change your credit score illegally

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How to Change Your Credit Score Illegally

This article exposes how to change your credit score illegally like the tycoons out there. Wondering why a few are so rich and many averages or below par? Believe me, it largely has to do with this score of a thing in society.


change your credit score illegally


As you may know, the higher the credit score, the higher the chances to a greater financial height. That is, with a low score, one can’t access life-changing wards of cash. Is it then possible to boost credit score overnight? Can you cheat your credit score without a trace? Honestly, it isn’t as easy as it seems. And yes, it is as difficult as you think.

Needless to employ credit wiping software talks because such is left for hackers. This article drops hints on credit wiping software to use but doesn’t explain how to use it.



The Structure of Credit Score

Although this term has been around for a while, not many have a clear understanding. A credit score, as the name implies, is a figure that measures how well an individual could qualify for a loan or not. It basically measures past lending history and tries to predict how an individual would handle a loan.

The nature of the credit score is no rocket science. It’s simply a numerical interpretation of ones’ credit history to determine what or what not is deserved. This is just a concise way of explaining what you should understand about credit score.

There are companies that keep this score information for resell as a credit report. They are called credit bureaus or credit report agencies (CRAs). In the US for instance, there are basically 3 CRAs and they include:

  • TransUnion
  • Experian
  • Equifax

Then again, these credit scores are compiled by companies such as VantageScore and FICO. They’re at liberty to disclose credit scores to individuals who are interested.

If you’re not aware of yours and would like to find out, FICO might be the place to check-in. You can well request for your score with payment or at no cost. It costs about 19.95 dollars to pay to find out credit scores using FICO. On the other hand, the company runs timely programs known as Score Watch which allows respective persons to find out their score without charges. After checking, you might want to boost credit score overnight for a purpose.

When is a Credit Score Good?

Various credit score analytic firms have their own way of defining a credit card score. Let’s use FICO as a case study. FICO scores largely within the range of 300 to 850. Here are the remarks for each score category for the FICO analytics firm.

Below 580 – Poor Credit Score (Risky)

Just Below 670 – Fair Credit Score (Below Average)

Also, Below 739 – Good Credit Score (Average)

Below 779 – Very Good Credit Score (Above Average)

Above 800 – Excellent (Little/Zero Risk)

What Every Credit Score Contains

There are 5 things to look out for in credit scores. These are the basic components that determine a score. Of these 5, payment history and debt – credit available hold the highest percentage. These two factors would either serve as a big boost or a big discouragement to your credit score. Thus, the chances of getting a loan might go down the drain.

  • Payment History
  • Debit/Credit Available
  • Length of Credit History
  • New Credit
  • Credit Mix
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You should familiarize yourself with these terms for a better understanding. Since the aim of this article is to identify how to change your credit score illegally, I won’t go further into those. Again, read on those because they apply to all that credit score analytic firms use to determine the worthiness of a lender.



How to Change Your Credit Score Illegally Overnight


ways to change your credit score illegally

A Good Credit Score


With the basics explained, let’s progress to see the various working ways to boost credit score overnight. At some point, I will recommend credit wiping software, but such would be needless though. If you’re to get hold of one, you would understand too little about it. Can you cheat your credit score overnight without the agency’s knowledge? Let’s see how you can pull through with ease by moving the score from 500s to 800s.

Hire a Hacker

I believe that a pro hacker wouldn’t be here to ask this question. One of the ways on how to change your credit score illegally is to hire a sturdy hacker. However, there is a problem because finding out a high-level hacker will be a bit difficult.

With all manner of sincerity, illegally changing a credit score is a default. And as such, the entire process must involve a high-level hacker to successfully breach CRAs’ networks.

To keep you on guard, forums like Quora houses participants who claim to know high-level hackers. Truth is, these claims are wrong because a high profile act such as this doesn’t rampantly stay open. The best thing to do is to find some closed-door websites. On the other hand, payments would be made on finding any willing hacker.

What a Hacker Will Do to Boost Credit Score

There are three known agencies controlling credit scores. As earlier listed, they include TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. The difficulty in this now is that a hacker will have to hack all these companies for score uniformity.


  • Hacker boards his way to Transunion and installs Trojan on their network.
  • Then he will then board his way to Experian to install a Trojan on their servers.
  • Hacker will finally board his way to Equifax and repeat the same processes.

After these installations are successful, the hacker will find a suitable traceless location to mount and start scanning the files using his machines. This will involve going through several root directories in search of a matching file. Once the process is complete, the hacker will save the new scores on each of the agencies and it’s done.

However, it isn’t as easy as stated here because it’ll likely take a long time to be successful. That’s if the available data do not require passwords to unlock or if there isn’t a compromise recorded by the credit score agency.



Dispute a Record

Disputing a record has always been the traditional way to boost credit score overnight. In this process, you are to retrieve all monetary details from your operator for a strict study. What most people do is to report cases of fraudulent transactions carried out in their account. It’s often stressful because the bank must confirm the claim for the credit score agency to modify the available data.

There are two ways to go about this and they include:

  • Discovering a fraudulent transaction.
  • Lying
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The second option is often very complicated to pull through. If care is not taken, you might face criminal charges.

Few persons have been successful in this and have shared their stories.

How to Dispute a Credit Score Record Successfully

  • Retrieve your transaction details.
  • Scrutinize and come up with the least possible uncertain transaction.
  • Report to the bank and follow up.
  • Provide little evidence and the bank will correct the error or false error.
  • Submit the approval from the bank to the credit score agency and watch your points increase drastically.

Repair it Yourself

Concerning how to change your credit score illegally, you can as well hack it yourself. It’s simple and this is the best way forward. This is generally how people hack their credit score to as high as 700 points in a few months.

Do you want to join the league? Then, here are a few things to do.

Timely Bill Payments:

Paying bills on time is a smart way forward. Try to find and cut expenses to remain financially capable of clearing bills. Also, mind the sort of bill expenses you attract.

Clear Debts Quickly:

It’s necessary to quickly clear bad debts to avoid unnecessarily piling up what affects your credit score.

Do Not Misuse Credit:

For every credit you obtain, do ensure that it does not exceed about 31% balance of credit line.

Pay Off Balances Monthly:

Pay all balances on a monthly basis. Do not allow yourself to be extravagant.

Track Credit Reports Annually:

Annually track your credit report to avoid any unknown transactions from occurring with your knowledge. Ensure that all entered information. Otherwise, request for modification.

Find and Read Credit Score Books and Articles

There are several books on the internet that teach how to build oneself towards clearing bad debts. Get these books and read them to help build you up.

Use Credit Score Repair Companies

Have you ever been denied home financing, Business line of credit, Home financing/Mortgage, and Credit cards because of bad credit ratings? Let’s credit score repair companies help you get any of them.

Many people have tried fixing their credit score but met disappointment – regrettably, they gave up hope of ever fixing their credit score ratings again.

Most credit repair score companies help clients who accidentally damaged their credit ratings. And over a decade, they’ve successfully assisted over {insert number of successful clients here} to repair their bad credit score ratings.

They pursue your case before various credit rating organizations and use legal methods to improve your credit ratings.

Unfortunately, I can’t make recommendations, but you can ask for recommendations in the comment section and I will give you some.



Internal Connection

If you have a connection with any of the workers, you might want to rapport with them to cut off bad debts.


It’s definitely not worth going the illegal means to fix a credit card score. However, if you do intend to continue with this act, give it enough time to work out.

Focus basically on building yourself and do not let in distractions.

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