How to Check if a Money Order Was Cashed

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You would want to how to check if a money order was cashed by the right person. You also want to keep tabs with the money order recipient until they cash it. Some persons or companies might forget to inform you about cashing. And if you think that for one reason, something is fishy, you can be able to know if the money order was cashed.

how to check if a money order was cashed

This is to say that a money order is somewhat traceable. However, tracking a money order depends on the issuer or brand even if the recipient cashes the money order without a bank account. To track a money order will cost you some effort and a bit of additional money, so be careful not to ever end up in this situation again.

Can you trace a money order?

Some brands have options to check whether a money order has been cashed. Nevertheless, it is not a mere walk-over to track a money order, especially if the issuer does not have options for tracking it. Make sure to keep your receipt until you can confirm that the recipient cashed it. Without the receipt, tracking a money order may be impossible.

How to Check if a Money Order Was Cashed

How you track a money order to know if someone cashed it depends on your issuer. Let’s see how to check if a money order was cashed below:


If your money order provider is the USPS, go to the Money Orders Application to check your money order status online. The process is simple and fast and requires your serial number, post office number, and dollar amount.


You can check whether a money order was cashed on MoneyGram online by checking it with the money order Status tool. You can also confirm whether a money order was cashed by the recipient or not by dialing or calling 1-800-542-3590, an automated line. The requirements are your money order number and the dollar amount that you sent so as to know if the money order was cashed.

Western Union

Western Union users can also check whether a money order was cashed. You are basically checking the status of the money order, and this is achievable by calling (800) 999-9660, an automated line. While the automated menu prompts, select the option to “Check the Status of a Money Order” and enter your details.

In essence, to check if a money order was cashed, you only need the serial number, post office number (if using the post office like USPS), and the dollar amount.

Your Money Order Was Cashed but the Person You Sent it to Haven’t Received It: How to Know Who Cashed it

If someone you sent your money order did not receive it but you confirmed that the money order was cashed, you can request a photocopy of it.

MoneyGram, for instance, lets you request a photocopy and will send you the front and back copy of the money order.

Unfortunately, the customer service representatives have no access to your money order to check or view who cashed it.

You can request the photocopy in the following ways:


If using MoneyGram, visit and select Pay Bills and enter Receive code 2444. If you do not have a MoneyGram account, you can create a new account. To receive a copy via your email address, enter your valid email address in the Message field in the Biller Information section. Otherwise, the photocopy will be mailed to your provided address. Note that you may be charged a non-refundable fee. MoneyGram charges $18 processing when you use the online bill payment. You will get your copy within 3 to 8 business.

Express Payment

Using express payment also lets you receive your mailed copies within 3-8 days. You can use any participating MoneyGram location or agent. You will also pay a non-refundable processing fee of $18.

The agent must include the following information:

Customer section: Your name and address information.

Pay a bill section:

  • Company – MoneyGram Money Order
  • Receive code – 2444​
  • Account number of the bill to pay – Serial number of the money order

Mailed Request

You can also request your photocopy by mail. You will pay a non-refundable processing fee of $25, and it takes 20 business days to process your request.


What number do you call to see if a money order has been cashed?

For MoneyGram, call 1-800-542-3590. For Western Union, call (800) 999-9660.

Can you track money order by serial number?

Yes, you can track a money order by the serial number. You may also have to enter the correct dollar amount and post office number (if using USPS) to be able to check if the money order was cashed.

Final Thoughts

The serial number of your money order is usually written on the stub. Do not dispose of it until the recipient confirms that they cashed the money order. Meanwhile, do not send a fake money order because the recipient can follow these tips to detect a fake money order.

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