How to Get a Sugar Daddy

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It’s very early in the morning, and your sibling rushes your phone down to you in the bathroom. The next thing is ‘hello, I ordered something nice yesterday. I’m certain you’d like it, do come over’. Well, this dream would be your reality when I’m done showing you how to get a sugar daddy. I won’t show you how to get a sugar daddy that’s just like any other but an exceptional sugar daddy.

I have had experiences with certain smart girls around me. As a hooker, I have given them opportunities that changed their lives for life. I’m certain you’ll become one because I’ll elaborately drill you on how to get a sugar daddy that pays you good money.

“When money is lacking in your purse, having a sugar daddy would most definitely fix things.” Knowing these techniques can help you know how to manipulate men. One of the techniques I taught was knowing how to collect money from a married man without asking. You will need to master this technique before going ahead to get a sugar daddy.

I will show you how to get a sugar daddy without losing anything, such as respect and integrity. The big girls around you do not just wake up to look splendid every day. While some decide to sell as whores, the smart ones choose to keep sugar daddies and balls low.

I’m sure you want to ball low and hard. By hard, I mean with enough bucks and not bucks that you get today, and it finishes tomorrow morning.

Even for the guys, you can still get a sugar daddy as a guy – See how to Get a sugar daddy as a Guy


How to get a Sugar Daddy Easily
A Sugar Daddy with his Sugar baby


Ways to Get a Sugar Daddy

There are just two sure ways on how to get a sugar daddy. The first one is the traditional in-person way, and the second is online. One similar thing about these two ways is that they require packaging. It doesn’t matter whether it is online or someone like me that hooks you up. Anyway, we will take on these two ways, and you’ll then decide the one you feel is cool for you.


This is the traditional way on how to get a sugar daddy. In this mode, you have to first meet with the sugar daddy in person before anything. Most of the time, you have to get to the sugar daddy through someone called ‘hooker.’ It is the hooker that informs you about the daddy and also the kind of things you should expect. If you need any questions on this one, you can always let me know because it’s my field. Moreover, the sugar daddy business is one of the sure ways to make money on the street.

The cute thing about this mode of contacting a sugar daddy is that you already know what’s up. You can even assess the person before you give in for the money. And if you’re going through a hooker, you’re sure will pay a commission for the hooking. The commission, of course, is usually small compared to what you’ll drain from the sugar daddy.


This is the mode that most slay mamas operate on. It is cheap, risky, fast, and swift. You do not require a hooker, but the site you’ll use serves as the indirect hooker. Even at that, certain premium sites with a guaranteed hookup charge for every successful hookup or per signup.

This mode is now like blogging and other online business. All you have to do, as a smart girl, is to subscribe to your phone. Then proceed to link up with these pervert daddies and rich husbands.

Most of them are tired of spending on their old wives and are willing to buy their sugar girls luxuries. I’m winking at you right now, guess why? I’m about to migrate you to a strange money world! A world where you’d be competing for richness with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, only if you play smart.



How to get a Sugar Daddy Offline

Like I stated in the two ways of how to get a sugar daddy, this section focuses on the offline mode. For me, the offline mode is very traditional and works better. You might even end up with a rich senator or commissioner here. Here is how you can tidy a sugar daddy for yourself very fast and maintain self-respect.

Locate a Bubbling Place

Unless it interests you to hook up online, staying in one place won’t work. I often advise my smart girls to be willing to work because this is business. I mean, come on, do you want a sugar baby for the sake of just being a sugar baby? Of course not! The essential reason is to double up your bank account balance. You do not necessarily have to go clubbing but pay attention to your environment.

Certain underground events take place, and that you should be present. These events are not being publicized because the sugar daddies in attendance are too rich to share with others. Keep your ears to the ground and check out these centers around you. If you do not know, ask questions, or make contacts with guys that control these things – hookers.

Hooker? Don’t Try to Outsmart Him

The very first mistake that girls make is trying to outsmart the game boys. They are the middlemen, and you should, if for no other reason, give the deserved respects. These guys can go a long way to inquire from a man whether they’re interested or not.

For this reason, you should always comply. For instance, if a hooker makes monetary demands, instead of scolding him, negotiate and come up with something. If you feel the demand is high, lock up and don’t hesitate aggressively.

Look Promising

Yes, you have to look very promising. This should apply to every aspect of your – body language, dress code, etc. You wouldn’t want to roll on church wear unless it’s not sugar daddy that you want. Whether it is direct contact or a hooker is presenting you, look sweet. Your sweetness can even cause him to rate you as the number one of his possible sugar girls. Trust me; it means a lot to be rated number one because you enjoy certain liberties that others don’t. Is it the money? Going places? Or shutting up someone that messes with you at all time? Girl, you’re guaranteed all of these.

Don’t Let Daddy Call

Baby, it’ll be wrong for daddy to call on the first date. Call daddy and let daddy know his baby is there. Subsequently, you can play Cinderella for the older man.

Like I said earlier, I’m a game in this game. I often hear them sugar daddies say stuff like ‘won’t this girl alert me?’ I learned from this that you have to call. Why? Because it’s business, and they are payers. The only time, at this first instance, that you don’t call is when a sugar daddy says, ‘don’t call.’ He could be in the rich daddies’ meeting or with the wife. If he’s with the wife and you call, believe me, you just spoilt things for yourself. It’s either he cuts you off because you deserve it, or his wife becomes too watchful for him to continue with you.




How to Get a Sugar Daddy Online

Mark Zuckerberg is often busy online trying to make more money. The bloggers whose articles you read also do the same. Well, take yours to another level and get a sugar daddy very quick. The internet is quite a pretty place for certain things. Even the least thing makes money online. Now think, isn’t the worth of getting a high paying sugar daddy from the internet high? You need no hooker, and you need no commission in your extra purse to settle anyone. Here’s how you can get a sugar daddy online that pays high and that will not take away your self-respect.

Go Online

What you require to go online is mere. A simple data purchase and your Android or Apple phone would do. There are very many sites out there that would connect you with big money daddies. I would have listed sites, but it will be best for you to pick that closer to you. It’s simple, by the way. Just put on your Chrome, Opera, or whatever browser you have to get surfing for them rich daddies. On the search bar, enter the keywords below.

  • ‘Sugar daddy sites in (name of your location)’
  • ‘Sugar daddy closer to me.’
  • ‘Sites with best sugar daddies near me’ etc.

I don’t want to list more because it’ll fill up this article; however, if you’re interested, comment or directly mail me.

Pick a Site Closer to You

Any site with a strong reputation and recommendations is the best. I do not advise signing to sugar daddy sites with very few people from your location. For instance, if you stay in Europe, let your target site contain more of Europe. And if you base in Africa, the target site should contain more Africans. I’ll even advise using sites that refer specifically to the country that you live in. The reason is that it will be very easy to locate your sugar daddy without spending too much.

Create Sexy Profiles

This is called ‘packaging.’ If you don’t package well, rich sugar daddies might dodge your profile while looking for sugar girls. Use the best of your photos, and do not underrate the ability of any of your beautiful photos. It is wrong to use another person’s photo or a female celebrity’s photo. For instance, if you’re using Rihanna’s photo, it’ll be obvious that the profile is fake. Thus, you’ll have fewer views and no sugar daddy to attract for yourself.

Fancy Your Selling Point Online

If you intend to advertise yourself on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, it’ll take time to build. This is one of the reasons why people don’t like using the likes of these social media platforms. It takes time to build but eventually makes you a selling cake. The sort of respect you’ll get, your followers haven’t in their lifetime. Once in a while, you can drop a little bit of semi-nude stuff to make potential daddies run wild.



Whether it’s online or offline that you’re doing, just honor each of the things you read in the lines. I have tried my best to optimize this long article not to take so much of your precious time. Just don’t be like those who spread around for the money. Follow this medium and become the owner of big shopping centers within a year.

As I said, I recommend in-person mode because of the closeness involved. And the fact that the hooker already knows more about the daddy you’ll be dealing with. Whatever a hooker demands shouldn’t be a problem because you’ll eventually cover up in no time. Besides, this is business, and nothing goes for nothing.

Also, lovemaking isn’t something you can avoid here. The sweet thing is that this mode of making money does not throw you around like a whore. Play smart and take advantage of every opportunity you have with these helplessly rich men.


You see, here are the only ways you can trap these men. Forget the issue of becoming a whore. On my guide of how to get a sugar daddy, the story of becoming a whore is absent. Everything basis on how you intend to place your selling point. Whether you’re going online or offline, no one would question you because of the proper steps you’re taking. After all, when you receive the bulk cash routinely, they’d still be the ones hanging around for a tip.

Also, I don’t recommend running this deal with a boyfriend on board. If you have a boyfriend, cut things off unless you’re just in temporarily. Even at that, the treasures might stop you from backing out anytime soon. Like I always inform you, this is my field, and I know what happens and what doesn’t.


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