How to Cash a Stolen Check Without Getting Caught

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If you have someone’s check on you, how about making some few hundred to thousand dollars from it? Besides, this article discloses how to cash a stolen check without getting caught, meaning you could cash out funds with no trail.

Of course, you know what a check does. A written, dated, and signed check orders the bank to give money to the person bearing it. Since you possess a stolen, you must be careful because most institutions and stores are careful when paying out.

I have seen a stash of unwashed checks, either owned by companies or individuals. Most of the checks are forgotten completely, although they are recent.

About 70% of the checks I’ve seen are from big firms, meaning if someone cashes them, no red flag is raised. However, when cashing such checks, you must be sure it is not cashed in your name.

Can someone cash a stolen check?

Yes, someone can cash a stolen check and get away with it, especially if the illegal transaction does not involve the bank directly. Unfortunately, as you may know already, cashing a stolen check is fraudulent and punishable.

Requirements for Cashing a Stolen Check

To cash a stolen check, you need some things in place. Otherwise, you will compromise your identity, get caught, and have a criminal record.

Below are the requirements when cashing a stolen check:

  • Fake ID

You need a fake ID that contains the name of the account owner. The fake ID can be a fake driver’s licence, or any valid form of identity.

The address on the ID must also be the same as the account holder’s address. Of course, some checking locations and banks require 2 IDs to verify the legitimacy of the person about to check out.

  • Forged Signature

If the stolen check is already signed, it is even easier to cash it. Otherwise, you must forge the signature. Make sure to find out the signature of the check owner to cashout the stolen check and get away with it.

  • Avoiding Cameras

Yes, you must avoid the surveillance cameras. You could use something like a hoody, but you must not be all covered to keep the attendants from being suspicious. Of course, a surveillance video of you will help the police track and arrest you. Getting caught means “prison” and you do not want to be there.

  • Washed Check

If you do not already have a stolen check to cash, you can target mailboxes. The act of targeting mailboxes is known as check washing. Typically, criminals look for mailboxes that the flags are up to pick up the checks. You must delete everything on the check, except the signature before visiting the bank or checking location.

How to cash a Stolen check without getting caught

In this section, you will learn how to get away with cashing a stolen check. Although you can cash a check and get away with it, it is not always simple. Nonetheless, it is better than shoplifting expensive items.

Before you follow these steps to cash stolen checks, understand that it constitutes fraud. The amount that you check also determines whether you’re committing a felony or misdemeanor.

Below are the steps to cash a stolen check without getting caught:

  1. Check Cashing Store

You can deposit a check into your target’s bank. After a few weeks, you can cash the check at a pop check or local mom check cashing store. Note that the account holder must be someone that barely inspects their banking activities, and the fund must be smaller.

Sooner, the account holder will be given photocopies of the stolen check you used to cash. The first check may be their mobile deposited image and the second copy might be taped together, which is the check you cashed at the local check cashing location.

Also, the check must be linked to a bank account with a positive balance. Most of the time, people with positive account balances do not visit check cashing stores to cash their checks.

So, you see, cashing the stolen check at the cashing store is easy and with the name of your target on it.

If you have connections with an unscrupulous checking point that cashes a check, you might be on your way to becoming a multimillionaire.

  1. Get a Cash Check

Regarding how you can get away with cashing a stolen check, target a cash check. When you get a stolen cash check, the written check will be payable in cash.

So, the check is not trailed to your bank account, and you get away with it easily. Nonetheless, be careful not to be captured by the surveillance cameras, or let your fingerprint be recorded.

  1. Cheat the Bank

If a bank account owner writes a check in their name and endorses it, they can recover their money you cash from the stolen check. Typically, checks are endorsed by signing at the back or writing the account number for the deposit.

How do you cheat the bank to cash a stolen check? You cheat the bank by providing a fake ID. When the account holder discovers that the check was cashed, the bank is responsible for not verifying the ID.

Make sure your cashable amount is low to prevent the bank cashier from being suspicious.

You can rapport with the cashier, but it is difficult to find a cashier willing to indulge in this fraud.

Besides, banks are careful not to pay out without verifying identities, often by collecting your fingerprint. If you have a sophisticated way of concealing your biological fingerprint, then it should be your free ticket towards massive cashing of stolen checks.

  1. Signature Forgery

I have explained this technique already, but when a signature is forged on a stolen check, you can cash it.

You must forge the target’s signature on the endorsement line at the back of the stolen check. Finally, sign your name underneath and you can cash the check and get away with it.

To cash a stolen check without getting caught, avoid cashing all checks at the same time. Although this practice is OK, and how people cash checks legally, it is a red flag.

You may try to make the signatures appear different so that it is believable that different people signed them.

  1. Get a Dumb Teenager

If you are confident enough to approach the checking point, you can send a dumb teenager to cash the stolen check.

Convince the teenager to cash the bank account in their name using their bank account, and promise them at least 30% of the money.

Depending on the teen’s age, they may never be punished when caught.

  1. Pay Online

You can cash a stolen check online with an account number and routing number. You may not need the name of the bank account holder, but you should have it alongside.

Now, go online and buy anything with the check information using an electronic check.

Some companies accept electronic checks. Most of the time, they require just the routing number, account number, and name of the bank account holder. They may also request the address, though.

Meanwhile, it is not only sleazy outlets that allow buying things online with stolen check information. Top merchants such as Amazon accept electronic debits from checking accounts. They require the account number and routing number to get complete your orders.

Some universities, including Ohio State, allow electronic checking when making tuition payments. Also, utilities and mobile phone providers accept electronic checks that make cashing a stolen check easier. So, when transacting with a stolen check online, you do not need the signature.

What happens if someone cashes a stolen check?

The simple answer is that when someone cashes a stolen check, they are paid within 2 business days, but if the account holder finds out and reports it, the bank will reverse the transaction. However, the bank must investigate the transaction before the bank account holder gets their money.

Who is responsible for a cashed stolen check?

Sometimes, the bank may be responsible for a cashed stolen check, especially if they failed to verify the ID properly before making payments. However, no federal laws hold the bank specifically responsible when a stolen check is cashed. A checking location, depending on the situation surrounding the illegal check cashing, may also be responsible.

Can someone sue you for cashing their check?

Yes, a bank account owner can sue you for cashing their check without permission or illegally. If it involves signature and name forgery, you have a big case to answer, and you might end up in prison.

Final Thoughts

Friends have had me deposit their checks into my checking account on many occasions. The bank typically clears the transaction within 1-2 days. However, when the account owner reports the check or checkbook stolen, the transaction will be reversed.

Alternatively, you can always convince your client to write you a check for cashout. Or, you can invest in carding. You may check out my carding guide for beginners.

Finally, make sure to only cash checks issued to you legitimately because it is unlawful to cash stolen checks.

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