Yahoo Format to Collect Driving License from Client

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Yahoo Format to Collect Driving License from Client

Yes, it is tough trying to collect your client’s driving license – because there’s no good reason why he can’t give it to you. The good part is that once you read this post to the end, you will find the perfect yahoo format to collect driving license from clients.

Most hustlers and regular people believe that nothing can be done with just a driver’s license, but there are lots of things you can do once you have someone’s driver’s license.

This is one of the most priced pieces of information on the dark web [see more information on how to access the dark web], so once you have someone’s driver’s license and don’t know what to do with it, you can easily visit the dark web and sell it ASAP. Driver’s license goes as high as $25 as compared to $1 for credit card information.

Asides from selling the license, you can use a stolen driver’s license to create counterfeit licenses that you can use to obtain medical care, cash counterfeit checks, open accounts, commit identity fraud and pursue illegal activities. So which format can you use to collect driving license from client?

The requirement to collect Driving License from a Client

format to collect driving license

There’s just one resource you need to easily execute this format properly, and that is a phishing website.

Phishing Website

This phishing website should be in the form of an investment website, Phishing websites are easy to create, all you need is a domain name and hosting.

In this website, I will tell participants that they can win money by just answering simple questions. After winning, then to claim their wins, they will need to upload their driver’s license to claim their winning.

Some clients might detect this, but there are many that will fall victim to this phishing website and you can capitalize on that. In case you are wondering when to unleash this phishing website to your client, continue reading…

Formats to Collect Driving License from Clients

So here are the formats to collect a driving license from clients. Just follow them step by step and you’d be fine.

Trust Format

Without trust, you are just like a scammer to the client you are chatting with. Any slight question that looks suspicious, you will be blocked. So, the best way to get started is with the trust format. For more information, you can read about the trust format by clicking here.

Get to know your client, ask questions that will reveal much about them. There are specific questions that you should ask. But before you ask, make sure you have revealed quite enough about yourself also, so it wouldn’t seem like an interrogation.

Once you are done with the introduction phase, the next possible step would be to get to know much about your client. Ask questions like;

  • What’s your name?
  • Age? You can go a little bit further by asking for their date of birth. (i.e. year, month, and day.)
  • Do you have a pet, what’s the pet’s name?

Ask questions that will make your client like you and love talking with you. That way you can build trust with them.

Show them an Investment

Right after building trust with the trust format, I think the next best format to make your client provide their driver’s license is the investment format.

The reason you are using the investment format is to cloud their sense of reasoning. So instead of asking why you need their driving license, they will focus on how much money they can make just by giving you their driving license.

Yahoo game is manipulation and tricks, so if you can make it look like giving you their license is the only investment, they need to make money, they will respond fast.

Let’s take a look at a sample;

Investment Message 1

Hi {name}, I saw this opportunity online, and it’s actually a huge one. At first I thought it was a scam, but I decided to give it a trial, since there’s nothing to lose. They promised about $200 for filling out your information online and filling out surveys.

Have you heard about {insert name of the phishing website you created}? I tried it and they paid me over $200 just for filling out my information. If you can help me with your details, I can also claim money from there for you.

Send over your name and payment method you’d like. Then snap your driving license for me to help you claim the money.

If you have built trust, then it should be easy, and your client should respond very fast.

Ask for Help

Another way to collect driving license from a client is to ask them for help. But before you think of this, you should make sure that you guys are dating already or that you’ve built a high level of trust.

When asking for help, you need to make it look like you wanna claim a certain amount of money, and all that is required is to upload the driving license of your GF/partner. Tell your client that once you upload it, then you are entitled to receive the money.

Sample Message

Hi babe,


I need a little bit of favor from you right now. I saw a website that allow you win money by answering survey questions. My married friends already got cash from the website. I tried it now and I won $250, but I was asked to upload the identity of my partner before I can redeem my cash.

Can You snap your driving license for me, so I can upload and verify if I will get paid? I will definitely get you something huge if I get paid.

Direct Format

Another way to collect driving license from client is just be direct and ask. But you also need to put a good reason.

Just tell your client that when you uploaded your license on a web portal, it was rejected. Ask your client if they can snap and show you their own license, for you to confirm.

Once they snap and show you, quickly collect the license ID and store it before they delete the picture.

So these are like the possible ways you can quickly get your client’s driving license and do with it what ever you wish.


There are so many formats to collect driving license from your client, it depends on how you people start and how the conversation is going.

But if you have been a good follower of my blog, with the dating billing format, you can easily make a client fall in love and do whatever you want them to do.

If you have questions, use the comment section and ask, and I will respond to as many as I can. Cheers.


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