Profitable Business ideas in Nigeria for Ladies

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Despite the internet filled with popular business ideas for men, I can authoritatively tell you that there are other profitable business ideas in Nigeria for ladies to make money. The popular belief of most  Nigerian men is that all that ladies in Nigeria need is your money and the material things you can offer them.

An average Nigerian man sees ladies as pests and dependants. This theory isn’t right; ladies are doing well for themselves in several fields. It’s in your hands to break the cycle of Nigerian ladies are lazy.

There are several wave-making business ideas for women, and gladly most ladies are accepting these ideas.

business ideas for women in Nigeria

Gone are the days when women stay home all day, cooking and doing house chores while the men work their ass out to feed the family. Do not misinterpret this. Women still cook and take care of their homes, but they even give some space for work and businesses. No woman loves to sit at home all day doing nothing.

These days, some women are working as employees while some are into profitable businesses in Nigeria that can quickly be established with a little money. From female managers, CEOs entrepreneurs to online businesswomen, we can’t but admire our females’ prowess.

The good thing about these businesses is that you don’t have to be swimming in millions before you engage in them. It’s not a must to start big, but it’s a must to THINK BIG.

Here is the list of some profitable business ideas in Nigeria for ladies and make good money.


A female hairstylist

Recent times have shown us different mind-blowing ways of styling hair. Both males and females are willing to spend any amount just for them to look fabulous with good hairstyles. To go into this business, make sure you’re creative enough.

No one wants the same pattern of hair all the time. Learn some skills in styling hairs and work on your creativity. Know the right hair products for straight hair. Know the difference between styling natural hair and styling relaxed hair.

To boost your business, you can employ other creative stylists to carve a niche for yourself. This business is one of the most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria for ladies.

Even outside Nigeria, hairstyling is also a very lucrative business. As we can see, the prices of artificial attachments and hair products are going higher daily, so too is the stylist fee. If you can capture your client’s hearts, then you’re on the way to making it big.


If your hobby is cooking and trying out new recipes, then this should be one of the profitable business ideas in Nigeria, you should be thinking of as a woman. The food business is excellent because a week is never complete without several parties. The advantage of this business is that you can start it with little or no capital. You can rent cooking equipment and utensils till you’re buoyant enough to buy yours.

When you’re called for an event, you can demand half payment and use that to prepare the necessary things, and after the party, you collect your balance, pay for the rented equipment and keep your profit.

You can cook the food in the comfort of your home and carry it to the event’s venue, or you can cook it at your client’s place if permitted. If you know you’re a great cook with some magical touch, then this is for you.


In Nigeria, ladies are making waves quickly in the blogging world than their male counterparts. Some female Nigerian bloggers are doing great in this field, like Linda Ikeji, Uche Pedro, Ladun, Liadi, Stella Dimokorkus, Ono Bello, Laila, Emeh Achanga, Hadassah, etc. Blogging is fun, attractive, trending, and profitable.

It may not be easy at first, but when your blog has enough traffic, you can easily make money from it. That is why many people have identified blogging as one of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria for ladies. There is no hard work involved in it; write and promote your article.

Before engaging in blogging, make sure you find your style and discover the niche you’re interested in. The women listed up there have a great passion for blogging, and their determination helped them achieve greatness today.

As a female, you can consider blogging about food, entertainment, gist, makeup, fashion, business, job, and relationship.

Jewelry and Bead Making

This business has been trending for a long time. You don’t even need to get a big shop to start this, and you can begin at the corner of your room and churn out beautiful and breathtaking pieces of jewelry.

The sad thing is, almost all ladies have this skill, they see it as a norm, but they do not know that it can be turned into a big business. Bead making and Jewelry making is not just all about turning beads or pearls into necklaces, earrings, or bangles.

You can invent ideas that will bring in more money and attract fame to your brand. If you can make beautiful Jewelry and you know you’re creative, do not ignore this idea.


If you know the way you organize things is top-notch, congratulations! You can turn this into an avenue of making money from event planning. The sweet thing is, you don’t need an office or a big company with many workers to be an event planner. All you need is the skill to plan and organize big weddings, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant occasions.

As we all know that the demand for the event planner is rising in recent times, making it a profitable business idea in Nigeria for women who have the connection. This is because most people don’t want to go through the stress of thinking and organizing for their big day. They want a settled brain in preparation for the day of the event.

If you can get at least a client every week, I can assure you that you will fall in love with the bank account balance.



Fashion designing is a good business idea in Nigeria for women

Presently, this is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria for ladies who are fashion inclined. All you need to do is to go for the necessary training. It can be stressful, time-consuming, but it’s rewarding.

Fashionable dresses are taking over the world. If you’re good enough to make people smile when they check their outfits in the mirror, then you’re stepping on the stone that leads to wealth.

The secret is, fashion designers sell their skills and time, not the sewn style. A dress might be plain-looking but very expensive. You’re paying for the skill, stress, and time and not the style.

If you are good at creating different styles without looking at fashion book styles, this is a plus for you.


When a lady goes into a job mainly meant for men, she tends to succeed and overtake the men she met in the business. Have you ever given this a thought? For an event, most men will instead go for a female photographer than a male photographer?

Acquiring photography skills won’t take you less than a month, and you can start it with little or no capital.

You can rent a camera for a start and go to the Photo Lab to print your pictures out.

A female photographer in Nigeria

A female photographer

Nobody will ever reject a beautiful picture of himself or herself. As long as you can make people look more attractive than they do, then be rest assured that you will see clients swarming around you, and what’s the meaning? It means MORE MONEY!

If you can make a name for yourself, you’re already in the money. Some Nigerian photographers charge as high as 300k to 500k for just a small event, yet clients pay the amount of money charged. They are not paying for the beautiful pictures but the name.


We have so many profitable online jobs these days. You can sit in your home and make money with your laptop. If you’ve got a great and captivating choice of words, You can be a freelance writer.

As long as you can keep your readers glued to the screen of their phones, iPods, or PC, this will single out your name out of many writers out there. So be expecting different writing offers from big organizations.


This is one of the business ideas in Nigeria for ladies that is just too profitable. No matter how you do the business, large scale or small scale, your profit is 100% sure. The first-grade bale of Ladies tops goes for 70k to 90k. In the bale, we have about 350 tops in it. You can’t sell all at the same price.

Let’s assume you sell 200 pieces at the rate of 700 Naira, 100 pieces at 500 Naira, and 50 pieces at 200 Naira. That’s a total sum of 200k! Woah. You can also add the sale of first-grade second-hand ladies’ shoes and bags to it. I can assure you that you will make a lot of money from this. You may say, oh, it’s a typical business.

Yes, it is, but it’s left to you to make your style different. No need to ask what business can you do as a woman again; this is an answer.

Paint your store with flashy color, preferably pink. Get different shelves with different compartments and arrange them nicely. Paint them in blue. Now fold and organize the washed clothes in the different compartments.

Make sure the tops department is different from the one for shoes or trousers. Get hangers and hang the gowns, get good looking mannequins. This will enable your customers to choose the clothes they want with ease, and they won’t mind paying higher.

Setting up an Ushering Business

All girls are beautiful, but some are more beautiful than the others – no doubt. If you are cute and have access to beautiful girls, you can register an ushering company. No occasion would be complete without the presence of beautiful ladies.

I would personally pay good money to see beautiful ladies ushering on my occasion, and I believe most men think the same. All you need is to register your business and start building your connection.

Once you can land just one contract, you would see the difference it would make in your bank account. I have confirmed it to be one of the lucrative business ideas in Nigeria for ladies.

Fitness Center for Fellow Women

In the 11th position comes one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria for ladies – if you know the tricks behind it. With the way women are getting fat in this country, they are now becoming desperate to lose weight. The idea is to set up a place that is women-friendly and encourages women to come.

For a start, you can make it free just to attract the crowd you need. Then after a while, you can then turn it into a paid membership, sort of.

Your ability to make the environment “women-friendly” is what will make your fitness center to stand out. A woman I know currently earns more than 300k per month just teaching women how to keep fit and lose weight.

Instagram Influencers

Perhaps you have no idea, but social media is taking over. Girls are cashing out just by doing what makes them happy. Do you know that there is so much money to go round everybody as long as you do what brings in money?

Many girls are becoming social influencers just by doing simple things online. I believe you must have heard about Janemena, the twerking girl with over 1 million followers on IG. She is currently endorsing many brands, which pay her money for an excellent job well done.

If you believe you have something to offer, then you can probably start up something. I am not saying you should start twerking – don’t break your waist, create something. If you are consistent, you will indeed find success in what you are doing. There is a detailed article that explains how you can make money with your beautiful body. You can read it for more ideas.


You can start betting to win instantly. Once you detect fixed matches, you are good to go with earnings and all. Just make sure to keep this business idea clean and straightforward. Also, you must have a stable source of income to support this idea.

In Conclusion

Do not wait for the government to provide a job for you, and I have listed out the profitable business ideas in Nigeria for ladies. You can now go ahead and create a job for yourself. You know the number of graduates the country produces annually. Do not expect the government to fend for all of them.

Don’t be part of the I am still looking for a job after many years of being a graduate crew. Change the cycle. Be your boss. Dictate the time of your vacation. Be the one to pay your workers.

Break free from the claws of I’ve not received my salary. Be a businesswoman with a touch of difference. Write your name on the Marble, and it will forever be etched in history.

Your Turn

Which other profitable business ideas in Nigeria for ladies do you think I missed or should have added? Join the conversation.

Written by Bbstar.

Bbstar is a graduate of French and International studies from Osun State University. Business-oriented person and has a soft spot for a clothing business.

She’s a crypto enthusiast and has a vast knowledge of cryptocurrency.
In her copious time, she writes content for various online platforms for publishing.


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