How to Buy CC for Carding on Dark Web, Forums, etc.

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Last Updated on March 15, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

Hey, carder! I know you find it difficult to get CC for cashout. Good news! This article covers tips regarding how to buy CC for carding on dark web, carding forums, and CC websites.

how to buy CC for carding

To get CC for carding and cashout is easy; the problem is getting scammed. Since it’s easy to get scammed, purchasing CC isn’t so easy.

Meanwhile, many sites claim to sell CC, but are they legit? The answer is, “No.” These are impersonators that only care about your money and give fake CC details.

The genuine sellers do not give out CC cheaply because they managed to get the details. If you do not want to buy CC fullz, you can create yours. However, you must step on toes, including your relatives, whom you’ll collect their CC info for sale.

You can also collect CC details from clients and sell them for money.

What is CC?

CC refers to credit card details. It includes credit card information such as CVV, expiry date, card number, and name. CC fullz contains further information like Gmail address, city, SSN, and DOB (date of birth). You will buy the CC from a vendor and make sure to use escrow to avoid getting scammed.

Who is a CC vendor? A CC vendor is a person that sells CC. It can be through a blog, dark web site, or carding forum. A vendor is also called a CC seller.

Who is escrow? An escrow is a party or person that overlooks your CC buying transaction with a CC vendor. You must be sure that the CC vendor is legit because fake vendors can use fake escrow to scam you.

How to Buy CC for Carding

In this section, I disclose the steps to buy CC info. If you’re a beginner, I recommend my article exposing how to do carding as a beginner.

Below are the steps regarding how to buy CC for carding:

Choose a Market

Your first step is to select a CC market. It could be a dark website, carding forum, or a CC selling site. Any site that works for you is the best site to buy CC for carding.

Note that almost all CC markets have scammers. You should expect to get scammed, but you can evade it by being careful.

Following a personal review of the CC market, over 70% of sellers are scammers. The legit vendors/sellers can sell you incomplete or fake CC info and will never refund you.

Once you buy CC details, do not expect a refund if it doesn’t work. CC is a goldmine, and not many vendors give out even working CCs.

When searching for top CC with UK and US bins, expect it to be complicated.

Study the Market

Test the demo on the market you select. I will not mention any market in this article, but I’ve listed some sites to buy CC towards the end of this article.

Note that it is not all sites that offer demo CC. What’s a demo CC? It’s a free carding CC to test before requesting other CCs.

When studying a CC market, check the scam rate too. Most CC info sites are fake and ready to scam you.

I’ve seen carding forums with quotes like “if you’re scammed, message the admin to get your money back”. It is a pure scam, though.

It suggests that the admin is also a scammer like you. So, when you get scammed and message them, you will seldom get a response. If they reply to you, it’ll just be once, and they claim they have been seeing too many emails.

Find a Vendor/Seller

When you discover a CC market that is at least 50% legit, contact the admin. If you’re buying from a blog or an e-commerce CC site, then you’re contacting the admin already.

However, if you’re using a carding forum, you must inform the admin that you want to buy CC.

On some carding sites, you’ll find a user’s integrity bar. If the user has been reported several times, don’t deal with them.

Also, before contacting the admin of the carding site, create a thread asking whether the vendor is legit. If forum members reply suspiciously by claiming the said vendor is the best of all time, he/she is a scammer; run!

Include in that post that you’ll be using an escrow too to keep users from bashing you.

Find an Escrow

Go to the contact page of the forum to find the admin email address. On some forums, you’ll find the admin or moderator email address at the bottom of the site.

Contact them with it and explain that you want them to be your escrow.

You can send the admin the following email message:

Hi, admin

I need your escrow service. The username of the CC vendor is [vendor username]. I have sent your username to them, and I want to know how the deal will hold and how payment will be made.

What is your escrow fee? Please, attach the fee and your rules when reaching me with your response.

Thank you

[your username]

Depending on the admin’s schedule, you should get a response within 48 hours.

Sometimes, video calls may be held, or the deal may take place via email. If the admin suggests contacting on Facebook messenger, create a fake Facebook account to hide your identity.

Make Payment

Buy cc for carding free

The admin will send you a payment method, including their username or account name. Most admins do not use PayPal since PayPal is so good at cracking down on scams.


I recommend using PayPal, though, no matter what the admin says.

But then, they may ask you to pay via cryptocurrency so they can hide their identity.

Accept the cryptocurrency payment, but note that you may be unable to get your money back if the deal does not go well. For example, if you lie that the CC is not working, although it is working.

Test the CC

Once you make payments, the escrow will notify the vendor to release the CC to you. Note that the CC details are to be released to you directly and not through the admin. The admin must not have access to the CC info so that they do not use it.

When you receive the CC, use it for carding immediately. You can select from mobile wallet carding such as Venmo carding, Cash App carding, etc., or a vacation carding like Airbnb carding method.

We also have e-store cashout methods like Amazon carding, Apple carding, etc. You can even card a supermarket like Argos for items in the UK without getting caught.

Things to Check When Buying CC

When you get CC, confirm the following:

  • Is it live CC?
  • Is it CC fullz?
  • Does it have a positive balance?
  • Is the CC of the country you want?
  • Does it contain the best BIN?

The best thing to do is use the CC info immediately for your carding and cashout method.

The reason is that the carders might be waiting to block or do whatever with the info once they receive payment.

So, if the CC info does not work, then you can inform the escrow to withhold the payment. You can now send the CC info as the vendor forwarded it to you to the escrow to confirm that the vendor wants to scam you.

If the vendor can’t correct the error and the deal fails, the escrow will pay you back the money. However, the escrow will still deduct their commission.

For example, if the deal involves $50 and the commission is 10%, the escrow takes $5 and sends you $45 in the value of cryptocurrency or whatever payment method.

CC Fullz Sample

Below are the details to collect for CC fullz:

  • Card Type:
  • Credit Card Number:
  • Exp. Date:
  • CVV:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • Address
  • ZIP Code:
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • SSN

Note that phone number is needed in phone number verifications carding methods such as Western Union carding and WorldRemit carding method for spoofing.

We also have Canada fullz, UK fullz, etc. What I mentioned above is US fullz, but all country fullz are similar.

Carding BINs

Buy non vbv cc for carding

The BINs are important for carding too. Read my article on the best carding BINs to understand why you need BINs for CC carding.

Meanwhile, below are BIN samples:

  • 376001
  • 407220
  • 507264
  • 408176
  • 456444

Best Site to Buy CC for Carding

I understand that the problem most carders face is where to get CC for carding work. There’s no “best site for CC”. However, the best site depends on whether the rate of scamming is low.

Nonetheless, below are the best sites to buy CC for carding:

  • Dark web
  • Carding forums
  • CC stores (not recommended)

You can always create CC by convincing clients of their bank details, though.

Sites You Can Card with CC

There are thousands of sites you can card and cashout with CC.

Refer to my article on the best cardable websites for a list of sites you can card.

Note that many sites are coming on board daily, and some of these sites are phishing or pharming sites created to scam.

You can always create a personal carding website, though. Follow my Shopify carding method and Stripe cashout method to learn how to set up personal carding sites and card till infinity.

Final Thoughts

Carding is poetry; you only need to know how to be smart and fast, especially by protecting your identity through the use of a carding VPN, browsing via incognito mode, etc.

This guide has revealed every piece of info regarding how to buy CC on the dark web and any carding forum.

Make sure to study the forum for at least 3 days to know whether or not to buy CC on it.


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