Yahoo Format to Bill Your Clients For Money – This format is working like Hot Cake!

If you need a real yahoo format that would help you bill your clients, then you should use the dating billing format, also known as the dating format 419.

After I wrote about how to start a yahoo business, a lot of people sent in comments regarding how they could be able to convince their clients to send money to them. I made it clear to them that the best format to use is the Yahoo format for dating. This is also a well paying billing format for yahoo.

yahoo dating format for online scam

The dating billing format is the simplest form of collecting money from your client in the Yahoo business. This is because they have become attached to you on an emotional level, and they can no longer say no on some certain requests.

The basic truth is that you have to be smart if you decide to use the dating billing format. I will share my own story of how I used this yahoo format, and you will have a clear definition of how to use it.

How I used the Dating Billing Format

In 2014 when I finished schooling, I decided to learn some few tricks from the masters in the Yahoo business game. My mentor taught me some of the things I knew today. He specifically told me the yahoo format to use, and I decided to go for the dating format which he cleared called the billing format for yahoo.

scammers using the dating billing format


I quickly went to a social network called Myspace and searched for the pictures of a military man. I saw one black- American military man with lots of pictures – which couldn’t be detected by Google, and I collected as much as possible.

Quickly, I registered on a dating site called Seniorpeoplemeet and cloned my IP with a VPN – to grant me access. Carefully I filled up my profile and arranged everything the way it was supposed to be.

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I inserted my location to be Iraq and every other thing that I needed to succeed. I knew I didn’t have a cloning App, so I avoided everything that would make her request for a phone call or video call.

How I Approached Her

I always target women around 45 – 60 years because I know that they won’t have the time for long interrogation and all. I sent her a personal message introducing myself and my profession. She loved the fact that I am a soldier helping my country to fight. I used the name, Wayne Jackson.

After a couple of emails, we became so close and attached to each other. I told her I was a widower and I lost my wife in an accident. I told her that I registered here after my sister advised me to find love once again.

After one month, I started asking her for money. My reason was that my account was hacked and used for fraud.

She asked me why I couldn’t go to the US and sort it out, I told her that I couldn’t leave camp due to heavy fighting in our base during the day.

I already prepared some FAKE bank statements which I showed her to make it legit. It doesn’t take much to do, you just have to be creative.

She finally sent me $500, which I cashed out via Western Union.

I introduced another dating billing format to make her send money again.

My Next Billing Dating Format for Yahoo

After some weeks, I told her that I was ready to leave the army because my closet friend just died on the war front. I alerted her that I have made plans to set up an auto shop, and I would want us to own it together.

“I asked her to invest in the business”

After some months of explaining my business plans to her; by 2015 January, I told her that I have moved to Japan to finalize my business with other investors. I explained that I’d already made part payments and needed to finalize payments or else they seize my goods.

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“I wanted $10,000 to complete payment”

With no idea how she got the money, she sent me the money after two weeks and I cashed out via western union again.

Whatever happened, but she never came online again on that platform to date.

We never spoke on phone but I made over $10,500 from her.

how to use the dating billing format to scam people

Steps to start your own  Billing Dating Format for Yahoo


Create a wonderful profile

I suggest you use the picture of a soldier if you want to succeed with the dating billing format. Soldiers don’t have so much access to many things, so nobody will ask you for a video call or phone call.

If they do, just tell them that your commanding officer would give you some mean punishments for breaking camp rules.

Use a VPN

The VPN will enable you to enter any site undetected. Most of these sites don’t accept countries outside of the US. So if you are reading from outside of the US, then be sure to use a very good VPN. I suggest you use Tunnel Bear or Anonymous. You can just add it as an add-on to your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Use the Grammarly App

If your English is pretty poor, then you should try and download the Grammarly app. It will help you get rid of errors in your English grammar. Remember that while exchanging Emails with your potential clients, don’t use shortcodes in your typos.

E.g. Typing “ur” instead of “your” will simply blow your cover away.

The dating billing format is one of the yahoo formats that works very fine. I would also advise that you always be in charge of the conversation when discussing with your clients. This would enable this yahoo format to work.

Other billing formats for yahoo

The dating billing format is the best billing format for yahoo, but there are others you can use when the dating billing format isn’t working. I will list out some of the billing formats for yahoo that I use to make sure that non of my clients escape from my hand. They billing formats for yahoo include;

  • The military billing format for yahoo
  • The iTunes gift card format
  • The yahoo boy format
  • The wire-wire fraud
  • The “pay you tax” format.
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These formats are surely the best when you want a format to collect money from client. To explain just one of them, I will explain the military billing format for yahoo.

The military billing format for yahoo

This is one of the simplest yahoo billing formats; it is simple because it will always work no matter what. Every foreign woman loves military men, and that is why they love to marry them. Now, how do you start the military billing format for yahoo? I will list the steps;

  • Find a good dating site – like I have explained before
  • Find a client – someone you want to run things with.
  • Exchange greetings with her and become friends
  • Tell her that you are a military man serving in Afghanistan
  • After a few weeks of chatting, tell her that you want to marry them and live all your life with her.
  • Make her fall in love with you
  • After two months, tell her that you want to leave the command base, but your superiors said that you must pay
  • Tell her to help you with money to pay and come back to be with her
  • Collect the money through a friend and run away.

It is as simple as this if you know the secrets.

I can also show you other tricks that I use to collect money from my client. It is as simple as ABC; I make over $5000 monthly from my laptop. If interested, hit me up – remember, it is not free.

You can also check out more Illegal ways of making money.

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