Expensive Small Things to Steal from Home Depot

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The Home Depot is one big place to steal from and get away with it. But what are the expensive small things to steal from Home Depot?

expensive small things to steal from Home Depot

You can steal anything and everything from Home Depot. However, the expensive small things to steal from the Home Depot include tools, control knobs from floor model appliances, knobs of display vanities, etc.

Once in a while, you can have a big catch at the Home Depot. You can steal a loaded bathtub of power tools, and more.

Meanwhile, stealing from Home Depot is illegal and you can be arrested. For instance, a man was arrested for recruiting drug addicts, homeless, and parolees to steal and return stolen items to Home Depot.

Note that this scam can cost Home Depot thousands of bucks. It is different from shoplifting and is punishable, you can be fined heavily and jailed for up to 40 years.

Expensive Small Things to Steal from Home Depot

In this section, we will look at the commonest small items you can steal at the Home Depot. Below are the expensive small things to steal from Home Depot:

  1. Power tools

Power tools are small expensive items to steal from the Home Depot.

What is the most stolen item at Home Depot

The difference expected in the cash value of items is expected by the management to be ‘shrink’ and ‘swell’ in the stock as against what is in stock after the company takes inventory.

The ‘shrink’ in the stocks is seen when Home Depot sees fewer products than what they think is available. However, ‘swell’ occurs when the Home Depot sees more products than what they think is available.

On a small scale, for instance, if the Home Depot expects a total of $20 of products but the inventory taken shows $18, their shrink becomes $2.

If you asked a Home Depot about the power tools, you might find that power tools also account for shrinks. In a shrink of $400,000, it is possible for power tools to account for nearly $200,000.

Power tools are indeed attractive for stealing since they are expensive and small. You can also easily unload stolen power tools.

Also, you can easily sell stolen power tools to both crooks and honest people. You can easily convince honest people that the stolen power tool is legit.

  1. Paint

Paint is one of the expensive small things to steal from home depot. Stealing is stealing, however, stealing paint from the Home Depot can get innocent workers fired – the downside of things.

Can Home Depot stop you from stealing

Typical Home Depots are filthy rich corporations to steal from and get away with it. However, when your operation gets an innocent worker fired, then your theft is a disaster.

You can transact with many crooks and get them to buy your stolen Home Depot paints, especially on weekends. These people will typically order paints of various colors and pay you for them.

And, yes, paints are small and expensive, so you can easily steal and sell them.

You will buy stolen paints from Home Depot usually for cheap. First, look out for one of the workers that mix the paint.

Tell them the color of paint that you want but do not be clear about it. After the Home Depot worker is done mixing the paint, say that it is not what you want. Shake your head in disappointment and convince them with proof that the paint is not what you want. So, you do not have to pay for it. You could also say you do not want the particular sheen or brand.

The paint will be examined. You will then look at your watch and inform the workers that it is time to go or you will miss a ride.

After some minutes, send in someone to buy the paints very cheap. They will pretend they need a particular color but are willing to buy what is there so it does not waste.

Your partner will then have to pay as little as $10 or a little more for the same paint that could cost more.


How to Steal from Home Depot

Stealing from Home Depot is not nearly a walk in the park but not. Nonetheless, you can easily steal from Home Depot, almost like beating Walmart security.

Below are the steps to steal from Home Depot:

  1. Hide from the cameras

The typical Home Depot has CCTV or camera rolling on up to 7-8 cameras tops. You could easily beat the cameras but that does not mean that you can just walk in, steal the expensive small item and walk out.

Nonetheless, the cameras could sometimes be bluffs. So, the Home Depot is, perhaps, just big and not enough manpower to monitor the site with the cameras. Thus, the camera viewers may not always be on station, so you could have other times to sneak in, steal and sneak back out.

  1. Deactivate the RFID tags

Stealing and concealing small expensive things out of the Home Depot could be easier without RFID tags. You have to beat them to be able to get away with the stolen item undetected. This also means you have to deactivate the passive RFID tags in the Home Depot.

If the small expensive item you are stealing has a spider wrap on it or any visible security tags, you have to destroy or deactivate it. Otherwise, the vertical checkpoints will detect the stolen Home Depot item as you walk through the door.

Typical tools, including DeWalt, Milwaukee, etc., have a passive RFID chip in them. If the tags are built inside, then you can avoid them and go for items with visible tags you can destroy.

If you try to exit the door with a stolen small and expensive item at the Home Depot, the alarms can go off. Sometimes, the towers or checkpoints will not work.

Of course, you will be confronted and detained. The corporation can also turn you over to the police, matters get worse from the point.

You can steal Home Depot items by pushing them off the back of the shelf while they are being stocked. Puch them where no worker will find them. If the item is damaged, an associate can discover and dispose of it, then it is yours, this method is known as the ‘mark down’.

Other tips to steal from Home Depot and get away with it

No loose clothing

If you are going to steal at Home Depot without being suspected upon your entrance, you do not want to wear loose clothes.

Loose clothes are typically suspicious, especially during the summer.

No distinction features

You do not need anything that put you out before everyone. For example, tattoos, dyed hair, and more.

If you have any of these distinctive features, cover them completely. The idea is to stop the store attendants from being attracted to you. Make sure your appearance is similar to that of other people.

Keep bags away

You do not need a bag when shoplifting from Home Depot. Bags make you suspicious, which is why your best bet is to target items that do not require a bag.

If you already have a bag on you, the attendants might want to check it. Even when you are cleared to enter, they will keep eyes on you until you exit. You might never have the chance to steal.

Wear simple clothes

The clothes you wear can sell you out. Look out for clothes with little or no logos, no bright colors, or too many designs. The idea is to wear something that keeps you within the crowd.

Buy something

Home Depot will be more suspicious of you if you walk in and out without buying something. You can do a bit of a giveaway by purchasing a cheap item. Look for an item you really need and pay for it.

This should take the security eyes a little off you so that you shoplift the small expensive item you target.

Shoplift during the day

You think it is better to shoplift at night but during the peak hours is better. The employees are busy serving, which makes them too consumed to worry about shoplifters.

If you are a minor, Home Depot employees will hardly notice you. Many minors unattended to at Home Depot are usually dodgy.

Do not steal always

If you are going to steal all the time, then target different Home Depot stores to steal from. Luck runs out faster if you steal at the same Home Depot repeatedly.

You really must be confident. Learn here to become a professional con man.

Does Home Depot Know When You Steal Items?

Home Depot will know when you steal items from them if you do not know and bypass their security setup. Typically, some Home Depot use computers can automatically track every stock sold, received, and other changes in available items.

For instance, Home Depot begins a fiscal year with 20 drills. They get about 80 throughout the same year and sell 90, then they expect 10 drills at the end of that fiscal year.

If only 5 drills are seen at the end of the fiscal year, then it is a ‘shrink’ in the dollar value because 5 were stolen.

Another way is the use of RFID as earlier explained in the section about how you can steal small expensive things from Home Depot.

What is Home Depot’s Shoplifting Policy?

Home Depot’s shoplifting policy is strongly against stealing their items. If you are caught stealing, the loss prevention can detain you, and, perhaps, hand you over to the police.

You can be ticketed and suspended or banned from entering any Home Depot property. In extreme cases, you will be jailed for days or even months depending on the value of the item you steal.

In your case, since you are targeting expensive items, you may be jailed for a longer time and fined heavily. Fortunately, you can fight the charges off or have the penalty reduced.

Final Thoughts

Home Depot is a large corporation you can steal from. It is better than stealing from a family-owned business but ethically incorrect to steal at all.

The employees at Home Depot are not all eyes on you or the small item you target to steal, making it a perfect store to shoplift items.

There are lots of expensive items to steal from Home Depot and we keep updating this article to add more expensive small things you can steal from Home Depot.

After getting banned from entering any Home Depot, you can still get in there to buy. You have to shop very fast and pay with cash self-checkout.

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