How to Get a Man to Spoil You with Cash as a Female Hustler

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How to get a man to spoil you pay your bills

As a female hustler, if you want a man to spoil you, you need to know his secrets, as I explained how to get money from married men post, which is why I will show you how to get a man to spoil you. Just in case that isn’t enough, you will also get to know how to get a man to pay your bills.

You see, the secret of making money faster is by collecting and using other people’s money. There is no doubt that money is well enjoyed when you are spending that of others. When you are spending your own money, you feel ‘waste’ singing inside of you.

Don’t worry, that time is over because you will learn to attract men that will spoil you. Whether it’s your boyfriend, man friend, husband, or some random guy, these tricks I am about to share with you works for all of them.

Since we are trying to eliminate any form of trial and error regarding the guy you will be selected, we will be qualifying them. You can never force a pig to sing, which is why we need to accept that not all men will spoil you with money.

Most of them are struggling and can’t even afford to spoil themselves; talk more of you. So we have to know the man we are selecting to spoil us and pay our bills. This is what will separate you from other girls who are scrambling for crumbs.

Before you understand how to make a man spoil you or get a man to pay your bills without stress, you must carefully select your target.

What makeup such a man?


how to get a man to spoil you

Real Fact!!!


How to Identify the Right Man to spoil you and Pay Your Bills

We are talking about being, which I believe is the first quality to look out for in a man. But just being rich doesn’t mean he is going to spend such riches on you. I will show you some signs to show that a guy is the spending type, and he will spend on you.

His Spending Habit

If you see a guy who doesn’t spend on himself, how would you get such a man to spoil you? That won’t be easy because he doesn’t even value you like himself. To get a man to spoil you, you must know if he can spend much on himself and others.

It is no story that a guy who spends so much on himself can also do the same for a lady. So if you are fortunate to get a guy who spends big, he is a likely asset, go for the kill.

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How he spends on others

Once you realize that people praise him so much for spending on them, you know he is the real deal. Since he already knows how to spend on others, getting him to spoil, you wouldn’t be such a big deal.

His Finances

This is the essential factor you should consider if you need a man to spoil you. No doubt that most guys go overboard to impress a lady, but that won’t last. If you need something sustainable, then he must be financially capable.

I suggest you don’t use his initial spending to judge if he can spoil you with goodies. Try to find out where he works genuinely and his salary range. That will leave you a clue of how much cash inflow he always has.

If your man is financially stable, you won’t find it challenging to get him to spoil you or get him to pay your bills.

Now that we have seen some qualities that show if a man can spoil you, how do you then bring it to reality?

I will show you some persuasive, shameless, and manipulative tactics to get a man to spoil you. So if you want a man to pay your bills, then apply some of these I am about to list out.


Techniques to Get a Man to Spoil You like a Queen

Steve Harvey said, “it is your right to get a man to pay for your dinner, club entry fee, and even your movie ticket.”

The sad reality is that most women don’t even know how it feels like to see a man spend on them so well. Right now, you have to use what you have to get what you don’t have. This is the famous rule of a trade by barter!

Unless you meet some real dunce, then you shouldn’t expect any form of trade. When I write trade, I believe you understand what I mean by that. He wants something from you, and you want something from him too. Both of you need each other to satisfy some elements of thirst.

When you learn the rule of exchange, you begin to unlock a lot of opportunities. What you decide to offer during your exchange is strictly at your discretion.

What are some of the techniques to get a man to spoil you?

Work on His Ego

You can expect me to show you all forms of love when treating me like a dog. When you treat a man as royalty – I don’t mean you should become a slave; he will respond in kind.

Men are ego beings, but be careful not to flatter. Once a man can see through your flattery, it becomes game over for your plans. Genuinely boost his ego and make him feel like he is right on top of the world.

Place him far above his mates, peers, and friends, and he will respond in kind. A man may be careless about several things, apologize for any wrongdoing first, but wouldn’t lose guard towards his money.

Successful female manipulators understood this trick, and it worked perfectly well for them. You can also emulate it – this is a huge secret.


Demand Less and Reject Less


get a man to pay your bills

Buying gifts in relationships are amazing


Do you know how it feels when all you do is always demanding? You seem like a liability!

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Do you also know how it feels when you keep rejecting gifts and goodies? Most likely, you come off as someone on a high horse. Both actions are meant to come off good, but surprisingly, it has adverse effects!

What I recommend is that you demand less, and when a man voluntarily gives you, don’t always be in haste to say NO.

When you accept the gift, he then understands that you are the receptive type. Times and often after that, there would be more rolling in continuously.

Be Generous at some point

If you are sure he has the finances, then you can pull up a shocker. Offer to pay the bus transport fare (this is less risky). This is a substantial manipulative move that would leave him charmed for an extended period.

No matter how much he pressurizes you not to pay the fare or fee, neglect him and go ahead with it. He will never forget – hopefully, he doesn’t propose to you on the spot if you aren’t married yet.

Trade by Barter

At some point, you just got to offer something for you to get a man to spoil you. There’s no way you’d always be at the receiving end of all the goodies.

As a female hustler, you need to understand that the balls on your chest, fat at your back, and the hole between your legs are potent tools for effective manipulation.

To get a man to spoil you, pay your bills, then you should know when to offer and when to withdraw your offer.

  • Banging body
  • Peace of mind
  • Motivation
  • Business ideas are examples of things you can offer and make a man feel good.


the secret of getting a man to spoil you

The Trade by Barter Fact


Always be at your best

This point reminds me of Beauty and the Beast – the movie. While the man is out there hustling and trying to earn money, he might come home looking ugly and haggard. The only sensible thing to do is to look like the morning rose with a lovely scented body.

This not only gives him the illusion that you are taken OK care of, but he also has this pump to do much more for you.

The result is that you’ve gotten a man to spoil you and spend on you.

Tactically Ask for his Help

Your request shouldn’t come out of the blue sky – but this is your last resort. For your request to be granted, you need to position when to make this request tactically. Never ask for a considerable sum during the middle of any month.

In most cases, I suggest you wait till the end of the month (28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st), which is when the money hits the account.

While asking, you should consider certain factors as I mentioned in how to beg for money message;

His mood

Financial situation

Environment, and certain other factors.

Once they all tick green, then go ahead and ask for a little help. If he fails to give you – DUMP HIM.


These are some of the little tips if you intend to find a cash source – to get a man to spoil you and spend on you. Once you can get your manipulative tactics right, then you are good to go!

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