Best Excuses to Get Money From Your Parents, Friends, Relatives, Etc.

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5 Fantastic Excuses to Get Money From Parents, Friends, Relatives, Etc.

Are you looking for some of the best excuses to get money from parents, friends, relatives, strangers, siblings, or anybody? or maybe you are looking for excuses to ask parents for money in college or anybody whether you are in college or not.

Frankly, that would depend on how your parents or the person will react when it comes to giving money, the relationship you have with them, and their financial situation at the time you ask. Generally, there are some fantastic excuses you would make to get money from your sibs, strangers, relatives, friends, and parents that will work regardless of the factors above.

Your giver would think that you want to solve a severe problem, but we both know you‘re going for that $100 dress you saw at the mall. In this article, we will list five excuses to get money from anybody, including sibs, parents, relatives, strangers, friends, etc. However, we wouldn’t make them specific so that you can come up with the correct sentences that would make your giver consider your request.

Since you are trying to sell your parents, cousins, friends, strangers, etc., false excuses, this should also be part of the cons to make money – this time, from people you know like your parents or strangers. To prevent yourself from getting caught while making a verbal presentation, I suggest you read how to ask for money using text messages. It will help you know how to structure the excuses to get money.


5 Best Excuses to Get Money From Parents Easily


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The 5 best excuses


Excuse No 1 ==> School Projects

This is one of the best excuses to get money from parents – Don’t worry; you won’t be the first to use this one. For years and years to come, students in the school have always used and will continue to use the excuse of having one school project or the other to get money from their parents.

Sincerely, it’s the best excuse if you are in a university far from home. But you should be careful when using this one. If you ask for too much, your parents will get suspicious, so try to ask for as little as possible because you will use this excuse over and over again.

You could start by requesting a certain amount for a particular assignment and attach a deadline to it. You should come with a believable assignment that wouldn’t get your parents suspicious. Remember, they would be interested in how things go with the assignment, so you should also have an excellent explanation for that.

“Hi, mum,

There is this project we are handling in school that would add to our marks during exams. I will need to contribute about $50 alongside my team members to get it built. I was hoping you could assist me with the money, please…

Thanks so much, Mum; I love you.”


Excuse No 2 ==> Self-Improvement Classes

It is the joy of every parent to see their child trying so hard to improve their life and acquire more skill sets. That’s exactly what you are trying to do, only that the money would be used to improve your bank account.

If there is a course they’ve been asking you to attend, that is a perfect excuse to get money from parents.

Inform them that the course is about to start and you would need money to register. Give them a breakdown of the cost and the topics to be covered. You could Photoshop a course outline and send it to them to achieve this.

I suggest you start with a non-expensive course that wouldn’t raise eyebrows once you present the costs to your parents.  This is one of the beautiful excuses to get money from parents without getting caught or questioned.

“Hi, Dad,

I have been having severe challenges with managing my time well for higher productivity. Jim introduced me to a master class on Time Management.

I was hoping to join the class and improve myself on Time Management. Do you know why I am telling you? I am telling you because I need money to join the class. Dad, I know you would help me; it is just $100 for a month course.

Thanks, Dad,

I love you.”


Excuse No 3 =>Shopping Allowance

Depending on your age and the way your parents look at independence, you should be getting your shopping allowance from them. If you’re in college, then this excuse would also work efficiently. Shopping excuses are simple and work well. However, they would backfire if your parents decide to take you shopping themselves.

If you want to use the money for anything other than shopping, then you will have to come up with reasonable ideas on how to get enough clothes to convince them that you spent the money wisely. If you can get up to $100 for your shopping needs, you can keep aside the right amount of it for the actual reason you need the money and come up with stories that will make up for the shortage.

Your parents will let you get away with it if you can get enough clothes that can divert any suspicion.

But that doesn’t mean you should be shopping for just clothes. Groceries, toiletries, and many other necessities could make up your shopping list and make it easier for you to sneak out a reasonable amount for miscellaneous into the shopping list.

The problem with expanding your shopping list is that you would be asking for a massive amount in the end (no matter how small the amount seems to you). Most parents are skeptical about giving their kids a lot of money for anything, so you should start with as small as you can get.



a girl asked for money and received money

Girl receiving money from parent after asking



Excuse No 4 ==> Birthdays

On your birthday, you could get cash, gifts or both from your parents but this time it’s not your birthday. You could even convince your parents to get you a car or support your finances to get a car for school or a paying job located far from the house.

This excuse is just as easy as the ones above, but it has a little problem with it. You would have to remember the birthdate every year, so your parents don’t catch you off guard.

Birthday excuses could start with you telling your parents that your new friend is celebrating their birthday and want to get them something special. It could be a friend, roommate, or someone that your parents would consider.

This is one of the best excuses to get money from parents – according to Kevin, a 19yr old kid school in Chicago.

This excuse works best if you’re not living with your parents or you’re in college. If you live with your parents and you truly have a friend whose birthday is coming up, then you should be careful with this excuse. Your parents would meet with them someday and ask about their birthday.

If it ends badly, you might lose your parents’ trust and never get a chance to use the two excuses we listed below.


Excuse No 5 ==> I Need a Break

Who doesn’t? This excuse works for most parents, but you will have to go beyond polite if you want to get something reasonable. This excuse is the best on our list because it barely backfires.

So how do you go about it? First, you would have to work extremely hard to deserve your break. You could step up your grades in school or build a strong work ethic (for those working while living with their parents). Your parents should be impressed with your performance and your work ethics without you having to remind them.

If your parents seem to pass up on your excellent performance, you will bring it to their attention in the most subtle ways. Once you’re able to achieve that, you can go ahead to ask for your break.

Even if you think you deserve your break (if you have been working hard), you should know that you’re not entitled to the money. So try to stay as polite as possible.


Excuse No 6 ==>Haircuts

How often do you get a haircut? Well, it doesn’t matter. If you’re not living with your parents, this excuse could count as the best of the best excuses to get money from your parents. Depending on your hairstyle, you would need a cut or trim in a few weeks, so you can use this excuse as many times as possible while getting your hair cut or trimmed only a few times.

Remember to dial it back on the requests, or you would end up blowing the excuse and having your parents decide when they want you to have your hair cut.


Excuse No 7 ==> Lost a Bet Excuse

If your parents aren’t strict ones who abhor vices like gambling, this would be one of the perfect excuses to get money from parents.

If there was something they bought for you that you believe they cherish so much, you could use that as the catch.

The aim is to inform them that something precious (which they bought for you) is endangered because you lost a silly bet you made. Then you tell your parent that you need a certain amount of money to claim it back.

Please note that you should have arranged everything in case your parents decide to do some investigations. It would help hasten the process and avoid you getting caught.


Excuse No ==> Loan Excuses

This loan excuse shows that you’ve already used a loan to do something important like;

  • Attending a master class on self-improvement
  • Carrying out a school project
  • Lost your monthly allowance to scammers – so you collected a loan to survive
  • I bought a textbook because it was urgent and you couldn’t call home.

Anything of great importance the loan was used for would increase your chances of getting money from your parents.

Excuses to Get Money from Relatives

In this section, I will give you the best excuses to collect money from your relatives.

Below are the excuses to collect money from relatives:

Contract Loss

One of the greatest excuses to get money from a relative is to inform them that you just lost a contract.

They will be unable to figure out what contract since a contract is different from a job. You will add that you intended to pay back the money to your lender and then save some for feeding or buying stuff for yourself.

Meanwhile, you can send your relatives the message below:

Hi [Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, Granny]

I hope you are doing great. Honestly, I am not okay.

I recently lost a minor contract worth $100 that could have been enough to carter for me through the month.

However, the client said there is a change of plan and that they would not need my services at the moment.

I do not know when they will return, and I am cashless.

Please, send me some money to care for myself and replace some of my stuff.

Thank you

Note that you are to include your payment account in the message. If you call them, make sure to send the bank account in the form of a text message after the call.

Misplaced Money

You can use the misplaced money excuse to get money from anyone in your family, including strangers.

However, you must have reasons why you lost the money.

Below are the reasons to include:

  • There was chaos, so I ran along with the crowd and lost my money.
  • I went to buy the groceries, on returning home, I could not find the bag I put my money on.
  • Right in my bed is where I left the last money I had, but I can’t find it again. Funny enough, nobody is in the room with me.

You can include additional excuses to the above to suit the context of your money request.

Regardless of the situation, do not lie and do not sound suspicious.

If you indeed misplaced your money, even if it was some months ago, use it as an excuse to collect money from our relatives.

You can use this excuse on multiple relatives, but endeavor to tell each of them that you informed the other already so that they see you as a liar when they find out you said the same thing to everyone.

Unexpected Taxations

If you own a car, you can inform your relatives that you had some services done on the car, but you were charged more than you expected.

Or, you can say that you had a bank transaction recently and that you were overcharged. When you contacted the bank, they said it is for the outstanding charges.

Now, tell your relative that you did not expect the additional charges because it has affected the amount of money you needed to do something with.

If you have proof of the transaction, you can send it in the form of a screenshot for them to believe all the excuses.

Urgent Invitation

You could also use this excuse for sneaking out. Most of the time, we receive urgent Invitations, especially when we are managing our available funds.

Well, you can take advantage of the situation and use it as an excuse to collect money from your relatives.

Assuming a friend invites you to a birthday party, wedding party, or celebrative ceremony, you can inform your relatives to assist with some money.

If there is an invitation card available, you can send it to them as proof.

Even if you are lying about the invitation, you can send them a random invitation card claiming it was also sent to you. If your relatives have the money, they will send it immediately.

Trust me; this excuse to get money from people work 90% of the time.

Money Loss to Stranger

Another excuse to collect money from a relative or a family member is to tell them that you lost your money to s stranger you tried to assist.

I prefer to send this excuse in the form of a text message because it is more thrilling to the relative while they read.

Below is the sample message:

Dear [relative]

How is the family? I hope you are doing great. Please extend my greetings to [member one], [member 2], etc.

This week is not the best for me, but I am glad I have caring relatives like. I have also written to [relative 1], [relative 2], and [relative 3] to inform them of my financial plight.

Recently, I hoped to be a good Samaritan, but it turned out I was making a mistake.

A stranger walked up to me and politely requested that I give him money to pay the seller so that he can leave. Seeing how the situation was escalating, I offered to make the $150 payment since he promised to make a bank transfer.

After paying the money, he asked for my bank details, which I provided. Then, some minutes later, he showed me the bank alert he received, and I just trusted him blindly, then we departed.

When I got home, no sign of notifications from the bank, I contacted the bank, and it was confirmed that there was no such transaction. Then it occurred that the stranger used the fake bank alert on me.

Dear relative, kindly give me some money to recoup my loss.

Thank you

Excuses to Collect Money from Friends

It is possible to get money from your friends without paying it back. You do not even have to lie to them with the excuses I provide in this section.

Below are the excuses to get money from friends:

Lost Your Wallet

Friends can be douchebags at times, but that does not stop them from being there when you need the money.

If you tell a friend that you lost your wallet, they would make fun of you but ask how it happened.

Viola, you win their heart, get the money, and that makes a good excuse to get money from friends.

For this excuse to function flawlessly, you have to be sad somehow. It will make them ask, “what’s wrong, pal?”. Then you reply, “I lost my wallet, and I have no cash, no nothing.”

You Bet Your Last Cash Due to Hunger

Telling your friends or neighbors that you lost your last money to a bet is silly, no doubt. They may blame you for taking such a risk, but you can retort by saying that you had no choice.

At this point, you do not even have to tell them that you need money; they will give you what they can afford. Note that you can use this excuse on as many friends as possible. However, you must tell each friend about it to not seem like you are lying when they discover within themselves.

The truth is that friends would always inform other friends about your experience with the missing wallet.

You Are Broke

If your friends are the working-class kind, it is even easier to inform them that you are broke.

Send the message below to your friend:

Dear [Friend]

What is up? And, how is the family? Kindly extend my greetings to [mention the names of the people they stay with].

I do not know whether it is the right time to message you about my plight, but I hope you consider it.

Honestly, I’m broke at the moment and would be so appreciative of anything.

I hardly ever go out these few days because I have no money to replace old and expired stuff.

Do get back to me, [friend].

Thank you

[Your name]

Now, do not include your bank about yet. You have to wait for your friend to get back to you. If they call, hear what they have to say. They will either ask you to send your account details or give you reasons why they cannot provide you with money at the moment.

Parents/Guardians Have no Money

Friends laugh over some stuff, but if you tell a friend that your parents are not buoyant presently, they will make no fund of you. Instead, they would be moved to assist with as much money as they can.

If your parents or guardians are not broke, do not say that they are. But if your parents say they do not have much money to give you at the moment, then it is okay to inform your friends that your parents or guardians have no money.

When writing or calling your friends, tell them that you asked and that the respondents indicated they have no money to give.

Also, emphasize the need to have the money, renew your subscription, get yourself clothes, or buy new toiletries.

Regardless of what you want to do, your friends will give you the money. But do not give them discouraging reason like the ones below:

  • To gamble
  • Give to your lover
  • Buy toys
  • Go drugs partying, etc.

Repay a Neighbor

If you owe a neighbor, of course, you must repay them. Tell your friends that you have owed the money for a while and feel bad about it.

Your friends understand that you need the money and do not need the cash to pay back. So, they may not give you the entire money.

Assuming you need $100, each of your friends can afford up to $10. If you contact 10 friends, that should reach $100. Note that not every friend you meet has the money; they also have problems to solve.


We can confirm that these excuses have been tried and tested as they do work for many people. They are the most common excuses used to deceive (yeah! I said it) money from parents, relatives, and friends without arousing suspicion. Meanwhile, do you know of someone that died recently? You can withdraw money from dead person’s account before the bank takes ownership.

What other excuses have you used to get money from people?


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