Popular Craigslist Scams Format To Do and Make Money – Simple and Easy

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

11 Common Craigslist Scams Formats that Fool Everybody

From my research, these are the common Craigslist scams formats any G-boy can use and start craigslist work. Most of them are updated, so it is still fresh.

The introduction of the internet has provided several ways to buy and sell products and services online, including Amazon, Alibaba, GoBuy, Chinabrands, and many other eCommerce platforms. For those who want to start yahoo, this is an excellent place to start and use these formats.

Over the years, Craigslist has proved to be a fantastic sales platform that stands distinct from others. It’s a useful resource for selling household products, fashion wear, auto products, and electronic gadgets. It’s also a veritable avenue to find different types of services and as well as meeting people.

Despite the fantastic services it offers, if you transact with people you do not see physically, you might get scammed.



Craigslist Platform to do business


How do You know a Scam on Craiglist?


Due to the style and configuration of the craigslist platform, scams can most times be difficult to notice. Whether they are scams that involve fake products, fraudulent financial services, or fake identity, criminals are increasingly creative in scamming people of their hard-earned money.

If you don’t know how to use the platform, here is how to buy and sell on craigslist. It will help you know how to get started.

There are several other scams that take place on Craigslist, such as apartment rental scams, ticket scams, and car scams. Often, most of these scams take the same pattern you experience on Alibaba and other eCommerce platforms. For example, whenever you post an item for sale, you might get a response from someone trying to scam you.

Once an offer is too good to be true, be rest assured that it isn’t good at all. But for the sake of helping you to avoid falling victim to any of these craigslist scams, I will list out the common Craigslist scams you should watch out for a while visiting the platform.

For this topical discourse, here are nine (9) popular Craigslist scams on the internet space.


11 Common Craigslist Scams To Watchout For When Using the Platform


1). Scam Email from PayPal


common craigslist scam using paypal

PayPal format scam on Craiglist to sellers


Most criminals use PayPal to both send and receive money via Craigslist. This method often comes through placing ads compelling people to run transactions on the site. Another way this works is that they send you a fake email confirmation containing a certain payment made.

The danger is that this fake PayPal email could have vague spellings of your name or not addressing you with your complete name, saying that your funds have been withheld till you perform a certain action like using a provided link to track orders. Immediately you click on the attached link, you might lose your money.


2). Fake Money Orders

Anytime a buyer or seller on Craigslist decides to pay you through wire transfer or money order, consider that as a serious waving red flag.

Scammers have long created incredible money orders pretending to be from some globally recognized money transfer organizations. This type of Craigslist scam often comes in a well-packaged manner to lure you into sending your goods to a certain buyer before the fake money order clears. The truth is that people who often receive orders via Craigslist do fall for this scam. The safest way is to make sure money orders are cleared before sending goods bought by a customer.




3). Partial Payment 

Each time a seller requests partial payment before delivering a particular product, watch out for a scam. In most cases, these con people ensure you pay them but never deliver the product you paid for. The worst is that the said product is never in existence.

Craigslist scam is widely known to be a recurring decimal that people instead rely on other platforms like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and other online stores. This is because these stores have more guarantees to protect people in the time of the fraud. Craigslist does not guarantee any protection.


4). Non-Local Ads 

This clearly explains that a person who posted an ad is not in your local area. Whenever this happens, know that it’s not a good idea. This is so because these posters of non-local ads cannot meet up with your expectations and would request that you transfer money through a provided online channel. Most scammers often use this method.

A familiar example of these fake ads can come from on-duty soldiers in Syria or other war-torn areas who really need help regarding online transactions. Non -local ads are a big scam.


5). Fake Cancelled Ticket 

Ticket scams are another popular Craigslist scams to watch out for. While it may cost you extra money to buy tickets very cheap and selling them at a very high rate, please beware because you could ultimately lose your money by buying fake or canceled ticket.

It is no longer news that some fraudulent people on Craigslist are now devising means to fake tickets that look pretty genuine to several auspicious events such as sports games, concerts, and parties. It is also observed that these criminals have replicated watermarks and holograms on tickets for events or concerts, including flight tickets.

Additionally, con people on Craigslist are always in the habit of listing tickets that have been canceled or even fake and ensuring that you pay through any inconvenient means possible.


6). Overpayment Scam 

This type of Craigslist scam often occurs in transactions involving used cars and other products. The scammer pretends to be a normal buyer from outside your location, either outside your region or outside your country.


overpayment as one of the popular scams on craigslist

The over-payment format on craigslist



How it Happens

They bargain to purchase your product from Craigslist but mistakenly overpay for the said product.

You will receive a fake check from the yahoo boy, and he tells you that he wants to give some of the money to charity. He will then beg you to cash the money for him, keep a part of the money as your payment, and send the others to his brother in Atlanta (a picker).

The seller then decides to refund the excess money in the payment. Meanwhile, they or a friend would have picked the product.

In just a few days, the seller will discover that the money order was a scam. Now, the seller has both lost the excess money and his product to a smart con star.



7). Fake Rentals

This type of scam involves transactions centered on apartment rentals. How it works is that the scammer will post pictures of an apartment that was stolen somewhere on the internet.

They purposely make the price very affordable, so it looks like a fantastic deal for anyone interested. However, when a renter indicates interest, the scammer begins to make flimsy excuses why the renter cannot have access to the apartment yet.

This strategy may be like other renters are checking the apartment or that the scammer is out of town.

Nevertheless, with the prospective renter’s eagerness to see the apartment, the scammer will mandate him to make at least a deposit payment, including an advance for the first month. Immediately after this is done, the scammer disappears with the money.


8). Fake Website 

On Craigslist, several links will redirect you to fake listing platforms. It could be fake Craigslist sites or an imitation version of other money transfer platforms. Scammers can create a site with an alternative ending part, something quite different from the original site.

Unfortunately, most buyers and sellers on Craigslist don’t accurately observe some misspellings.


9). Foreign Job Listings 

If you see a foreign company promising to pay you just for collecting money on their behalf from customers in the US, this indeed is a big scam designed to retrieve your bank details and other sensitive personal information.

Whenever you’re checking out job posts on Craigslist, it is ideal you deeply research the company to ensure it is an honest one.

Try to find out if the company is headquartered in the US and if the advertised job is posted on their website or career page. Also, go further to find out about their HR department and if they truly advertised for a vacancy.

10). Fake Listings

As the name implies, you can list fake items for sale on Craigslist and cash out fast.

First, look for what people search the most and list it for sale on your Craigslist seller account. Supply the descriptions and set the price to be cheaper than those of genuine sellers.

Next, get a fake version of the item either online or around you and package it well. You can use custom bag to package them for buyers.

When you get paid, cash out fast. You may request a money order or check to avoid a chargeback by the bank.

If the buyer threatens your account, you can report to Craigslist that the buyer swapped the items.

11). Refund Trick

You may not have heard about the refund trick on Craigslist.com. This trick is simple; a buyer orders an item but swaps and returns it.

For example, if you ordered an original Gucci product, you receive the item and switch with a fake Gucci product that is similar. The next thing is to contact Craigslist and explain that you were sent a game counterfeit and that you need a refund. If the seller can’t prove their innocence, Craigslist refunds, and you would be asked to ship the item back.


The fact is, doing business on Craigslist is not easy. Most people have been heavily scammed in transactions, and nothing much is done to curtail this sham. It is really awful that this is happening at a time when the internet is offering a whole lot of ease in doing things.

If you are still interested, you can see other formats to start working with here, so good luck with the hustle.

Well, I have listed the various common scams that often happen on Craigslist. It now lies with the reader of this piece to carefully note them so as not to fall prey. Meanwhile, you may be interested in eBay scams that fetch millions.

To your success!


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