How to collect SSN from a Client for Yahoo [Formats Included]

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How to collect SSN from a Client for Yahoo

Sometimes the nature of your work might require you to get your client’s SSN – which stands for Social Security Number. This is one of the hardest things to collect from a client because it becomes suspicious of what you intend to do with their SSN. The client might end up blocking you and doing away with you. In this post, I will show you a simple strategy to collect SSN from a client.

Social Security Number is a significant number for citizens of the United States. It’s a number that gives out your information and gives you access to many opportunities in the United States of America.

So to get SSN from a client, you need to be highly creative and make sure that your reason for asking them to give you their SSN is very valid.

What can you do with your client’s SSN? Let me show you some ways to cash out with your Client’s SSN.

What can you do with your Client’s SSN?

A social security number is a nine-digit number used for tracking purposes. So your client uses it to apply for government benefits, new jobs and verify their records and identity. But apart from these, there are other things you can do when you have your client’s SSN.

File Tax Refund

Once you collect SSN from a client, you can easily use the Social Security number to get a refund. But you have to make sure that your client hasn’t filed a tax refund already. Instead of doing the tax refund behind their back, you must let them know – in case it gets rejected and they get a notification, they won’t start suspecting you as fraud.

Open Financial Accounts

To extend credits and open a financial account that you can use for other jobs, you need just a Social Security number. Once you collect SSN from a client, you can get credit cards and loans, which you don’t have to repay.

Your client will be responsible for all the repaying of the loans you’ve collected. All you just need is to apply for the loan and receive the money.

Collect Benefits

Another thing you can do when you collect SSN from a client is to use their Social Security number for file for benefits like employment or Social benefits. Well, it will prevent them from accessing those benefits in the future, so you decide if you want to do it or not.

Ways to Collect SSN from a Client

So there are some special formats you can use to collect SSN from clients without them suspecting you.

Remember, you must have established trust and made them feel comfortable with you before you decide to get their SSN.

Here are some;

Fake Giveaway Script Format

All you have to do is create a fake website using the phishing website design and create it for a giveaway program.

The aim is basically to let them know that their records will be verified if they submit their SSN.

There will be a column on the website where contestants will submit their details like;

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Address and other details.

Convince your client that it is legit and get them to fill the form, and you have all their details, including their SSN.

Benefits Fake Website

Fake website to collect SSN from a client

A Fake SSN verification website

Every time, Americans and citizens of countries in the west receive unique benefits from the government. It is your duty as an intelligent G-guy to explore this opportunity to get their SSN.

Just reverse the role by creating a fake employment or health benefit fake script and convince them to apply. There would be a section on the website that would require them to submit their SSN.

Once they fill in their SSN, you will have all their details and do with it whatever you want. This action is entirely up to you.

Clone a Government Website/Popular Website

Another way to collect SSN from a client would be to clone a popular website that allows people to fill their SSN.

It may be a medical website or a loan application website. Just ask a web designer to help you clone the website, and you are good to go.

After that, you give it to your client and ask them to apply. At the backend, you’d be receiving all the details they uploaded on the website.


These are the three primary ways to collect SSN from a client without sounding like a yahoo boy. Once a client suspects you are trying to get information from them, they will end up blocking you, so you have to be innovative and use your social engineering skills well.

If you need help designing a fake website/script, let me know, the price is $250. You can pay using a bank transfer or with cryptocurrency.




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