How to Cash a Large Check Without a Bank Account

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How to cash a large check without a bank account? Yes, it is possible to cash a check without a bank account, and anyone can do it in various ways. However, you would be charged a service fee to complete the transaction.

How to cash a large check without a bank account

Normally, you could simply visit the issuing bank to cash your check with no bank account, especially if you have a large check to cash. But there are other reliable and perfectly legal options you can use to cash a check irrespective of the amount without your bank account.

What Checks Can You Can with No Bank Account?

There is usually no check type limit on cashing without a bank account. Nonetheless, below are the checks you can cash if you do not have or want to use your bank account:

  • Income tax refund
  • Insurance settlement
  • Business
  • Payroll
  • Government
  • Retirement disbursement, etc.

If you buy groceries up to $300, get cash off your card. You can also unload or get cash off your debit card at Money Services up to $5,000. Some cashing institutions or stores may not accept personal or starter checks, or third-party checks.

Can You Cash a Large Check Without a Bank Account?

A check valve that is up to $5,000 is considered a large check and they follow a slightly different cashing process. To cash a large check, you typically have to visit a bank to get your money. It can take a bit of your time for the process to be completed. Following the Regulation CC, a bank is allowed to take up to 7 business days when processing a large check.

The Regulation CC law also mandates banks to make the first $200 from a large check available the following day for withdrawal after you make a deposit. You can then access the balance after 2 business days from the date of deposit.

If your check exceeds $5,000, the bank can delay the funds up to 2-7 days or a reasonable period. If you draw a large check from your bank account, it takes 2 business days for it to be available but up to 7 days for other checks.

To cash a large check without a bank account, visit the credit union or bank you obtained the check from. If you are an account holder with the institution, you may not have to pay a fee, but you may have to if you are not an account holder.

You also need your ID to cash a large check without a bank account. The ID the cashing institution requires depends on the large amount you are cashing. Most of the time, you need your valid photo ID while some institutions, for example, the Bank of America, require two forms of ID (one has to be your photo ID).

Some institutions will not cash two-party personal checks, so you would find it challenging to cash. Moreover, a check you receive from another person, that is not a payroll check, government check or cashier’s check may have withdrawal limits.

How to Cash a Check Without a Bank Account

How do you cash a check without a bank account?

  1. Endorse the Check to Someone

If you do not want to use your bank account to cash a check or have no bank account, you can sign over the check to another person. It can be anyone you trust and they will cash it on your behalf. However, your ID might be required, or some form of identification before you can sign it over if you have no ID.

  1. Use a Nearby Cashing Store

You can also use a check-cashing store instead of a bank account to cash a check. However, you get to pay a bit of an expensive processing fee. You could be paying between 1 and 4 percent depending on the cashing store. Some stores prefer to charge a flat fee on the rate. You could also be able to access options such as title loans, payday loans, and more.

  1. Use Prepaid Cards

What is the best way to cash a large check

If you have no bank account, you can get a prepaid card. A brand such as Visa offers a prepaid card for mobile check deposits that lets you deposit your check directly. This means you do not need a bank and your money is safe. You can also make purchases in any place that accepts Visa.

  1. Cash Check at the Issuing Bank

You can also cash your check with the bank that issued the check. Take the check to the bank and have the teller check the account the check was drawn and make the funds available. Ensure that the check lists the name of the bank. Note that not all check issuing banks allow you to cash a check with them, and most banks that offer this service charge a fee. Secondly, if the check issuing bank has no branch where you reside, then this may not be a good option for you to cash your check with no bank account. You can try out other nearby banks.

  1. Cash with a Mobile App

You can also cash your check using mobile money apps such as Ingo Money. This app allows you to deposit your check into the bank account that you want, and this can be a prepaid debit card, bank account, or PayPal account. You may also have to wait for up to 10 days to access your funds except you pay up to 5% of the check amount for faster access.

  1. Cash Your Check with a Retailer

A retailer is another option for cashing your check. Many retailers let you cash your check through their customer service departments, and you just have to check around for the best processing fee. Some retailers charge differently, and this could be higher or lower. Unfortunately, if you have to cash a large check, using a retailer might not be an option. Not many, or only too few retailers will accept to cash a large check for you. It also requires longer processes, and the retailer must be extremely careful because of the amount of money involved.

Final Thoughts

If you have an income tax refund check or a payroll check, etc., you can cash a check without a bank account. You can use any of the avenues and options mentioned in this article to have your check cashed. The advantage of most of the options mentioned in this article is that even though most bank branches close on evenings and weekends, these options are always open.

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