Hey babe, my birthday is coming up soon; I am super excited. Should I be expecting anything from my world best friend? Let me know, darl; I have drawn up a wishlist… haha.


Birthday billing Sample 4

Hey sweet, you know my birthday is in a week, and I will be expecting a gift from you. Anything to show me how much you care for me, I will be so happy, and I also have a surprise for you on that day. Love you, babe.


So, these are some sample messages for the birthday billing format you can use to get your lover’s attention to your birthday and psychologically alert them that you need something special on your day.

If you need other formats and can pay 15,000 Naira for different formats, don’t hesitate to reach me at [email protected] to buy it.

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