How to Find Under the Table Jobs on Craigslist

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This article discloses how to find under the table jobs on Craigslist. CL, as popularly abbreviated, is one of the hideouts for series of activities – legal and illegal.

how to find under the table jobs on Craigslist

Of course, you can get a job on CL and get paid in cash; no government agency noses around, and it ends between you and the employer.

Under the table, jobs involve employments not reported to the government. It is an employment opportunity where you collect cash in hand and no annoying taxes.

Yes, Craigslist opens you to arrays of under the table work opportunities, which this article shows you how to find them.

Is it OK to work under the table?

It is illegal in any state to get a job under the table because it denies the state taxes from your income. An employer is supposed to report the earning, but considering that under the table is less expensive, employers take advantage to reconcile insurance expenses and payroll tax. Somehow, under the table is the order of the day, and many businesses indulge in this practice. Besides, if you’re looking to work as someone without SSN qualification, you secure a timeline to get a fake SSN and work as an illegal until you qualify for SSN.

How to Find Under the Table Jobs on Craigslist

This section reveals the steps to identify possible under the table jobs on CL. Below are the steps to find under table jobs on Craigslist:

  1. Go to Craigslist.Org

Your first step is to sign up if you don’t already have an account with Craigslist. If you do not reside in the supported states, the website blocks your IP. However, you can use a VPN to access the website.

CL will now navigate you to the area it detects from your IP. If your IP reads a different location, for instance, if you use a VPN to hide your identity, it will navigate you to that location.

Nonetheless, you can always select a new location when you access the website.

You’d find several sections on CL, including Jobs sections. Craigslist also features temporary jobs, and they are best for under table employees.

Lots of job seekers prefer the jobs section, especially those willing to leave home for their work. But if you prefer to work from home, you’d want to navigate to the gigs section.

Most gigs are typical freelance jobs like writing, copywriting, social media marketing, etc.

  1. Check Various Sections

You’d want to check the various sections on Craigslist because some employers are not conscious of using relates sections. But don’t go searching for a job like lawn mowing under the automotive category.

Meanwhile, you may be able to filter-search for employers willing to pay cash to avoid taxes. Of course, you’d found them. And some employers include it in their descriptions.

  1. Search for Work

Searching for a job on CL is simple; you use the search bar to find them and select which would be convenient.

While you surf Craigslist for under the table jobs, you would come across gigs that are demanding and pay more. You would also earn more since you do not file a tax report on the earning.

Some meager paying under the table jobs on Craigslist usually do not last, but you can secure many of them for more profit. People also use collect those jobs, pay others lower amount to do them while serving as the middleman.

  1. Mind the Rate

You must not enslave yourself merely because you’re searching for a job under the table and that pays cash. Moreover, some jobs are open to negotiations, so you get to bargain with the poster on the listing for a fair price.

Most listings appear in descending order, from older listings to newer listings. Sometimes, due to the keywords the poster included in the description, more recent listings can rank higher or have more visibility.

The heading of the listing will contain basic information, including job location and type. For instance, you’d get something like Baby Sitter (Manchester).

Do not review gigs that require physical meetings if they are far from your location. But you may review jobs that are virtual, such that you do not necessarily have to meet the job poster.

  1. Apply for Gig

Before you apply for an under the table job on CL, make sure the price is not ridiculous. Yes, scammers post jobs, too, and they would typically want you to click a suspicious URL or pay to get the job.

To apply for a job, click Reply near the listing to contact the potential employer. You may then contact the person following their provided contact option(s).

  1. Reply to Job Applications

When you receive notifications, be mindful of which you take seriously. Click the preferred client to reply. You’d get a new email form with an information field like ‘To’ and ‘Subject’ and a link to the listing in the body.

Sometimes, employers use a company email address. If they use CL’s anonymous email address, such as [email protected].org, just copy and paste it on your email to contact them.

Make sure to include the subject and explain yourself sincerely. Most employers include trick options to test how well you follow instructions. For instance, you may be required to reply to the email with a certain term or provide your experience in the job.

If you’re requested to include finance-related information, it may be a scam, especially if it instructs you to make payments upfront.

When you reply to the email, the owner of the listing will get back to you.

Do you reside in a large metro location? If yes, ensure to check beyond the top 100 listings since the leading listings may have too many applicants already.

Note that these posters receive lots of applications, and would manually review the application, so it might take longer for yours to be reached. The solution is to reply to any job faster to secure a chance to be contacted.

Top Under the Table Gigs on Craigslist

  • Writing

There are lots of writing gigs on Craigslist, and you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. Since you are getting paid in cash, it is easier to avoid taxes, and lots of intelligent illegals write to survive. The writing jobs include screenwriting, copywriting, blog content writing, translation (typically from English to another language), etc.

  • Talent

You can secure a job in the talent category, including models (you can sell your feet pic on Instagram, OnlyFans, and even Craigslist), dancers, singers, etc.

  • Labor

Manual jobs will take you off your comfort zone and are worth it under a table job if the location is nearby. You can work as a yard worker, driver, cleaner, painter, handyman, etc. While hunting for SSN, this category could be the game-changer.

  • Event

CL features jobs like festivals, fashion shows, concerts, etc., where you can work to earn money in cash.

  • Domestic

Simple domestic gigs include babysitting, dog walking, personal trainer, housekeeping, etc.

  • Crew

If you’d love to be a part of a movie, a studio audience, a minor role, etc., here is the job to select. You may follow this under the table job opportunity to earn fame if you satisfy the director(s).

  • Creative

Are you skilled in photography, sculpting, makeup, music, etc.? Select a related gig within your location to get started.

  • Computer

If you are a programmer, you can earn under the table and get away with it. Other opportunities are social media manager, graphic design, web development, design, etc. these are flexible jobs you can do from home.

Tips to Find the Right Under the Table Jobs on Craigslist

  1. Create Another Email Address

Before signing up on CL, open a new email address. You can learn how to create a Gmail account using one phone number, though. Do not use your primary email address; otherwise, you’d have spam messages to fight.

When you sign up on CL, not all the emails are from real people. Some persons merely add your email address to their marketing list to bomb you with irrelevant emails.

  1. Search a Suitable Job

So not just search for an under the table job. You are actually looking for a job you can do, and that is flexible. Your keyword is important too because it has to match what posters include in their descriptions.

Do not use automobile-related keywords when searching for a domestic job within your location. Meanwhile, you can level down to your skills using CL filter search under the category you select.

You can also search “cash jobs” to get rid of jobs that do not pay cash since we’re after cash payment.

  1. List Your Resume

If you can’t find a cash job, you might want to post your resume as an ad looking for a cash job. Of course, interested employers will send you messages requesting your availability.

You do not have to post a full resume, though; keep your terms short and move on to explain what you want. Make sure to list your previous experiences, and do not fail to mention your performances that attracted interest.

If your ad expires without engagement, do not give up. You’d have to post a new ad and ensure to make a few changes this time.

  1. Be Professional

Regardless of what you want, make sure your description in the ad you post or the under the table job you apply for is professional.

If you are creating the title, for instance, it must be catchy. Most of the time, people searching for cash jobs include “Cash” in their title to attract interested persons.

Make sure to highlight your skills and identify your work ethics, i.e., what makes you unique, because many others possess your skill.

  1. Be Concerned About Payment

Do not just conclude and get to work. You must discuss the payment system and make it clear you accept payment in cash only. If the employer is interested, the deal will proceed; otherwise, you’d both be wasting your time.

Most employers will lowball, but you can avoid lowballing by listing a reasonable price when uploading your ad. You can do the same when applying for jobs; emphasize your skills to convince the potential client.

  1. Understand the Gig

Before you apply for a gig, go through it briefly. Some gigs are excessively demanding, and you do not want to apply for something that is not convenient. Keep in mind that this under the table job is merely to fetch some bucks without reporting taxes to the government.

Employers will attempt to rip you by making you agree to work more for less. They would also mention that they are doing you a favor, but you are doing them favors too.

Look out for scams, though. The fortunate thing about CL scams is that you will know when you’re dealing with a scammer. They typically make strange requirements with ridiculous promises that are red flags.

Top Under the Table Jobs on Craigslist

Choose the best under the table jobs on Craigslist below:

  1. Dog Walking

You can apply to walk a dog within your neighborhood and get paid in cash. This job will take you off your comfort zone, though. And if you have other things doing, you might be working dogs in the evenings.

You’d also need some practice walking a dog, especially if you have no dog. Most dogs would want to escape from the leech to play because dogs are typically curious. And if you are unprepared at the time, they can drag you into the dirt, causing injury.

  1. Housecleaning

You can clean houses for money and get paid in cash without taxes being charged. Other than private apartments, offices, storage buildings, etc., are great places to work in.

On craigslist, you can search “house cleaning” and review the requirements you find. You may have to scroll down because the top results may have been filled with applicants, reducing your chance of the job.

  1. Chauffeuring

If you can drive a car or ride a motorcycle, then you can take up chauffeuring. Many persons on CL need personal drivers. The downside with this job is that you’d have to be with the employer. Of course, you could now be driving about, but it is mostly a temporary job.

You need time to do other things, though. Make sure to surf the rideshare Craigslist category for this under the table job. You can teach someone to ride a motorcycle themselves or learn a car themselves.

  1. Babysitting

Babysitting is a great job for people that want to be paid in cash. Most under the table jobs on CL are easy to get, but this particular job is tougher. It is not easy for parents to trust their kids to strangers. Moreover, this job segregates gender; typically, it’s females that secure this job.

You’d also require skills in managing babies. They are not adults, and you must not expect them to act or behave maturely.

Babysitting is a great job for weekends. You can work on weekdays if you have the chance. Do not make it a permanent job, except you’re illegal in the country.

Also, take up free babysitting courses online. See a couple of YouTube videos and learn the other side of babies that make babysitting a bit challenging. Note that it is a risky under the table job since it involves the life of a delicate human.

  1. Tutoring

If you are skilled in a particular field, you can become a tutor. Amateur drivers need tutors, and you can become their secondary instructor.

You can also teach courses to interested persons you’d find on Craigslist. Simply enter the course you can ace on Craigslist to find people that need your services. Note that you can run an ad, too.

If you are excellent at a particular programming language, you can teach people. Some languages include Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.

Meanwhile, foreigners also need translators or people to lecture them on English. You can teach mathematics to adults and children, especially children.

  1. Photography

If you’re signing up for photography, you must be reliable and confident when taking photos. You also need a decent digital camera. Your smartphone camera is not professional.

People need photographers during occasions like weddings, sports, bike/car races, etc. Even family gatherings are great occasions for photographs, and your servicers may be required.

You’d need a portfolio of past work, too. And this under the table job on Craigslist attract cash payment, which keeps you from paying taxes for your work.

  1. Errands

You can sign up to become an errand person for people. Most employers will accommodate you as their personal assistant running several errands, including picking up items, answering specific phone calls, representing them on occasions, etc.

  1. Yard Work

Simple yard works such as pulling weeds, mowing lawns, watering gardens, shoveling snow, etc., are under the table job opportunities on CL.

You may earn long-term contracts since most lawns require regular management, same with shoveling snow, pulling a weed, planting, etc.

  1. Handyman

To work as a handyman, you need to be physically strong. You also need equipment such as screwdrivers, wrench sets, screwdrivers, etc. As a beginner, you may not be able to afford the tools, but you can save up and get them ready before applying for handyman jobs.

As a handyman, available under the table job opportunities include the following:

  • Windows, doors, and fence painting
  • Kitchen sink repairs
  • Bathroom damage repairs
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Power washing sidewalks and driveways
  • Car washing, etc.

Meanwhile, you may follow our guide to learn how to start a profitable hand car wash.

How Much Can You Make from Under the Table Jobs on Craigslist?

The amount of money you can make from under the table job depends on the poster of the ad and the job type. A translator would not earn the same as a handyman, same as a babysitter. It vastly depends on how much you agree with the employer and what your portfolio or resume reports. Nonetheless, you can make more than $500 doing under-the-table jobs under Craigslist, especially short-term jobs. The estimated work hour will be about 35 hours, but you can earn up to $1,000 depending on how long you work under the table on CL.

Meanwhile, some employers are willing to pay $18 per hour for cash jobs on Craigslist. Besides, the employer gains a lot from the deal and enjoys the liberty of filing and paying taxes.

As a beginner, if you start with low-paying jobs, you can build yourself for high-paying jobs. Getting high-paying jobs is quite challenging due to high competitiveness. The number of applications or applicants is surplus, and your chances are typically slim.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed Searching for Under the Table Job on Craigslist

It is easy to get scammed on CL and is also easy to avoid getting scammed on CL. One of the popular Craigslist scams is the CL classified ad that many have fallen victim to, and you must be careful not to be a victim.

Below are the tips to avoid getting scammed when applying or finding under the table jobs on Craigslist:

  • Read Craigslist Recommendations

Craigslist compiles the common scams to look out for here. Refer to them any time you have a deal to keep up with scam trends and stay informed.

  • Request a Video Call

Most legit potential clients would welcome a video conversation before meeting them in person. You can explain that you are following this measure to filter out scammers.

  • Do Not Accept to Ship

Some scammer can attempt to convince you to ship particular items for them and get paid handsomely. Typically, they are not interested in your listing or your application but your attention. Such items could be illegal items that land you in jail.

  • Close Deals that Request Money

When a deal requests money upfront to secure the under-the-table job, close them, and do not respond again. Make sure not to send your payment information to anyone or make money transfers of any kind.

  • Do Not Click Suspicious URLs

Some scammers, typically those attempting to infect your computer or steal your passwords, may send malicious links, convincing you to click for whatever reason. Do not click and do not open such emails again.

  • Do Not Allow Credit Checks

If you allow background/credit check, you may be exposing personal details to scammers that may use your credit card details for carding.

  • Don’t Follow Fake Voicemails

When a message requests accessing or checking your voicemail, it is fraudulent.

Can you put under the table jobs on resume?

Yes, you can put under the table jobs on your resume. Your resume includes all side jobs; so far, they are not illegal jobs. You can explain to the employer that you list those jobs to show that you possess such skills when the company needs them for particular projects.

Final Thoughts

Under the table jobs are excellent ways to stop the government from earning from your wallet. But do not forget that the funds are used to enhance the level of life across the country.

Craigslist is also careful with listings and would remove suspicious listings automatically. Under the table jobs are not legal jobs, so you want to be moderate when posting ads or applying for jobs. CL can penalize your account, but it’s rare when you’re careful.

If you can take up an under-the-table job, you would comfortably pickpocket a watch! How about cheating Walmart security or selling weed to make money in a weed legal state?

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