How to Cashout CC to BTC 2021

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Howdy, Hustler? I just concluded an experiment on how to cashout CC to BTC successfully. Trust me; it is one of the coolest CC cashout tricks out there.

how to cashout cc to btc

Typically, when you move money from CC to a bank account, the money may be detected as dirty cash by the bank. Of course, it is one of the reasons why you get chargebacks, especially if you are doing ACH transfers.

The problem of a chargeback is also rampant even when cashing out bank drop. Meanwhile, I have written an article that exposes how you can create a bank drop to minimize having your transactions flagged always.

In this article, I reveal the two methods I experimented with cashing CC funds to my Bitcoin instead of bank account directly. Now, when you move the funds from your BTC to your bank account, you will not get chargebacks, and the original CC holder cannot trace you because Bitcoin is an anon platform.

Let’s get started with today’s CC to BTC tutorial!


Requirements for Cashing Out CC to BTC

Of course, this section reveals the tools I use for the experiment. Makes sure to have the tools in handy before you proceed.

Below are the requirements to cashout CC to BTC:

Anonymous SIM Card

The first tool you need is an anonymous SIM card, also called stealth SIM cards. The purpose of this SIM card is to keep you from being tracked if the CC to BTC service requests phone number verification.

Also, the SIM card should be IBAN-attached, especially if you want to cashout huge funds from the CC.

9flats Accounts

This method for cashing out CC to BTC involves housing. So, you need a site that does housing and accepts payments via Bitcoin. In this guide, I use to experiment with how to move CC funds to BTC instead of a bank account. is a site for finding vacation rentals, apartments, guest houses, etc. You need two accounts for this cashout on 9flats. One account for listing and the second account as a customer account. You will use one of the accounts to make fake guest house listings and then the second account as a client account for bidding on the listing.

Fake Images and Photo Editor

The next requirement would be fake images to use for the listings on Typically, I do not recommend images from search engines because Google Lens software can search and discover any image online.

Go to any social platform and take images of buildings. Next, download an image editor application or software and edit the image. Finally, download JPEG Optimizer to remove the EXIF of the images you want to use to create the listings.

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I assume you already know what a CC means and the kind of CC you need to card and cashout to BTC. As a reminder, you need a non-VBV CC with a positive or high balance, and it must be a live CC to card and cashout to BTC successfully.

Note that the CC must match the location that you intend to create the account. If you sign up as a US resident, for instance, you have to get a CC registered in the US; otherwise, the payment will be rejected.

Fake Email Address

You need two payment email addresses – one for the seller account and the other for the client account on You can use a free email service like Google Gmail or any trusted email service to create both accounts. Note that the email address should match the CC name as much as possible.

You can read my article on how to create unlimited Gmail with one phone number.


If you want to be anonymous completely on the internet, you need good OPSEC. A free VPN is good, but a premium VPN is better.

Make sure to connect the VPN to the state/country that your CC is registered. Also, the CC should be connected to the servers that you are using to connect the website.

How to Cashout CC to BTC

In this section, I disclose the steps for the first method of cashing out CC to BTC via

Below are the steps regarding how to cashout CC to BTC:

  • Open 2 Accounts
  • Create a Listing
  • Surf 9flats with Customer Account
  • Book Your Listing
  • Cashout to BTC

CC to BTC method

Open 2 Accounts

First, create two accounts on One of the accounts will be your seller account, and the other will be the customer account.

Do not create both accounts at the same time, and do not use the same details to create both accounts.

You can create the renter’s account with any information, but the customer account information must correspond with the CC details. Otherwise, you may have difficulties in the transaction.

Create a Listing

The next step is to create a listing with the renter’s account. When you are creating a listing, you want to makes sure that the listing looks natural with decent fake images.

I do not know whether takes down fake listings like when you sell fakes on eBay, and they take them down.

After opening the account, allow for about 48 hours before you log in again.

Surf 9flats with Customer Account

Now, log in with your customer account and search the listings available. You can add most of the listings as preferred; after all, you will not check them out.

If possible, engage your customer account for a while before you proceed to book an apartment (the fake listings).

Book Your Listing

Typically, it is preferable to book listings after 7 days. During my experiment, I used 7 days to book accommodation on, and it was successful.

When you book your first listing using the customer account, you will be notified via your email address.

Log in to your email address and follow the link sent to you to complete the process.

Cashout to BTC

You will be given a list of payment options to choose from; of course, you are to choose the Bitcoin cashout option.

If you want to clean your dirty BTC, use Grams because they offer a new address every 10 hours.

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If you do not get the option to cashout via BTC, you made some mistakes with your listings. Meanwhile, do not forget to message other renters on and have quick conversations with them.

Another way to bypass not getting the option to cashout to BTC is to allow over one month of distance booking. If 9flats require SMS verification, then use the anonymous SIM card to register and verify.


Requirements to Cashout to BTC

This section features the second method of my experiment.

Below are the requirements to cashout CC to Bitcoin:

  • CC
  • WebMoney Account
  • Skrill Account
  • com Account

How to Do CC to BTC Cashout

Let’s move quickly to cashout CC to BTC in this new method. We need several accounts, as I have mentioned in the requirements. Note that you can use Socks or a VPN as your OPSEC.

Below are the steps to cashout from CC to BTC:


Stolen cc to bitcoin cashout

Go to and search for EGB (Egamingbets). Now, you need to card for about 2 gift cards worth $50. Add the gift card to the cart and log out for about 30 minutes. Return to the account and checkout the gift card.

Choose Credit Card Payment

You will have multiple payment options, typically 3 payment options, but you must select the option with G2A pay. Then select Credit cards as your form of payment. On the new page, add the CC details and confirm the transaction.

You should receive an email confirmation within an hour containing the gift card you just carded. If ID verification is required (it was not in my experiment), you can create a fake ID and use it to verify the account. Of course, the information on the fake ID should match the CC details.

Create an EGB Account

Go to and open a new account. Now, deposit money to the account via gift card. You will use the gift card that you purchased recently to make the payment on

To deposit on, click Make a Deposit and select the gift card option.

Select a Match and Bet

The purpose of is to place bets on live matches. Since you want to cashout to BTC, you want to be careful not to lose your money. So, settle with the gaming odds not greater than 1.10 and stake the bet.

When you win the bet, of course, it also increases your money by at least 10%, which is great.

Cashout and Convert to BTC

After you win the bet, allow your funds to remain in the account for at least 24 hours before cashout.

Now, go to Cash Out Funds » System » WebMoney and complete the cashout. You should receive the payment to WebMoney within 24 hours. When you receive the payment, go to to convert your WebMoney funds to BTC. Of course, your money is not clean, and you can use it without being traced.

Final Thoughts

To cashout CC to BTC is easy, especially if you follow the steps of each method I highlighted in this article.

Honestly, I recommend cashing out CC to BTC over other cashout forms because Bitcoin is designed for anonymity. Meanwhile, I have written about how to buy BTC with a credit card and stay anonymous.

Before you jump into carding to BTC, make sure to see my list of the best CC bins for carding on any website.

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