How to get a Fake Foreign Number for Whatsapp Verification [Working 100%]

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How to get a Fake Number for Whatsapp Verification

So in some cases, you need an extra number for your WhatsApp, which has forced you into research. Let me help you out by showing you how to get a fake number for WhatsApp verification and also a fake UK number for WhatsApp verification.

You get a fake number for WhatsApp verification by using an app called Wabi Virtual number for WhatsApp business. It was originally intended for those who needed a number that would allow them to communicate with foreign customers, but now it can be used even for your account.

In this post, I will show you the step by step process of how to get a fake number for WhatsApp verification to do anything you want to do with it. It follows a different process, unlike creating a fake Facebook account or even creating a fake Instagram account.

Just before we get started, I would love to let you know that the old method of verifying your WhatsApp account using TextPlus and Google Voice is no longer functional, which forced me to create this alternative. But to make it work, you must be using a good VPN, and you can buy a Good VPN for a cheap amount by clicking this link.

So let’s get started!

Steps to Get a Fake Number for WhatsApp Verification

fake number for whatsapp verification

Visit Google/Apple Play Store

This is where we will download the application. In the search bar, type in “Number for WhatsApp Verification” and click select.

You’d find the application come up in the search options.

search playstore for fake number for whatsapp verification

Select and Install Wabi App

You’d find the Wabi – virtual number for WhatsApp business. It was created for business people who needed a foreign WhatsApp number for business. But you can also use it for your account.

So once you select the application, you click install and wait for a few minutes (depending on your network coverage). Then you click open to explore the app.

install and open number verification App

Select your Preferred Country Number

There are several countries to choose from, so you decide which country’s number you want to use. You can either choose the UK, United States, Canada, or even Brazil. So if you are interested in a fake UK number for WhatsApp verification, you can select the UK as your preferred option.

You’d be given a free trial for all countries, so you decide on which one you intend to use.

free trial for Wabi App

Select any country of your choice.

Verify your Number

After selecting a number, you will be asked to verify the number by inputting your email. A verification code is then sent to your email address, which should be inputted into the app for your new number to be verified.

pick a number and select

Confirm Your Number on the App

fake number for whatsapp verification

Here’s your fake number for WhatsApp verification



Steps to Verify your Fake Number on WhatsApp

Now that you have your fake number for Whatsapp verification, here’s how to verify and start using it on WhatsApp.

Go to Whatsapp Setting and select Account

Click on WhatsApp settings and select Account


Click on Change Number

You’d have to change your existing number to the new number gotten from the Wabi Application.

change old number to new fake number

Click on the Change number


In the upper section, you input your old number and the new one below.

Input Verification Code

Click next, and you will be sent a verification code on the Wabi Application. Go to Wabi and collect the code, then come back to WhatsApp and input it to verify your number.

Collect the Code from Wabi Application.

Complete Verification and Claim your number

Now that you’ve verified the fake number for Whatsapp, just confirm it, and it appears as your new number.

new fake number for Whatsapp verification

Your New Number


So you’ve seen the steps to get a fake number for WhatsApp verification and how to verify it. So if you decide to use a number from another country, then you can just go through the steps again. In some situations, you might be asked to pay, but for this one, it is free for some time. Here’s a video to guide you through the full process.

So you can go ahead and get as many free numbers as you like.

If you like the post or need anything, use the comment section.



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