14 Donation Message Ideas

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If you must convince a recipient to donate, your donation message ideas must be captivating. I will disclose the strategies surrounding how you can develop an astonishing donation message. Of course, it requires no rocket science to manipulate a potential donor into giving.

donation message ideas

What do you say in a donation message to convince the recipient? You begin with the salutation, describe the situation, state your needs, outline the reason(s) for your needs clearly, and conclude with the call to action.

Each line of the donation message must trigger the recipient, and you must address the donation message to the recipient personally.

Though the donation letter will be reaching a multitude, understand that a multitude will not gather to read the letter.

Meanwhile, nothing beats conciseness when creating a donation message; a recipient may not have the time to spare for a lengthy donation message.

In this article, I will provide you with 14 strategic donation message ideas alongside donation message examples. Let’s get started.

Donation Message Ideas

In this section, I will drill on the ideas to combine for a typical donation message that manipulates a recipient.

Below are the donation message ideas:

  1. Know Your Audience

If you must craft a perfect donation message, you must know your kind of audience. Let’s assume that you need money to finance schooling costs for a toddler; your audience would mostly be parents or adults with parental experiences.

How you address them would be different from how you address persons with less or no parenting experiences. Besides, you might not gain any attention from non-parents since they do not understand the level of responsibility.

Okay, you know your audience, which is one of the donation message ideas, and it is time to write to them.

  1. Salute the Recipient

I find that many persons salute with expressions like “hello there,” “hi there,” etc. I find it to be practically incorrect because you are dispersing the greetings ordinarily.

Already, it gives the recipient the impression that he/she is just a number in the midst of persons you are contacting. Regardless of whether you are targeting prospects on social media or in-person, you want to be mindful of the salutations.

It would be easier to salute in a donation letter if every human is single gender. But since we have different genders, you want a salutation that appeals to each gender.

I recommend cheerful terms such as “Dear Friend,” “Greetings,” etc. You can see how it accommodates everyone better than expressions like “Dear Sir/Ma.” You may as well salute with “Hello,” “Hi,” and “Friend.”

  1. Personalize the Letter

A secret in writing to make donation requests is that you have to personalize the message regardless of the number of readers.

I know you are targeting several recipients, but I am informing you that personalizing the message matters.

If you do not personalize the message, it loses the magic that appeals to the emotions of prospects. In writing donation letters, I have noticed that appealing to an individual converts more than appealing to a multitude.

What it means when you appeal to a single individual is that it informs him/her of how much you value them. Of course, you have to accommodate the recipient with pronouns and words such as ‘you,’ ‘your,’ ‘me,’ ‘I,’ ‘we,’ etc. The overall idea is to give the recipient a sense of belonging.

  1. Describe the Situation

If you are going to win the prospect, you ought to be craft a touchy story. Earnestly, you do not require a professional to describe a situation in a way that manipulates the recipient.

But if you must hire a professional, he/she can only refine your situation. While you describe the situation, pay attention to facts, and do not exaggerate.

Let’s assume that you intend to repair your vehicle but have no money; you do not want to tell the recipient that you have not eaten for the past seven days. He/she might chuckle and slide off or bin the donation letter.

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The paragraphs for the description explain the problems that need repairs in one section and highlight the cause in another paragraph.

Then, proceed to give reasons regarding why you can’t afford the cost. It could be that you are a single mother with a low-paying job and responsibility for the upkeep of the child or that you are repaying debts.

  1. Use a Captivating Tone

A prominent donation message idea that beneficiaries fail to employ is the tone. The tone of the donation message reveals your mood to the prospects.

I performed a social experiment asking for money donations some time ago. In the first trial, I used a conversational tone. The tone of the letter felt like I am requesting money from a close friend, which typically works, but only on close friends. The outcome? Of course, it had to be a bad outcome with a little conversion.

In the subsequent trial, I depicted the attitude of someone deranged and helpless. I expected the outcome to be instant and better, but it instead attracted investigations from prospects.

In the third trial, I crafted my message to be natural, explained my situation, and stole the heart of my audience with no exaggeration. The outcome? The conversion rate was higher and it attracted no investigation from prospects.

Of course, potential donors need to be convinced, and the tone of the message is vital in convincing them.

  1. Select the Right Words

Your choice of words matters in a donation message; it must be simple, psychological, and devoid of slang unless prospects are a group that understands the context. Such a group could be your family, colleagues in school or at the workplace.

Some of the words I find to be magical are ‘together,’ ‘you,’ ‘please,’ ‘now,’ ‘asking,’ and ‘helpful.’

Another way to capture the prospect’s mind is to use their name. But if you are targeting a crowd, do not worry about addressing them with their names.

  1. Engage and Hit their Emotions

Typically, letters or messages asking for donations ought to be emotional and engaging. People will not participate in fundraising if the message is not engaging.

And if you must engage, focus on personalizing and segmenting the message. What do I mean by segmenting to engage? Assuming you are sending the letter to an organization of college students, you do not want to appeal to them like you are appealing to business-class individuals.

Segmentation comes in when you either increase or decrease the demands, but without altering the primary figure, which is the amount of money needed.

To strike their emotions, pay attention to your choice of words, as I mentioned earlier. Drive the message without exaggerations and do not use a forceful tone.

  1. Be Specific with Your Request

Do not meander with the donation message for the sake of inciting pity. We have a problem that we wish to share with prospective donors. So, do we have to beat about the bush without being specific?

Within the donation message, create at least one paragraph that points to the request. It ought to come in the body of the letter and not in conclusion.

State what you want clearly, and if you have multiple requests, state them there. I recommend making a single request, which, of course, is to request a money donation.

  1. Reveal the Donation Progress

Whether you are addressing the message to people online or in-person, endeavor to reveal the progress of the donation. It informs the public that your request is worthy and that you are legit.

If the goal has hit 50%, tell everyone that it is 50% so far, and trust me, people will strive to complete the goal for you.

Why do you think donation sites keep counters that display an amount or the progress of fundraising? It is because it shows transparency. And it is an excellent idea to make your donation message transparent by revealing every behind-the-scene information.

  1. Add Videos and Images

Other than lettering, I find an infographic donation message to be emotionally appealing. Some non-profit organizations employ infographics to ask for monetary donations, and the conversion rate is overwhelming.

For instance, if you run a non-profit organization that aims at feeding children in the community, you could pay for informative images and videos that illustrate the situation demanding donations.

It should depict the plight of children without care and the effectiveness of donations in improving the lives of such children in the community.

Meanwhile, the videos and images should not just disclose the sympathetic situation but should also disclose the positives of the campaign. Such positives could be the current progress of the campaign, what donors have to say, and transparency in the use of available funds.

  1. Link to Your Social Profiles

Have you created social profiles to boost the donation campaign? If not, you are leaving out one of the chief donation message ideas.

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When prospects come across donation requests online, they want to know the origin. I am confident that the profile you create on the donation platform is not enough. So, you can link to your social profiles.

At least, it gives the recipient a chance to know you better, and they may choose to communicate with you regarding the situation.

  1. Tag an Influential Agency

Typically, it is not advisable to run a donation campaign individually. If you have to, endeavor to secure supports from some local agencies.

But it does not matter if you are already an established donation organization. However, I am assuming that you are not an agency learning my ideas to create a captivating donation message.

Do you know you can take advantage of persons or agencies that contribute to the campaign? No matter the role they play, include it in the information you pass online to bolster the chances of winning the minds of recipients.

It does not matter whether you are issuing the donation letter directly to people or organizations in person. But you can always refer them to the pages and profiles where you upload the information.

  1. Wrap Up with a Call-to-Action

The most challenging aspect of developing a compelling donation message is the call-to-action. It is a make or break to the campaign and also the decisive line of your donation message.

After creating a concise donation message, wrap it up with steps recipients should follow to make donations. You do not want to leave a recipient wondering how and where to donate, which never happens because the recipient would have binned or dismissed the letter.

If you are sending the message via email or SMS, include a link to the donation page. And if the letter is handwritten, you may attach an additional slip that highlights the steps a prospect should follow to donate or include it in the letter.

  1. Review the Strategy

So, your strategy is all set. I advise you to review the process and make amends. Of course, before you start the letter, you have to create social profiles and find out which fundraising software you will use to receive donations.

If you are targeting prospects in a particular community, I recommend using a popular fundraiser tool in that community.

Make sure to review the tool/site, and if the donation process is demanding, look for another tool with easier steps to donations.

Donation Message Examples

donation message examples

In this section, I created two templates that serve as money donation message samples. Below are the donation message examples:

Donation Message Sample 1 (As Organization)

Dear [Prospect]

The [name of organization] is proud of a recent successful initiative [describe a recent initiative if any] that saw the organization positively impacting [describe the past event if any]. And we are glad to have a majestic individual like you in this community.

Again, we have a responsibility [describe the situation] we can take another level with your warm support. And we need [mention the needs] to keep the campaign alive and continue to build a habitable sphere.

Some of our recent campaigns [mention past successful campaigns if any] encourage us to do more for society. As a non-profit organization, we need your support to keep hope alive.

Please, we ask that you make [mention the amount you would love the prospect to contribute] to enable use reach [describe the needs of the organization].

If you would love to keep encouraging our community to do more [mention past initiatives], you may visit the donation page by clicking [you can add a naked URL or embed the URL to the donation page in a word like ‘donate now’].

We appreciate any support, and we are glad to work collectively to build a better tomorrow. Thank you for loving and being part of our community.



Donation Message Sample 2 (As a Person)

Dear [Friend]

I am grateful for the time you are sparing this letter.

With a saddened heart, I am revealing [highlight the problem].

Without the support from friends and family like you, it will be challenging to accomplish [highlight the solution].

Would you be willing to support [mention the amount of money]? It will go a long way in helping me accomplish the [highlight the solution to the problem].

I appreciate your time and would be glad to earn your support. Thank you.



[Your name]


In this article, I have highlighted the donation message ideas to manipulate and win your prospects. Like I mentioned earlier, you do not need rocket science to strategize a donation message that captivates the mind of a prospect.

Keep the donation message simple, concise, and precise. And do not make too many requests.

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