How to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked in 2021

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How to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked

One of the top problems most yahoo boys face is how to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked at the end. After a series of algorithmic update that was carried out by Facebook to stop the creation of a fake account, it became hard to create a Facebook account.

Facebook has changed its algorithm for 2020, so I just updated this post to show you guys how it works. So make sure you read till the end.

In the post, I will show you how to create a fake Facebook account that looks real. After creation, I will show you the steps you need to take to avoid getting your fake Facebook account blocked. I have also explained How to Create a Fake Instagram Account in 2020 Without Getting Blocked. You can check it out and get the right ideas you need for your accounts.

If you are ready to take your yahoo scam game to the next level, then do well to read this post. I was hoping you could make sure you implement everything I will write in this post. You will be cashing out very fast.

Make Sure you Watch this Video to See How to Create a Fake Facebook Account in 2 minutes

How do you create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked?

Please make sure you watch this video and see how I opened mine immediately.


This is undoubtedly the goal of every gee-boy who wants to get clients from Facebook. But the issue is that once they open the fake Facebook account, Zuckerberg will block them immediately. I will show you the steps I used to create my own fake Facebook account.

It is still functional to date, and it has made me so much money from sure clients. Are you ready to know how to create an account on Facebook for yahoo without getting blocked?

Use a Good Name

One of the reasons Facebook will block your fake account is because they already know that it is a fake account. With the recent changes to their system, it is very simple to spot a fake account.

Most times, when people send me friend requests, I immediately know that the account is fake, talk more of a machine that is programmed to detect such. There are many reasonable names that you can use while opening your fake Facebook account that will make it sound real.


One of the tricks I use is to find an existing user on Facebook from the country I wish to use, and I copy their names. It isn’t a crime for 2 people to bear the same name on Facebook. Once you know that such a name exists, it becomes easy just to copy the name as your own name.

Just go to the Facebook “Facebook Search bar” and type “Brazil” if you want to copy a name from Brazil.

You will then see a list of name suggestions; then, you can go ahead and copy anyone you like and use it for your own fake Facebook account.

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how to create a fake Facebook account without getting blocked

A blocked Facebook account


Fill out all your profiles

Since Facebook isn’t there with you while you are opening your account, it will take your mistakes for them to know that it is a fake Facebook account. To second mistake to avoid if you want to open a fake Facebook account without being banned is to make sure that your profile is duly completed.

If you are starting yahoo as a yahoo boy, or even a yahoo girl, having a complete profile will even make your clients believe you. They will see you as genuine and will want to do business with you.


So make sure that every part of your profile is well completed and duly filled. This way, Facebook might consider your account to be active.

Add a “real” fake picture

The picture I used on my profile was gotten from somewhere that nobody will ever believe. The picture looks so real, and I have so many of them on my computer. So time after time, I will be updating my profile with new photos to make other people believe that I am real.

The picture isn’t mine, but it is real, and the person isn’t on Facebook. I used a white guy’s picture, so you see why my clients will believe me.


Go on Instagram, find quality pictures from younger people – depending on the format you want to use, and scam your clients. Then you find the right pictures for your fake Facebook account. You can see where to get fake profile pictures in this post.

It is recommended you have about 10 or 15 of the same pictures. You can regularly collect more from the person you got the pictures once they upload new pictures.

create a fake Facebook account

Facebook sign-up

Avoid adding anybody as a friend for the next week

Just in case you don’t know, this is the reason why your fake Facebook account is being banned after you open the account. If you want to open a fake Facebook account without being banned, you should take this step seriously.

One of the questions Facebook asks people you send requests to is, “Do you know ….?”

Once they click the “NO” button after rejecting your friend request, your fake account is GONE.

Facebook knows that it is only a fake account that can be spamming people’s privacy. So next time, after creating a profile and doing everything I have asked you to do, avoid sending friend requests to people.


One of the first questions that people ask is, “How then do I have friends on my fake Facebook account without sending friend requests?”

There is a way to do that, and the answer is…

Join Facebook groups

This is one of the best ways to get friends that will eventually become clients. Since you know the type of clients you want, you can easily find them in Facebook groups.

If you are looking for widows or widowers, you can visit the widow’s group on Facebook and contribute to the discussion.

If you are looking for divorced people, there is also a group on Facebook that has such people.

When you join, you can contribute, ask questions, and become an important member of the group. This will allow you to ask people if you can add them up as friends. You will surely get a favorable response.

Then you can add them up and now go ahead with your dating format or strategy. Whatever comes out of it, make sure you inform people before you add them up.

Now that you have known how to open a fake Facebook account without being banned, you can now go ahead and complete your yahoo scam.

Any amount you get, make sure you pay your tithe to me and show your winnings. If you have another strategy to stop a fake Facebook without being banned, you can share your strategy in the comment section.


Someone just sent me an email telling me that Facebook now asks about Facial recognition. So I decided to write something about it as an update.

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How to bypass Facebook facial recognition.

When you create a fake Facebook account, and they are asking for facial recognition, these are the following things to do.

It would help if you used your real picture while creating the account in the first place. When you use your real face while creating the account, you can easily verify your face during the verification process.

If you have used a white man’s picture when Facebook asks you to verify your account, you can find a way to change the picture to your own, alongside the name on the account. That way, it becomes easy to verify without getting your account blocked.

Reasons why Facebook blocks your account

These are the following reasons why Facebook blocks your account immediately, you open a Facebook profile or after using it for a while. Knowing these reasons will help you to avoid some of the ones you can avoid.

  1. Your client reports you to Facebook that you are a scammer
  2. G-boys like yourself will keep sending your friend requests
  3. You send many people friend requests within a short time
  4. People you send friend requests will mark you as spam
  5. If Facebook sees any suspicious attempt on your profile, they will block your account.

What to Do if Your Account is Always Getting Blocked After Creating the Account

I noticed that several people complained that after following all the strategies I listed out in my article, their account still got blocked by Facebook. You have to understand that Facebook has a way of tracking IPs that create fake accounts. So if your account has been blocked before being a fake profile, creating another account would still get you blocked.

So I will be listing out the steps to take once you’ve been blacklisted on the Facebook server. Just take these simple steps before using the tips I mentioned in this article to create another Facebook account.

Use another laptop or phone

It is very clear that Facebook has blacklisted your IP; that is the reason your profile is being blocked anytime you create a new fake Facebook profile. One of the smartest things to do is change your laptop or phone, or most likely, use another person’s laptop or phone to create a fake Facebook account.  Once you are using a new laptop or phone, make sure you then observe the points that I listed at the beginning of this article.

Clear your Cache and Refresh your System

Clearing your cache is another way to make your laptop or phone new over the internet. Once you clear your cache, it would seem as if you’ve never visited a site before. Here is a detailed article to show you how to clear the cache on a computer. Once you follow the steps listed out on the website, you can then create a fake Facebook account. Bear in mind that you must also observe the rules that come with creating a fake social media profile.

Hack Someone’s Facebook Account

If all options fail, hacking someone’s Facebook account will never fail. It isn’t advisable, but when you have something to do, and you need an account badly, you can hack someone’s Facebook and do your job very fast.

Buy a Facebook Account

There are so many people willing to sell their old Facebook accounts. Many people are no longer using their Facebook accounts and would be willing to sell it for a token. So if you are interested in buying an Old Facebook account, please contact me, so that we can deal and transact business sharp sharp!


These are some of the major reasons why Facebook will block your account after you create a fake Facebook account. So if you want to keep your account safe, do well to avoid any of those reasons I mentioned. Meanwhile, consider selling your pictures online using Facebook.

I will be adding more updates as I receive questions and information.

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