How to Chat with a New Client – Learn the Basics of Chatting with Clients.

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How to Chat with a New Client

To become a successful yahoo boy [click here to learn how to start yahoo], the essential skill you’d have to know is communication. You have to learn how to talk over the phone and chat. This post will shed more light and show you how to chat with a new client and make them respect you and do what you want.

Chatting with a new client is difficult because they are suspicious about you, they don’t trust you, so they are waiting to pick up signals from your words, actions, and attitude. Becoming a pro means you can chat with a client and make them believe that you are anything you want them to think that you are.

Beginners make many mistakes when they chat with a new client, such as responding early and fast to their messages, which creates suspicion in the client’s mind. Once a client becomes suspicious about you, nothing you can do will change their mind. So, it is essential to build the proper foundation, milk your clients well, and move on to another client.

So, let’s look at the right way to chat with a new client. We are going to split our clients into the male and female gender.

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How to Chat with a New Male Client

The fact is that there are several ways to chat with either a male client or a female client. These are different genders, and they reason differently. Let’s consider the male client in this sub-topic.

Use a female gender profile.

No matter how cliché it sounds, men are often relaxed when a female profile hits them up with a message. They are always willing to give the female profile the benefit of the doubt while doing their investigation. As a female yahoo girl [see how to become a yahoo girl], you can always use your picture if you are beautiful.

So, first things first, you should have a female profile and a male profile to use any depending on the situation you find yourself in.

Never Double Text your Male Client

Women naturally, while texting, don’t double text the guys they are chatting with. Double texting means something like;

You: Hello, my name is Lynna from New Jersey; I just wanted to say you have a lovely profile picture.

Then after 2 mins and no reply, you go again…

You: Are you there???

This irks of desperation, and a man will know that it isn’t a woman behind that profile or that the woman behind it is desperate and wants something badly.

Don’t always reply immediately.

Reply almost immediately at almost every time of the day shows that you have nothing going on in your life. This is a huge red flag should your new client starts to notice it while they chat with you.

If you are always available, it becomes suspicious. Your client will start asking for video calls, voice calls, and many other things to prove that you are legit.

Let Him Lead the Conversation

Remember you are using a female profile, so you shouldn’t be the one leading the conversation – it would look suspicious. In many cases, you should only answer questions and ask back.

Seldomly you can come up with questions and stories so as not to sound boring. But always trying to push the conversation all the time is a red flag.

Sample Chat with a New Male Client

You: Hello, I want to say I am intrigued by your bio. As much as I don’t know whether we might be a great match, I believe along the line, as we exchange a little information about ourselves, we can learn better.

My name is Lisa, and I am in New Orleans.

[Then wait for the client to respond; then, if the client answers, move to say…]

You: Well, I am not a fan of dating sites due to the high volume of uncouth males I come across here. Do you have a number, or what’s your preferred social media platform to stay and have a conversation?

[If he asks you the reason you came on the dating site, tell him…]

You: Actually, I broke up with my Ex a few months ago due to disagreements regarding kids. I want to give birth to kids, but I guess he wasn’t buying the idea, so we had to call it quit. I am not yet married, but we were almost close to the altar. Lol.

Do you mind if we have this conversation on another platform?

[Collect his number or social media handle and move him to the platform].


You can see how to create a Fake Facebook account, or click here to create a fake Instagram account to chat with your clients.

Once you are outside the dating site, there are many things you can talk about; here are some ideas;

Chat Ideas for your Male Client

All these shouldn’t happen at once; take your time – about two to three months.

How to Chat with a New Female Client

Females, unlike their male counterparts, are pretty emotional than logical. When you see a female profile, you want to make a client, then treat her like a girl you want to toast. Like trying to make them fall in love using the Love Format.

There are basic rules you should follow while trying to chat with a new female client.

Never start with just ‘Hello.’

Most guys do this, and it isn’t enjoyable. When I meet a new female client, I start by typing something like;

“Hello, my name is Mike, and I just came across your profile. I am a 6’3 young guy in his mid-twenties looking for friendship on this platform. I am single and currently work as the regional director of Chase Bank in the Mid-West. I am intrigued by your profile and your pictures, and hopefully, we can have a conversation to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Please respond and let me know your thoughts.”

Once she responds, you are moving to the next stage of getting to know her better.

Know her job and Her plans.

If you want to know her, you need to know what she does and her plans.

‘So, what do you do for a living??”

“How is it going? Do you love what you do or just doing it for the short term”

“What are you interested in?”

“Is that your plan for the future?”

Know her Specs

When you chat with a new client, especially females, know that they have a lot of specifications they want in a man. Once you have some of those things she wants, you are looking qualified to be with her, which also increases the chances of liking you.

“So, what type of men catches your attention?”

“I see some ladies talk about height and how romantic a guy is as criteria. Is that also a criterion for you?”

“So, what’s the deal-breaker when it comes to a relationship with a guy?”

Ask for her phone number.

The dating site might block you any time soon, so you want to quickly preserve your client by moving them out of the site to either WhatsApp, Telegram, or Instagram.

Rules for Chatting with a New Client

Don’t always be online 24/7

After collecting her number and moving to WhatsApp, Telegram, or IG, take time before responding to subsequent messages.

Always tell your clients that you are busy.

Take a month before you start using your format.

Let your job reflect the format you want to use except for – Sickness format, Mensuration, or Dating format.

You can see other formats here by clicking on this link.


There is no particular way to chat with a new client; talk with them like you will speak with a friend – until it is time to bill them, you become a little bit creative.

If you want to bill, you can request my billing formats by sending an email to [email protected]. Please note that the price for these formats is $40 or 15,000 Naira for those outsides of the United States.

If you want me to help you chat with your client or tell you what to tell your client, send an email to [email protected]. The price is $50 for everything.

Any questions, please use the comment section, and I will help you out. Cheers.

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