Cash App Carding Method 2021 – Complete Tutorial

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Last Updated on June 21, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

What’s up, guys? My subscribers have been enjoying the Cash App carding method for a while now. Today, I’ve moved it from my secret post service to the public for you to learn. Before you learn Cash App carding, I want you to card credit cards; it is important and would give you the right foundation.

cash app method free

Have you heard of the Cash App before? For those who have heard of the app, do you know you can make serious money with Cash App just like an Amazon refund? Instead of just transferring money and receiving money from the people you know, find out how to card Cash App, and get paid instantly.

Let me shock you that the Cash App carding trick started with the Americans. Since you’re not highly connected with the top-secret pirate forums and dark web forums, you won’t know. One more thing, I have toured places within and away and can solidly say that the Indians are the real men. In fact, they are those who are willing to cash out really fast. Down in Africa, only about 3 countries have been able to prove how smart they can be.

Without wasting much of my time and your precious time, let’s hit the ball rolling.

A Complete Cash App Carding Tutorial – Bin, Fullz, and CC Samples

There are a couple of things that people miss out on when carding. However, don’t worry about that because this Cash App carding method guide will expose everything to you.

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Cash App carding tutorial

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Cashout for Basic Account

cash app carding method

Add and Cash Out

Let’s begin with the basics, you know what I mean? The requirements, of course. Many rush in without knowing the needs and end up spamming the carding method.

Requirements for Cash App Carding – Basic Cash App Tools


Are you new to this world? Then, you shouldn’t be surprised to find the VPN as number one! VPN is like the savior in the entire Cash App carding method, and it helps to keep you anonymous. When signing up for Cash App, you will not be allowed to access the app except for specific countries. The app is only accessible in the US and the UK. Other than these 2 countries, you can’t use the service. Fortunately, a VPN can do the magic, which is why a VPN is number 1. , set your VPN to the UK or the US to connect like the SmartLazyHustlers in the UK and the US. For SmartLazyHustlers in the UK and the US, alternate with Socks4 or Socks5 to clear your IP.

CC Fullz

You don’t know what CC fullz means, right? This is what hustlers use to refer to credit cards that contain all the needed information like Social Security Number (SSN), account number, birth date, etc. Below is an example of CC fullz.

First Name – Smart

Surname – Lazy

Middle Name – Hustler

Billing Address – 18 Smart Lazy Street.

City – Hustler County

State – NY

Zip Code/Postal Code – 53224

Country – UK or US

Phone Number – 413-666-6262

Credit Card Information – *************

Card Type – Credit

Credit Card Number – 739395483898669

Exp. Date – 12/05

Card Name – Smart Hustler

CVV – 449

Mother Maiden Name – Smarthy

SSN – 037-32-2463

D.O.B – 02

Birth Month – 11

Birth Year – 1999

So, here is a complete sample of CC fullz.

Cash App

Purchase a premium Cash App or download free from the dark web and other forums. Be careful and don’t rush to download a virus. If you need the link to the original premium app, I can provide it for you. Also, before you download the app, if you’re using Play Store, ensure that your IP is set to the UK or the US. I really recommend the premium Cash App for the cash app carding method 2020 to function.

Cash App Account

cash app carding method

$3,500 Cashout Today

It’s either you buy an old account, or you create one for yourself. For the sake of verification, I recommend an old Cash App account has been used for transactions. Be careful not to buy a flagged account. If you create a new one, you’ll have to halt this carding method for up to 2 weeks, unfortunately.

Live CC

CC does not necessarily mean ‘credit card,’ but it is a credit card in the sense that all the details on the body on a credit card is what we refer to in CC. Examples are CVV, D.O.B, etc.

So, these are all the requirements for this Cash App carding tutorial.

Are you ready to be entertained? Let’s go straight to see how it is done step by step, including BIN, live CC, etc.


The purpose of this tutorial is to educate the general public with no form of encouragement coming from this blog. You’re responsible for what you do, and this blog can’t be held responsible.

Cash App Carding Method – How To

1. Download Cash App

2. Create or Buy Cash App Account

3. Generate BIN

4. Buy CC Fullz with BIN


5. Link Live CC and Add Cash

6. Get Your Cash

These are the steps to get a working Cash App carding method. Now, let’s move into the carding properly and explain all the steps involved.

Download Cash App

cash app method free

Cash App

This is the very first method of carding Cash App in this tutorial. I recommend a premium cash app because that is what works. Don’t even ask me about a free version because I’ve not used that before. The premium can be downloaded from dark websites. I don’t recommend all these mini websites flooding the internet. You may end up downloading a virus created by a newbie scripting kid claiming to be a real-time hacker.

Create or Buy Cash App Account

Create a Cash App account or purchase one. You can get an account from wherever you like. I have reserved the link for SmartLazyHustlers. I recommend buying an account that has been used already for about 5 transactions. If you create a new account, you may encounter problems with verification, especially when you want to transfer heavy amounts.

Generate BIN

BIN means Bank Identification Number. You can generate BIN using some websites. If you’re doing this manually, prepare to stress yourself for a long time. However, you can buy them at a very cheap cost. You can get them from, but I don’t know how their services work. Contact me for direct and genuine CC BIN vendors.

Buy CC Fullz with BIN

You can log on to for live CC. Follow the instructions on the website and enter your BIN for available CC fullz. I always advise people to splash money on good CC because cheap CCs always produce cheap results or nothing at all. I have shown you a sample of CC fullz above; use that knowledge to buy a live CC for this tutorial.

Link Live CC and Add Cash

The last stage concerning the Cash App carding method is connecting your Cash App account with live CC. Click on Add Cash and enter the information you find on the CC to the Cash App account. If it’s an old account, remove the old CC attached to the account before you proceed.

To remove an old CC from the Cash App account, click on My Cash, tap the 3 dots you find near the CC and click on Remove Card.

Since it is recommended to add a card on signup, click on ‘Replace Card’ and enter the details of the new CC.

Note: Your socks or VPN must be running, especially for the SmartLazyHustlers that don’t reside in the UK or the US. People in the US and the UK also need an IP changer to remain anonymous while using the app.

Get Your Cash

Activate your Cash App account and sign up for Cash Card. You can then forward the money to a money mule using the ‘bank drop’ technique for withdrawals. If you don’t use the bank drop method, trust me, you’re compromising yourself, and you may be caught. Using a bank drop will cost you some percentage depending on what the money mule will charge.

Before you share the loot, do not send up to $1,500 at once. Break it down to $500 per bank drop.

Meanwhile, once you’re particular with the bank account that will receive the money, select Standard Cashout. Standard cashout will deposit the funds within 3 days but let me show you how to make it instantly.

cash app carding method

Instant Deposit

  • Find the receipt of the payment transaction.
  • Select Instant Deposit.

At this point, the transfer will be immediately instead of taking up to 3 days. When crediting directly to the bank, Cash App will charge you 3% of the money and 1.5% instant payment.

Cash App Withdrawal Limit

For the basic Cash App account, you can’t transfer more than $250 weekly. If you’re sending the loot to another Cash App user with a Basic account, he/she can’t receive more than $1,000 weekly.

However, you can trade up to $7,500 weekly if you’ve verified the account.

If you go through a verification process, your account can be upgraded to a sending limit
of $7,500 per week and an unlimited receiving limit.

Follow this article on fake driver’s licenses to make a fake ID for verification.

How to Make a Fake Driving License Fast

Video Guide to Cash App Carding Method.

Why Your Cash App Carding is Unsuccessful

Are you wondering why your carding is unsuccessful? Below are the common reasons:

  • Dead CC
  • Wrong BIN
  • Flagged Cash App account
  • VPN stopped working
  • Negative CC balance

If you get all of these right, you should be able to cash out instantly.

Final Thoughts

Guys, here is the cash app method free guide you’ve been searching for. It’s different from learning how to hack, and it’s easier than Amazon carding for items without payment.

Before I conclude, how do you expect to get the fastest secret post updates when you’re not subscribed? As an adventurous visitor, you have to become a full-time SmartLazyHustler before you miss out on something big.


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