Flipkart Carding Method with Bin

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Howdy, Hustler? Apart from carding top stores in the US, the UK, Canada, etc., the Flipkart carding method lets you card the Indian e-store without leaving a mark. The exciting thing about carding on Flipkart is that you can use a third-party site for payments.

Flipkart carding method

Yes, Flipkart is one of the best sites for carding and it came on board not quite long ago. It is a method of carding that is similar to Amazon carding, Nike.com carding, Walmart carding, Target carding, etc.

Note that Flipkart is different from the international carding format like MoneyGram carding and mobile payment methods such as Cash App carding, Venmo carding, and PayPal carding.

The reason why Flipkart is unique is that it involves India, and we can expect an Indian site to provide the best carding deal without a problem.

Note also that India is one of the leading countries in carding. So, it makes sense to claim that nearly 30% of Flipkart transactions are carding.

History of Flipkart Carding

Flipkart was founded in 2007 and they launched their website the same year to start selling items. However, Flipkart started as a bookselling store but eventually moved to sell items that carders can buy.

When Flipkart sold books only, carders did not patronize their site. Also, the company was not very famous then.

Today, Flipkart is a mobile store that deals in clothes, phones, electronics, books, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Carding Flipkart with cc

Flipkart Store

The company is registered in Singapore and their headquarter is in Bangalore, India. Unfortunately, Flipkart does not ship internationally.

But if you live in any of the unsupported countries, you can still bypass the restriction. Of course, we are in the 21st century.

I discovered that Shoppre.com can ship from India’s Flipkart to about 220 countries worldwide, including the US. Plus, you can ship within 3 days, depending on your location.

The site security and policy are not strict, so you can get away with carding on Flipkart without a chargeback or whatever.

To bypass the limitation, I use Shoppre.com to shop on Flipkart. Their services allow me to order and bill items to over 220 countries. However, you must pay a 10% service charge on any item.

Requirements to Card Flipkart

In this section, we look at the items you need to card on Flipkart and get away with it.

Below are the tools/requirements to card Flipkart.com:


As usual, a CC is the best tool for carding, before a VPN. Without CC, no carding. So, you must get a working CC. If possible, get an Indian CC. In this tutorial, I use a Canadian credit card to buy from Flipkart through Shoppre.com. The card worked and I received shipping in 7 days.

Note that you need a CC that is live and with high balance. As you read further, I have mentioned some of the BINs for carding Flipkart.

Meanwhile, I wrote on the top BIN for CC carding.

Fake Phone Number

You do not need a phone number for any severe reason. However, if the delivery must contact you or the drop, they will call the phone number.

If you shop through a third-party like Shoppre.com, you do not have to worry about security.

You can even card with the CC of your current country and use a random phone number from your country to register the account.


You can use a VPN or Socks (Socks4 or Socks5). Even RDP works fine. The reason is so that you block Flipkart.com from knowing that you are not carding from a particular location.

If you have an India CC, however, you can get an Indian VPN. I have seen lots of Indian VPNs online, and you should try them out or set up Socks4 or Socks5 to connect as Indian.


Fake ID

You need a fake ID that matches the CC details. It can be a fake driving license, national ID card, etc.

However, it must match the CC information. In this manner, you block Flipkart.com from flagging your account.

Flipkart Account

A Flipkart.com account is another thing you need. If you have an old account, excellent. Otherwise, after opening an account, allow it to stay for at least 7 days.

Typically, it is advisable to create a Flipkart.com account for CC carding long before you buy CC online.


If you plan to be completely anonymous, get a picker. Note that I do not recommend carding as an Indian. The number of illegal hustlers like yourself is quite high in India, and they may do away with your carded order.

Flipkart cc carding tutorial


So, card the store to your country or card it to a country that is trusted and closer to your country. For example, if you reside in the US, you can card to Canada, and you need Canadian CC.


Drop is the billing address and the picker must live closer to the billing address. I have not tried to change my shipping address on Flipkart during the experiment, so I cannot comment on whether they allow people to change their billing address.

If it is possible, you can only change from a particular state to another and not the country.

How to Do the Flipkart Carding Method

Yes, to card Flipkart.com is easy. I have purchased from Flipkart at least thrice, and the sellers manipulatable just like Depop sellers.

Below are the steps regarding the Flipkart carding method:

  1. Open Account with Flipkart

First, you need a Flipkart.com account. I assume you already have a CC as a carding tradition. Make sure to create the account using the CC details and do not fail to make sure your email address matches the CC email address. Of course, it does not have to be the same, but similar.

  1. Cart Items

After you open a Flipkart.com account, add items to the cart. You can cart up to $1,000 items in your account, but you must not checkout more than $1,000 to avoid being flagged.


A Carded Phone

If you know that a particular CC has a high balance, then use it to the card on multiple platforms instead of carding every amount on Flipkart.com.

Finally, log out of the Flipkart account.

  1. Log in Again

After like 2 hours, log in to the account again. This time, clear your cart.

Go through the store and search for the latest iPhones, clothes, etc. I do not recommend carding electronics if you are new to carding.

First, it will take longer to ship and the cost of shipping will be higher because of the weight of the electronic.

  1. Order Item

After clearing your cart, order an item. Select the credit card as the payment method and enter the CC details to add the card.

If you are using a verified CC, note that a one-time password will be sent to the CC holder. So, you need a non-verified Visa CC card without OTP.

Next, set the billing address to your drop. Make sure the billing address is the country your CC is registered in. If Flipkart allows you to modify the billing address, it will be to change the ZIP code only, you cannot change the country. I have not tried to change the country though, but it is not possible when ordering online.

Finally, make the payment.

If you are using CC details that are different from the Indian CC, you may encounter problems. However, visit www.shopper.com/personal-shopper-shopping-coincierge-from-india. Click Place Order on the site and use it to checkout the item.

Note that they will charge you 10% of the amount you use for their services.

  1. Instruct the Seller

Now, tell the seller to move the item as soon as possible. You can tell the seller that you will be traveling with your family in a few days, and that nobody would be available to pick up the item.

If possible, overpay the seller from the CC so that it entices them to ship the item faster on express shipping service.

Best BIN for Flipkart Carding

  • 403276
  • 446547
  • 519493

Note that the BINs above are merely my suggestions. I want you to understand that there is nothing like the best BIN literarily. The best BIN can be any BIN with a high balance and that you can card without problems.

How to Check Live CC

Before you commence CC carding on Flipkart, make sure to check whether the CC is live. One of the many ways to check whether CC is live is to sign up for premium services.

Typically, I use Pornhub.com and Alexa. After signing up, make sure to remove your card, otherwise, these services will charge from the CC account directly, even before or after you finish carding.

Final Thoughts

To card Flipkart.com is not difficult, what is difficult is knowing the country to ship to using Shoppre.com. Like I mentioned, Flipkart carding is not strict security-wise, especially when you combine a third-party service like Shoppree.com.

Since Shoppre.com charges 10% of the transaction amount, you are their customer and they will try to cover up for you.

Finally, note that carding is illegal and you can be sanctioned lawfully if caught.

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