How to Convert Black Money into White Legally

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Hey, launderer! If you have black money, you can make it clean. As a solution, this article discloses how to convert black money into white legally. If you attempt to change dirty money to clean illegally, you ruin your cashout chances.

How to convert black money into white

This article does not encourage illegal black money peddling. I reveal these tactics to inform everyone, including black money peddlers and the government/tax department, know how black money is legalized in the system.

I have revealed several dirty schemes, including how to smuggle cash out of the country. Meanwhile, chartered accountants are the most involved individuals in the black to white money conversion scheme.

Not every chartered accountant participates in converting black money to white. However, an insincere chartered accountant is typically referred to as CA, and they condone entry and conversion practices.

An unscrupulous chartered accountant can create and rotate your black money. How? A CA claims that they are auditing your earnings although sponsoring tax evasion.

Is black money illegal?

Yes, black money is illegal, but people can still earn it legally. By definition, black money refers to funds typically concealed from tax authorities. Someone can earn black money legally or illegally, but when the money activity is not reported, it becomes black money. So, having black money is not a death sentence; but the best practice is to legalize it before spending.

Why is black money bad for the economy?

Black money is indeed bad for a country’s economy, but why is black money bad for the economy? Well, black money threatens the government with revenue loss and encourages black or unsanctioned economy. In most countries, such as the US, tax evasion is considered a felony. Apart from denying the government revenues, black money encourages illegal transactions that make black money white. Of course, an external party involved in legalizing black money gets a commission and may not consider backing in during another deal.

How to Convert Black Money into White

How to convert black money into white by paying tax

You are itching for advisable methods to get rid of your black money. So, how do you do it? Below are the ways regarding how to convert black money into white:

  1. Ad Campaign Inflation

You can leverage on ad campaigns to get rid of black money legally. Most of the time, black money peddlers capitalize on newspaper and magazine advertisements to alter black money.

Of course, you can follow suit. How? Contact a local newspaper/magazine publisher and book ads. You will have a rapport with the manager to increase or inflate the ad rate in papers while the actual cost remains cheap.

Alternatively, you can decide with the manager to cancel the deal following an imaginary advertisement terms violation and penalty. Although the publisher keeps the fund in papers, they return it to you after deducting their commission.

  1. Imaginary Billing

You can also convert your black money into white by setting up imaginary billings. How is it done? It’s simple!

Create fake bills and complete each field with fake business information and issue them to clients. Note that your clients must make payments through the bank to make the dirty money legal.

The CA (unscrupulous chartered accountant) will take out the black funds and pay out in cash. Of course, the CA will deduct a commission for partaking in the deal.

  1. Charities

You can convert black money into white through NGO (Non-governmental organization) donations. Do not use a governmental charity because they are accountable.

These sorts of donations allow you to evade taxes and also earn you certain exemptions depending on your state or country. The organization will repay the funds in cash after commissions, though.

The reason NGOs are idea for black money conversion is that they are not questionable. You may research your country’s laws regarding donations before falsely donating black cash.

  1. Earn Cash Income

This method of evading taxes and legalizing black money is similar to creating fake bills. However, it involves presenting cash receipts and false incomes from cash sales, cooking tutorials, blogging classes, tuition cash, etc.

  1. Legalize Black Money through Smurfing

You can legalize black money through a smurf. However, you need money mules to accept payments and cashout.

A money mule can be a conscious or unsuspecting person, including your relatives, friends, and strangers. Money mules are essential when you have hefty black money to convert to white, though.

Contact the mules and obtain their bank account details, including account name and number. If you have $10,000 worth of black money, you may need 10 money mules, depending on your country’s laws.

Each mule gets credited with $1,000, and, of course, they will deduct commission upon withdrawal. Depending on the money mule, the commission varies between 5 and 15 percent.

  1. Lend to the Poor

Lending money to the poor is similar to smurfing. The differences, however, are that you will get white money repaid with the commission and after a specific period, typically 6 months to 2 years.

When you funnel an excessive amount of black money, it raises suspicion. So, endeavor to keep the loan amount minimal and operate from various bank accounts.

Upon recovering the loan plus interest, make sure to use unquestionable mediums. Note, however, that this method of converting black money into white is risky. You may also have to pay bank account officers under the table to remain unsuspicious.

  1. Leverage on Agriculture

Agricultural income is not taxable in countries such as India. If you reside in the US, for instance, consider moving to a country without taxable agrarian income.

Do you know why countries that exempt agricultural taxes report incredible income regardless of a poor or good crop harvest yearly? The answer is black money conversion.

You can leverage agriculture to change black cash into white or clean currency and get away with it since the farmer is not accountable.

Get a farmer to claim that they received their funds selling their products when they are being audited. Of course, the black money will be taken from the farmer and converted into white unknowingly. Note that this works only in countries with agricultural tax exemptions.

  1. Advance Salary Payment

You can pay salaries in advance to convert black money into white legally. You would not be the first to implement this practice, though; many top companies pay in advance.

How to deposit black money in bank


Let’s assume you love this black money conversion method; you will pay salaries by up to 5 months, depending on staff earnings. First, find out what amount is suspicious in your country and pay the salary advance below the amount to eliminate suspicion. You may request staff to submit multiple bank accounts, though.

This black to white money conversion is quite risky. Assuming a staff member kicks the bucket, you lose the fund, except you can convince and get the family to repay the sum.

  1. Start a Political Party

Politics is typically considered a “dirty game”. Well, this assertion extends to converting illegal money to clean.

Depending on your country, a political party may be exempted from income taxes, making it an ideal black money conversion channel.

Many influential individuals remain under political umbrellas to move and convert funds illegally, which is a route you can follow.

Meanwhile, depending on the black money amount, you may start a political party. Invest the black money in the party by donating it to every constituent of the party. Of course, you can make endless donations and claim that supporters and investors make the donations. Every withdrawal is considered white and unquestionable.

After investing a black illicit fund in a party, deposit it in your political party’s bank account.

Instead of starting a political party, you may invest the black fund in an existing party, but the commission tends to be higher.

  1. Falsify Sales

You can start a company and record false sales. Yes, this method is similar to creating fake bills and customer information, but the profit is yours, and you do not pay additional taxes.

After depositing the black money in your company’s bank account, it becomes white and unsuspicious.

  1. Invest in Gold

One of the best ways to convert black money into white through the stock market is to invest in gold. It is quite simple as it appears; you purchase gold with your black money and resell clean white money.

Some money launderers prefer investing black money in gold to keep them from bank queues. Moreover, the now-white money can be paid in a preferred currency.

Like other methods, investing in gold with black money has its disadvantage. You will pay a premium, typically 20-30 percent, to convince the seller to accept the fund.

  1. Book and Cancel Flight/Train Tickets

You can book and cancel flight or train tickets with black money to change it to white. In some countries, however, booking and canceling the tickets may be disallowed.

How does booking and canceling flight or train tickets convert black money into white? The idea is that after booking for an airline or railway transport, you automatically deposit your black cash in the agency. When the agency refunds after cancelation, your illegal money becomes white. Of course, it now appears as a legal refund.

Typically, the involved agencies are travel agents. They repay your money in new currency notes that make it legal and lawfully earned through electronic transfers.

Note that you must book expensive flights or train tickets, depending on your black money sum.

Final Thoughts

Black to white money conversion will not end because more ways continue to unravel regardless of government policies to block existing avenues.

The best government can do to stop black money conversion is to eliminate income tax since only a few pay taxes.

However, if the government removes income tax, expect higher highway toll charges and higher levies on luxurious products. The government will also charge higher on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and goods and services tax (GST).

Finally, understand that my suggestions regarding how you can change your black money to white depending on your situation. I recommend hiring a professional fund manager or consultant to determine what suits your case and funds.


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