Can I Sell My Hair for Money? What Stylists Need

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Can I sell my hair for money? Well, many persons hope to make money from their hair, but will someone buy your hair?

Can I sell my hair for money

Indeed, many wig artists and custom doll makers are willing to pay huge amounts for your hair, especially if it’s untreated natural hair. Typically, this sort of hair has no perms, color, or any chemical enhancement.

Moreover, if your hair is dry and often abused by curling/flat irons and blow-drying, the market value decreases.

Most of the time, hair buyers visit salons to request hair from business owners. However, a business owner selling another person’s hair is questionable, especially that it carries their DNA sample.

Religious backgrounds factor in selling your hair for money; they might conflict with your belief system.

Is selling human hair profitable?

Yes, selling your human hair is profitable. The hair industry sought after your hair for making custom wigs, hair extensions, and braids. Since human hair is widely used, you are certain of selling yours in no time. The quality of your hair also determines the market of your hair, and of course, your hair will grow back. So, you lose nothing except you love when your head is always hair-filled.

How much money can you make selling hair?

How much money you can make selling your hair depends on the quality. However, you can make between $50 and $5,000 selling your hair, depending on the buyer. You will also spend some money to run ads online to reach an audience interested in purchasing your hair. Ad campaigns may take up to $100, but you will recoup the money once potential buyers come across your ads.

Can I Sell My Hair for Money?

The simple answer is “yes,” you can sell your hair for money. Selling your hair for money is factored by location and the quality of your hair. The platform you choose to sell determines how much you make and the frequency of selling your hair for cash.

Nonetheless, the market for hair sales is constant. Some persons sell their hair on CL, eBay, Facebook Marketplace while making cool money.

CL is quite a tricky place to sell your hair, though. You ought to careful not to tread with scammers, and your payment option must be cash in hand. When selling your hair, you want to keep your identity anonymous. Meanwhile, you can sell your feet pics on Craigslist too.

On many occasions, hair sellers advertise their hair on places like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and many other local and international social platforms with a huge audience. If you have massive followers, expect to sell your hair faster because at least 10% of the followers will be interested.

Meanwhile, the first step to making money selling your hair is to decide where to list it for sale. Also, make a reasonable pricing plan and find out hair value in the market before setting your price.

Understand that selling your hair for money has challenges, especially when selling it online. Be careful and follow the security recommendations on the platform you choose to sell your hair.

You can also sell other people’s hair. However, you must inform them about it and pay some money to obtain their hair for sale.

How Can You Sell Your Hair Online?

How much money can you make selling hair

In this section, I discuss how you can sell your hair fast. Below are the steps regarding how you can sell your hair for money:

  1. Select a Website

Thanks to the internet, you can now select from arrays of online markets to create your hair-selling e-store.

If you prefer selling your hair locally, use a local e-commerce website available in your country. But if you prefer shipping your hair internationally, sign up on a site that appeals to an international audience.

The country that you target to sell your hair for money also determines how much money you will make, but the shipping fee is higher when you ship internationally.

Note that most hair listing sites charge a commission. Below are some sites to consider:

  •, etc

Make sure to select a local website for your hair sale if you prefer not to ship internationally. You can always list in your hair selling ad that you do not ship internationally.

  1. Take Good Photos

Good ads increase sales, and you must use clear naturally-taken high-quality pictures. Avoid photo filters and use excellent cameras to take the shots.

If you have no good camera, borrow a friend’s camera. The color of the hair must be natural. The pictures should also show the thickness and length of your hair, and the background should be promising.

  1. Write an Ad

It is important to be broadly descriptive when writing an ad to sell your hair online.

Mention the length of your hair, texture, and color. Is your hair curly, thin, straight, or thick? If your hair is colored, mention the color.

Provide details about how often you wash the hair. Include the hair conditioner and shampoo used for the buyer to know what they are bidding on.

If you use a blow dryer, straighteners, curling irons, and styling products, include it in your ad description. Have you bleached the hair before? How recent?

Also, the buyer wants to know your lifestyle since it factors the quality of your hair. For example, do you eat healthily, exercise regularly, or smoke?

  1. Decide Reasonable Price

Before you decide your price, review what others list on the platform you are using for your hair sale. You may also look upon hair forums to determine a fair market value for your hair.

If you are unsure what price to set, you may use a hair price calculator online. You may create pricing plans to encourage buyers of different levels; at least, it works most of the time.

  1. Sell our Hair

The first bidders may not always buy your hair. Do not be desperate to sell because subsequent buyers may bid higher, especially if the hair selling platform encourages sellers and buyers to bargain.

Regarding the payment option, select a payment option recommended by your platform. If no payment gateway is integrated into the platform, your best bet is to accept cash in hand. It also means you must sell your hair locally to avoid being scammed.


What are Hair Buyers Looking For?

Salons that buy human hair

Typical hair buyers look for thick, healthy virgin hair to buy. Hair buyers also prefer when your hair is about 10 inches long. Buyers are not interested in bleached, dyed, or permed hair. Overly heated, straightened, ironed, and dried hairs are not valued highly. If you drink or smoke, buyers may not need your hair because it factors negatively in its healthiness. Do you wash your hair daily? Your hair is not so valuable when washed constantly because it can cause split ends.

Is it okay to sell your hair?

Yes, it is okay to sell your hair, especially if your religious ideology does not conflict with it. Many persons find it challenging to cut and sell their hair for religious reasons, though. Nonetheless, your hair will regrow. If hair loss were permanent, then it would not be advisable to sell it for money.

Reasons to Sell Your Hair

Below are some of the reasons to sell your hair:

  • When you cut and sell your hair, you go on shorter cuts for a while.
  • You can donate your hair and get paid.
  • Selling your hair is a low-risk venture you can consider a side hustle.

You may also consider not selling your human hair because it takes months to regrow to a desirable length. Moreover, you can’t hasten hair growth with chemicals; otherwise, it decreases its market value.

Why People Buy Your Hair

People buy hair for many reasons, but it is typically for the hair industry. Of course, the hair industry is growing rapidly, and many hair extension artists need human hair to satisfy clients. I mentioned some reasons people buy natural hair earlier in this article, though.

Nevertheless, below are the reasons people buy your hair:

  • People need hair extensions since they can’t grow the kind of hair they desire.
  • Most persons prefer weaves similar to natural hair, especially when their hair is not in good condition for occasions.
  • People also buy your hair because to experiment with different hair textures and colors. They purchase various hair colors and make them into colorful or single-colored wigs for sale or personal use.
  • Cancer patients need human hair for natural wigs due to hair loss during radiation and chemotherapy.

Where can I sell human hair?

The internet hosts numerous websites where you can sell your hair locally and internationally.

Below are some of the websites where you can sell your human hair for money:

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace

Final Thoughts

Most lovable hair extensions and wigs are made from human hair. So, when your hair is healthy and natural, expect to sell it even faster online because of high demand.

It does not also matter whether your hair is blond or luscious. Most buyers are interested in the length and will primarily value your hair based on its quality.

Like I mentioned already, human hairs are made into wigs and extensions, and hair extension artists require about 15 inches of hair length to make 14 inches of hair extensions. If you can secure between 14 and 15-inch hair, expect more bucks and quicker sales.

If you are not comfortable selling your hair for money online, contact your local hairstylist to sell it offline.

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