Category: Smart Hustles

This category shows you the several illegal hustles you can engage in and make money without stress.

There are lots of posts that show you how to make money illegally and survive using illegal hustles.

It ranges from becoming a yahoo boy, scamming formats, making money illegally online, and offline and other ways. So if you are new to illegal hustles, this category is where you can find many posts on making money fast.

How to Pickpocket Someone Without Them Knowing

Pickpocketing is another skill for the smart, and this article exposes how to pickpocket someone without them knowing or getting caught. You’d be tensed when attempting to pickpocket, especially if you’re a beginner. Meanwhile, pickpocketing is not a skill for everyone; only individuals with unique abilities …

How to Cash a Fake Check at Walmart

This article reveals how to cash a fake check at Walmart, which is similar to cashing an original. The process is similar to cashing a check at the bank, and Walmart pays cash instantly. Check cashing requires ID verification, and it is more secure at Walmart. …

How to Beat Walmart Security Shoplifting

If you reside near Walmart, you could be picking up expensive items at no cost. So, this article reveals how to beat Walmart security when shoplifting, picking tagged items, etc. Of course, Walmart security is intense; the officials are always suspicious of your moves and would …