How to Convince your Parents to Buy you Something

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How to convince your parents to buy you something

Convincing your parents to buy you something is one hell of a tough task, especially when you want it isn’t a priority at the moment. But like any human on earth, you can manipulate your parents to act a certain way you want them to act. If you are looking to convince your parents to buy you something, I will show you how to go about it.

You have to understand your parents are no longer kids like you, so they are more rational and logical while thinking. As a child, you are more emotional in thinking, and you believe that your parents should buy you something just because you want it.

Remember your parents have other things they consider a priority for you, and if your request doesn’t meet it, they will consider it a distraction.

Let’s say your parents are busy saving for your college fees, and you are requesting a PS5. You see, it isn’t rational to take out money from savings to get that, but what if you really want them to get you the game? How would you go about it? Here are some manipulative tactics to use.

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How to convince your parents to buy you Something Easily.


Make the Request and Get the First No

how to convince your parents to buy you something

Getting the first No is crucial.

This might hurt, but what you are doing is planting a seed in their heads. It is also important to ask both parents.

You aren’t doing this because they will immediately agree and buy you what you want, but the aim is to make them know you want them to buy you something, and you’ve told them indirectly what you want.

Say it with so much passion, and don’t bug them again as soon as they turn down your request. When they turn down your request, thank them politely and leave the scene immediately.

Give them space and be Useful at Home.

When parents turn down a major request from their kids, they start monitoring them to see if they will bring up a kind of rebel behavior around the house.

You know some kids will become stubborn and rebels in the house, being angry, rude, and disobedient to parents. This is actually a huge turn-off, and it shouldn’t be a part of your strategy.

When your parents turn down your first request, take a step back (tactical withdrawal), but become useful at home.

  • Help in doing the dishes
  • Contribute to house chores
  • Keep your room clean and tidy
  • Help out any way you can at home.

Your parents are monitoring you, and you should take good advantage of that free surveillance.

Make the Same Request again but with Reasons.

At this stage, you would have to go back to your parent(s) and make the exact request you made the first time, but this time you need to cook up a good reason and support the request.

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Giving them reasons will plant the idea in their head a second time and trigger the emotional part of them.

Research has shown that humans need at least three reminders to act on something, so this is just the second.

Your reasons should be well-thought-out and trigger emotions. It should be a combination of emotions and logic. A clear example of “Think like an adult and speak like a child.”

Adults think emotionally and justify it with logic, so you have to give a clear reason as to why they should buy you what you want. This stage is crucial if you want to convince your parents to buy you something.

But if you get a No, quickly move to the next step.

Negotiate to Convince your Parents to Buy You Something.

You have to put up another appearance, but this time you aren’t coming flat-footed. You are coming for negotiations. When I was a kid, I usually used these tactics, and you can easily use this tactic to convince your parents to buy you something.

If you are close enough to your parents, you should know what would trigger them into uttermost happiness, which should be what you offer.

You can also offer to do something you can do and get them to commit.

“Hey, dad, if I wash your car for 1 month, I can save you $200. Can you use that money to buy for me {insert what you want your parents to buy for you}?”

“Dad, if I mow the lawn for 1 month, I believe that should keep the house clean. Can you then buy me {insert what you want}?”

These are examples of some offers you can use to negotiate for what you want to convince your parents to buy for you.


Make Part Payment

If your negotiation fails, then it’s time to make a part payment if you have some savings around that you can spare.

Contributing your own cash for what you want will show that what you are asking for really means a lot to you. You can use the sample message below to pass across your message clearly and concisely.

“Dad/Mum, I have been asking for {insert item}, and it means a lot to me if I have it. To show that I really need this, I have $50 in my life savings, but I need an extra {insert amount} to complete the purchase. Please, I need {insert amount you want from them} to complete the money and purchase {insert name of item}.

You have to help me because no one else can.”

This isn’t just emotional but throws in the logic of “they are your parents and should help you when you need something critically.”

Give Parents Space to Process your Requests

After you’ve made your wonderful presentation, then you have to give them space to process and think it over.

They may think it over, they might not think it over, which is why follow-up is very crucial.

Follow-up with your Request

convincing mummy to buy something for you

Mother is holding her beloved daughter.

Follow-up is a very integral part of convincing your parents to buy something for you. They may get overwhelmed with their jobs and lives and forget about your request.

Your follow-up shouldn’t be aggressive but should look like a subtle reminder that you are just checking up.

“Hey dad/mum, how are you? I just wanted to know how you are doing today.”

“Mum, maybe you haven’t given what I told you about buying me an {insert name of item}. Please think about it, mum, and let me know.”

As soon as you’ve followed up, move away and don’t give room for extra discussions to avoid rejection.

The follow-up process should be continued till you finally convince your parents to buy you something, just like you wanted.

But there are some tips you should follow to make this a success.

Tips to Follow When Asking Parents To Buy Something for You.

You should observe these commandments and make sure you follow them for all I have written to work for you.

Check the overall happiness in the Home.

If it requires you eavesdropping into discussions between your parents, then you should do it, but make sure that everything is fine at home before you drop huge requests.

Make sure your Parents are in a good mood.

convince your parents to buy something for you but at the wrong time

A child asking for something when his father was fixing his car.

Mood determines a lot, so if your parents are in a good mood, they will most likely accept your request to solidify their mood further and make you happy.

Don’t always ask

Before you ask for a huge request, make sure you haven’t asked for something in a long while.

So if you know you’ve made a major request recently, then postpone whatever you want to ask for till some other time. While you aren’t asking, be contributing positively around the house.

Offer to do things you wouldn’t normally do. That is a psychological way to convince your parents to buy you something when the time finally comes.

You can watch the video below for more ideas. 


So you’ve seen the steps involved, but the simpler step is making sure you act so good at home that they are willing to reward you for your behavior.

Always let your parents know what you want in case they want to surprise you. You can say something like;

“Perhaps you want to surprise me at any point, Mum/Dad, just make sure you buy me {insert what you want}, thank you.”

Simple and straight to the point. If they reward you with that, rinse and repeat the steps.

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