Billing format for BTC

Bitcoin Billing Format – How to Use this Bitcoin Format to Bill Clients

Bitcoin Billing Format

Whenever an investment is mentioned, lots of people want to delve in, invest, and double their money. Since the arrival of Bitcoin, there has been the rise of the Bitcoin billing format which is a Bitcoin scamming format for money. Moreover, thousands worldwide have made thousands and millions of dollars without getting caught.

In this article, I will expose the format on how to convince someone to invest in Bitcoin and scam them. Also, be rest assured that there will be no need for Bitcoin format for yahoo pdf since everything is here.

I believe you’re ready to see and learn how Bitcoin billing format works and how to make money from it. Just so that you know, this article is meant for only people who wants to start yahoo game and make money from Yahoo Yahoo.


bitcoin billing format

Bitcoin and Dollars Cash


Requirements for Bitcoin Billing Format

In every post I make, I prefer to identify the criteria for a particular hustle. The reason is that new followers might not be aware of the needed resources to kick-start the hustle. In addition, professionals will as well discover the actual tools and resources to use for a successful yahoo scam.

Before delving into any Bitcoin scamming format or attempting how to convince someone to invest in Bitcoin, have the following:


A Computer or Mobile Phone

Without a computer, there will be difficulties in succeeding with the Bitcoin format of yahoo billing. If you are new to the system, believe me, you need nothing other than a PC. In fact, an Android or iPhone is near useless for any Bitcoin scamming format. For instance, if you decide to do a BTC format like ransom format, it will require software. To manage the software, nothing but a PC will be needed whether you designed it or paid for a Ransome software.


BTC Wallet

A BTC wallet is like a bank account, but several Bitcoin features differentiate them. A BTC wallet allows users to link up with their cryptocurrency and use it for any purchase around the world.


BTC Address

Since we are dealing with Bitcoin, a Bitcoin address is required. A Bitcoin address is like an account number. Without an account number, there will be no way for people to make payments into a bank account. This is equally the case with Bitcoin as clients will easily make payments using the BTC address.


Note: It is recommendable to change the Bitcoin address from the receiver end once in a while.


How to Create BTC Address

It’s very easy to create a payment address that you’ll give to clients to make payments. Understand that these steps may not apply the same with that of your current cryptocurrency operator. You might want to query their help desk for accordance. However, here is the general way to generate a BTC address for your victims to make large payments.

  • Open your active blockchain Wallet
  • Find and select Receive Pay
  • Click on New Address
  • Name the address to whatever you’ll recall




At all times, without a VPN like Tor or Psiphon, going online isn’t safe. The essential thing scammers discuss is the location and they do not want any silly scrappy news and contents to trace them. In order not to be tracked, you require something like Tor on both computers and mobile phones. Whenever you’re connected, keep it running and do not browse the moment it disconnects, otherwise, you’ll compromise your location.


Email Address

An email address from the likes of Yahoo, Google, etc. will be required. In fact, the email is where yahoo boys have their origin, especially from the yahoo mail. Basically, the email you use is your origin and what defines you. In this case, you should own one. Also, the owned email should bear fake details and must not be your private email account.

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Optional Requirements

Below are the optional requirements. These requirements can be necessary depending on the sort of Bitcoin billing format used. For instance, using the fake Website Format would require a fake website. Here they are.


Grammar Tool

What makes a scam to be seen as legit is proper grammar. Once you have adequate grammar ability, the sort of clients you’ll gather will all easily fall. In the case of writing, you require tools like Grammarly. When it comes to speaking, it is not recommendable to go on a phone call with the client. Depending on the client, you might be tracked since it isn’t too cheap to block a call destination.


BTC Website

A BTC Website is another vital tool if you want to be a professional. All you have to do is develop a site similar to any blockchain and make everything fake on the site. There are several tools to use for cloning a website. And, if you do not know how to do so, consider hiring a website builder to make you one.


Software Developer Tools

In the case of ransomware developing, developing software would be needed. There are a number of them out there, and so far you know what to do, do it and make money. , pay a developer to handle things.


bitcoin scamming format

Bitcoin Gold


Bitcoin Scamming Format to Use on Client

Having seen the requirements for this any Bitcoin scamming format, here is the main thing and how to convince someone to invest in Bitcoin and scam them.


Ransomware Scam Format

The first Bitcoin billing format is the use of ransomware to attack clients. Since people download a lot without giving a damn about what they are downloading, it is straightforward to trap them and make them pay for their carelessness. What I’ll identify here does not require a Bitcoin format for yahoo pdf.

Once the virus is on the target’s computer, it locks it and requests for money before access is granted.


How to Do Ransomware Bitcoin Billing Format

There are several ways to run the ransomware format effectively. However, I’ll show you how the main way works. Professional yahoo boys will create a website and stock it with important things for download. For example, if Rihanna releases a new song now, they will immediately upload and make sure that they have good SEO. Once a target clicks, downloads, and opens, it infects the computer. The software will ask the victim to input a password that they do not know and then will provide a BTC address for the client to use in making payments and obtaining the password.

Sometimes, you could keep the software and the computer to receive more money. However, if this continues, clients would be forced to factory reset the system and move on.


Fake Website Format

There are countless Bitcoin websites available on the web. Nearly half of these websites, if not more, are fake and are making money scamming unsuspecting persons. There are several ways to make money from this medium. One of such in this billing format is the Bitcoin trading technique. , a yahoo boy will create a website claiming to sell Bitcoin or doubling Bitcoin for entrepreneurs. Once people see this, they would gladly apply, make payments and lose money.


How to Do Fake Bitcoin Website Format

This method requires a sort of multiple email sender. There is a few money of email sender. , collect as many emails as possible. Craft a website grammar that is convincing and that will tempt the email owner to click on the link and be ready to cash out.

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Once the user inserts their original details, you should be able to see user details which can be used to hijack their accounts. To do so, the HTTP protocol must not like secure. This allows the website to communicate with the factory with the Android phone without a mess.


Blackmail Format for Bitcoin

For the blackmail format of Bitcoin scam, it comes in various ways. The blackmail could be anything like defaming, taxing, etc. In the end, when the victim wants to pay, he or she will get the Bitcoin Address and effect payments. What this Bitcoin yahoo billing requires is an email and a computer as well as a mobile phone. But There is no need to design a website or look for others to do so.


How Blackmail Format Works

First, target a client in any of the platforms

The platforms to focus a client include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • Dating sites

Each of these examples has a unique nature, easygoing, and works when applied wisely.

After contacting a target, accuse them of something they have done or that they may not have done. Mail them a threat or a warning which will force them to be afraid. Follow up their fears and take advantage of it. Do not in any way reveal your true identity in any of the chats or whatever thing else you guys want to do.

Note: All the sent blackmail letters must contain the address of your Bitcoin wallet. It is this address that the victim will use to make payments and stay out of trouble.

Note: The power of this technique is better effective on older people. This means the primary target should the past who would not be able to handle the pressure.

The blackmail format has been a great format for some time now, although nobody seems to notice.


Dating Billing BTC Format

The dating billing format is one of the most widely know yahoo scam formats worldwide. For this to work, you have to fall in love with a stranger. It is this stranger that will give you the needed Bitcoin after series of plans together. The best platform to find clients for this format is the dating sites. There are lots of them out there, and it is easy to sign up for any one of the websites and begin any of the scam formats for money.


How to Do Dating Billing Format for BTC

After finding a client, be excellent and lovable to them. Act weak and give it about 2 to 3 weeks before employing the BTC trick to ask for Bitcoin online. The essence of making it this duration is to ensure that enough trust is gathered for the payment to be effected and effective. If possible, dump a client immediately after rounding up about $5,000 worth of Bitcoin.


Final Thoughts

The essence billing scams is the hustle and make money without recourse. On this note, one is expected to do anything possible online or offline. Another vital point is that as a scammer, you must be smart. You do not have to see everything in an article to be able to pull through.

Here is all you need for Bitcoin billing format and how to convince someone to invest in Bitcoin. As earlier said, Grammer is the ideal thing to look out for since it is the first impression a potential victim gets. In the end, this may begin difficulty, but it gets better in the long run and with more experiences and perfection.


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