How to Detect Fixed Match and Win Millions in Betting

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Last Updated on January 13, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to Detect Fixed Match and Win Millions

So you want to win money by betting on sports and trying to know how to detect a fixed match that will pay you millions easily? Let me show you how I know fixed matches that make me win almost all the time.

Sports is generally regarded as a game wherein there must be a winner and a loser, as the winner surely gets a handsome reward. Now, to determine who wins in a game, several strategies are employed to alter a game’s result, hence the application of match-fixing.




Sports are globally seen as one of the biggest entertainment industries, and match-fixing most times contributes largely to keeping fans interested. The reason is that people get entertained and at the same time earn very huge from the activity.

With billions of dollars involved in this activity, the punters will certainly be at the losing end while the bookmakers are having a filled day. You can see how I win millions on Bet-9ja, if you want to learn more about betting.

Well, to know how to detect a fixed match and win millions, there are various signs one needs to watch out for. I will try to walk you through these secret signs but let us first start with the definition of what match-fixing is.



What is Match-Fixing?

Match-fixing is a practice that tends to compromise the integrity of a game. It is often done to favor the interest of a certain group of persons, especially when a huge sum of money is involved.

This trend has been going on since the beginning of sports, and it’s preeminent in different types of sporting activities like tennis, cricket, football, basketball, and others.

There are various reasons why matches can be fixed, but almost all are for sports betting. Bookmakers love to make money at all times, and knowing the result of a certain match can increase their chances of winning the bet. It will be fair to state that most of the fixed matches today are just concentrated more on football.


How to Detect Fixed Match and Win Your Bets

Perhaps you’re used to placing bets on football matches; you will certainly be sure that the match has not been fixed before placing a bet. There are expert organizations that are saddled with the duty to discover matches that have been fixed. This is one way on how to detect a fixed match.

Following the objective of match-fixing, some activities are employed in the course of a match, such as corners, throw-ins, and the points played. This strategy is hidden mainly because it does not make any heavy impact on the result of the game.

Though this might look somewhat difficult for newbie bettors, a thorough search on the internet will offer you a guide on how to find sportsbook platforms for match-fixing.

However, there are several ways you can detect a fixed match and win millions; but most times, it is made possible with a network of persons who come together to facilitate it.

Here are they:


Look at the Country of Play

There are popular countries that are known for fixing matches, and you have to know them. Countries like;

  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Brazil
  • Nigeria
  • Iran
  • Indian Leagues
  • Italian League

All these leagues in the country are known for match-fixing. So it is advisable to start from these countries and then look out for other factors.

There are other countries, but these ones are the most popular ones around. So if you want to play any fixed game, you can visit these countries.




Study the Teams Playing

If you want to detect fixed matches, you have to study the teams playing in the leagues I mentioned earlier.

There are popular teams in the Brazilian league that are notorious for playing a 1 – 1 scoreline in all their games.

So if you have studied the teams, you will know which team to go for or which team to avoid. Like in the Iranian league, I know the teams that always play a 2 – 1 scoreline all the time.


how to detect a fixed match

Fixed match group on Whatsapp


Check the Coaches

Match-fixing is made possible when coaches are involved. They employ strategies like effecting strange substitutions and as well as resting key players.

Many tactics can be used to reduce the performance of their team when the time arises.

With this move, it will be somewhat difficult to accuse the coach of sabotaging his team because he can claim to be resting his key player for a tougher encounter ahead.



Athletes are seen to be the first target for match-fixers. This is so because they are directly involved and are easily exposed to bribe.

Also, their leagues are easily controlled since their matches do not always have live media transmission.

The way it works is that someone can approach them; probably another athlete is lobbying them to throw either all or part of the game in exchange for a huge sum of money. Sometimes, this can be an amount they make in a full year.

This also happens in football. In this case, goalkeepers are often targeted. They can be instructed to allow a goal from a particular player or an agreed number of goals. Though this is often difficult to notice, it is certainly a way on how to detect a fixed match.


Check the Team’s Ranking in the League

When you visit the countries I mentioned towards the ending of a league season, always bet that the last position will win the number 1 team in the league.

We call Tanking when number 1 has nothing to lose, so they will not take the match seriously.

Tanking is commonly used in countries like Japan, China, Brazil, Indonesia, and Nigeria. And it involves an entire team who purposely decide to lose a match and make their league position worse of.

This action improves the odds of clutching a better position for other teams.

The importance of this action is that it usually happens when teams no longer have the chance to secure a better landing place.

This means that there is nothing left to contend for during the remaining part of the season.



When I see some match referees, I always know how the game will end. Some refs are notorious for giving many yellow cards in a match, so I bet on cards.

Some Refs always give penalties in their games, so that I will bet on penalties. These Refs are popular in the English Premier League, so you can comment to know more.

Sports officials are also potential targets for match-fixing, even though they are always placed on tough scrutiny.

These officials can just orchestrate small decisions like conceding a corner kick, changing the side of a throw-in, or allowing an off-side position to be played.

They can also influence a decision on a particular stoppage because they believe it can offer the other team an opportunity to score.

Another way an official can initiate a match fix is by booking a key defending player at the beginning of the game. They can go further to maneuver the result of any game by not allowing a goal or sending a key player off.


Study the Opposition

Apart from the team you select to win, draw or lose, the opposition can give a signal on match-fixing. Assuming Morecambe is playing Southport, and you tip Morecambe to win, Southport may begin by reporting injured players. If you look at the team’s chart, you notice that no injury report was made earlier.

The coach will claim that the injury was sustained during the training, and everyone, including the footballers, would believe.

I often look at the chart from the previous week and compare it with what the football club will report. If the reports do not match, the match fixing had been concluded. Note that it depends on the league too.

Hear What players Say

Players often give us hints on match fixing, but we do not notice it. The reason is that they are not supposed to so that you will bet and lose.

Recently, before a particular Greek league game, a player in the opposition team remarked about their opposition already winning. His tongue slipped, though. When the reporter asked what he just said, he lied that he made a mistake.

Three days later, they lost the match without scoring a goal. If I recall, the game ended 0-3.

The Coach’s Statement

We know coaches go to conferences often, and the media ask them many questions, which they respond to.

Most of the times, however, the coaches forget to hide match fixing.

The moment a coach is looking timid during the conference, his team has lost the match, but if he looks confident, his team will win. Understand that sometimes, coaches are contracted by betting companies without the knowledge of the football club to lose.

They will inform the opposition of their tactics and disclose everything that will weaken their team.


To conclude, there is no doubt that detecting a fixed match is a serious business in the sporting world.


Despite the effort of several sports regulatory bodies to curb the practice, it is still accelerating by the day. One of the biggest reasons is that it is being aided by the advancement in technology and the desire of key stakeholders to make more money.

However, knowing how to detect a fixed match is very difficult and dangerous, especially for young gamblers.

So if you are interested in knowing how to detect fixed matches, you can just drop a comment and I will give you some tricks that I use to detect fixed matches.

Don’t waste your money playing long tickets which have a high probability of making you lose. Just play fixed matches and get all your problems solved.


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