Can I Make Money Selling Edibles? [Stoners’ Responses]

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Can I make money selling edibles? Well, many ask this question out of curiosity, and yes, there’s some cash to make when you sell edibles.

can i make money selling edibles

My friend sells edibles, but I do not know how much weed he puts in them, but the edibles are usually strong.

He does 12 per batch and sells them for $11. When he sells in bulk, the price is discounted, though. Meanwhile, considering the cost of supplies for making only the brownies, selling edibles is not very profitable, especially when selling in smaller quantities.

Can I Make Money Selling Edibles?

Yes, you can make money selling edibles. However, your profit depends on your location and whether selling edibles is lawful. Also, whether you can access THC extracts and whether you’re growing cannabis or purchasing in bulk determines how much money you can make from an edibles sale.

Let me illustrate for your understanding. Suppose you sell cannabis without regulation and you have quality marijuana.

An Estimation:

15% THC marijuana (per pound) costs $1200.

Labor cost at (per hour) $15

Now, let’s assume you sell in 1/8th oz. Increments, you can make $1970 (per pound) and also get away with charging $25 per 1/8. This estimation includes a 2-hour labor cost for weighing and packaging the product.

Also, if you make cannabutter edibles, you require a pound of unsalted butter per marijuana ounce. It should come out to 16 pounds of butter for each marijuana pound. Extraction, as I mentioned earlier, can take 2 labor hours. So, you can expect 16 cannabutter pounds, which is enough for a decent number of baked products.

My cookie recipe requires half a pound of butter for each 2 dozen cookies. So, I would expect 64 dozen cookies per one pound of marijuana.

Another factor is the cost of materials kitchen size. However, 16 batches of cookies require about 16 labor hours, which costs about $240. So, if you sell a cookie for $5, you will make $2400, excluding ingredients’ cost.

Thus, you can make more money selling edibles than marijuana. But it also depends on the cost of ingredients and labor.

Before considering your stance following this estimation, note that I am against using or selling THC products illegally.

How to Sell Edibles and Make Money

Make money selling edibles

In this section, I reveal the steps to follow to make money from selling edibles. Below are the steps regarding how to sell edibles for money:

  1. Learn Your State Laws

First, find out whether it is legal to sell marijuana in your state. In the US, for instance, the laws governing the sale of edibles vary.

In some states that permit marijuana, it may be allowed for adult consumption or recreational and medicinal use. Typically, people below the age of 21 are not allowed to consume cannabis and its by-products in states that permit its use.

In some other states, it is unlawful to sell edibles, and you can only do so illegally.

  1. Understand the Expenses

Like other businesses, you must spend some money to profit from selling edibles. Before you even consider selling edibles for money, estimate the budget thoroughly, and determine your finances.

Nonetheless, starting an edible selling business is not as costly as starting a retail cannabis store.

Some of the basic things you will spend on include:

  • Kitchen equipment
  • Workforce
  • Childproof packaging
  • Product ingredients
  • Renting space
  • Cannabis
  • Commercial kitchen
  1. Grow Cannabis

You may grow cannabis if you prefer it over buying in bulk. However, you need land to grow your cannabis and the manpower that manages it.

  1. Entice Consumers

When your kitchen is ready, the next step is to get yourself known in the edibles market. You must entice stoners and other consumers to love your product and make your edibles unique.


For instance, you can mention that your edibles are sugar-free, gluten-free, etc. Catchy descriptions entice most consumers; find out what consumers need, and give it to them.

You should also check the dosage and packaging. Make sure the packaging color, logo, and entire design does not appeal to children.

How profitable is selling edibles?

Selling edibles is not such a profitable business, but it is worth it when you understand the market. Besides, almost anyone can make pot brownies. However, what matters is the amount of marijuana you need to make the ideal brownies.

Is it cheaper to make your own edibles

Let’s assume we allow 2g per brownie. If you have 28g per oz ($250) and 2g per edible, you can make 14 edibles for each oz. The cost of each edible becomes 17.5 because of marijuana. Now, you can have 20 for each edible between other ingredients, excluding profit. Unfortunately, not many persons will pay $20+ per edible.

It is better to get free trim. When you buy an oz between $150 between $200, get some oil or butter and the cookie/brownie mix.

If you spend $150 to gather everything and process them, you should get around 12 out of the batch if you’re making brownies. If you are making cookies, you can make 20.

When you charge $10 per brownies, you make $120. Cookies at $10 can get you $200. So, you can’t make much money when you sell edibles in small batches.

Meanwhile, a collective can make 200 edibles daily. They spend $100 on products and sell them for $5 each, totaling $1,000. The profit becomes $900.

How much profit can you make for buying an ounce of weed to make edibles?

The profit you can make for buying weed for making edibles depends on what you charge. You can make a small batch of fudge, roughly eight by eight inches and half-inch thick.

Our experiences differ so that you can experiment for yourself. Purchase an ounce, make some edibles and watch the potency. Of course, you determine the price by how potent it is.

You can mark your edibles 300-400 percent since edibles making procedure smells. The smell is also health-risky for some persons, though. For instance, I can pay $5-10 for a cookie, and a gram can get you about 6.

Meanwhile, you can develop rapport with your weed dealer to get you the lower quality or leftover for baking since it is not decent for smoking.

Should you sell edibles?

Yes, you should sell edibles. But is cannabis and its by-products legal in your state? Does the sale require a license? If yes, can you afford to be licensed to sell cannabinoids?

How much do edibles go for

In Canada, many marijuana stores are outside the law. Moreover, a national newspaper took to investigating and testing weeds to know whether you are buying inspected weed; otherwise, you could get customers sick.

Besides, most municipalities allow only commercial kitchens. So, understand that it may be unlawful to make edibles at home for hygienic reasons. Thus, factor in your finances to ascertain whether you should sell edibles.

How do you price your edibles?

To price your edibles can be challenging, and the market expects you to sell at a competitive rate. To price your edibles, calculate the ingredient cost for a batch of edibles and divide it by the number of available edible products in the batch.

Also, consider additional costs such as taxes, labor, product loss, and distribution—meanwhile, standard 100 mg edible costs between $10 and -$20.

When you price your edibles reasonably and sell in larger quantities, it becomes profitable. You can also boost profit by producing a higher-end product that is unique in the market, get better ingredients and charge more money.

Also, you can undercut your edible market prices to boost sales and make more money. However, you must sell a larger volume of edibles to cover your loss, and you must produce in larger quantities daily.

Final Thoughts

This article has attempted a perfect answer for the question regarding whether you can make money selling edibles.

To round off, if the cost of your oz is $200, it has 24% THC with 21% activated, 1 oz is 5,880mg activated THC (28 x .21g THC). In Washington, 10 mg is the legal serving, which is decent for light consumption. Heavy consumers may request 25+ mg, though.

So, you have 235 brownies or cookies from the measurement above. If you sell for $2 per edible, it can double your money.

Note that you may not sell cannabis edibles with over 0.3 percent THC online. However, exceptions may apply when you sell hemp-derived CBD edibles.

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