How to Get Clients on Instagram for Yahoo [Detailed Guide]

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How to Get Clients on Instagram for Yahoo

One of the major places you will find clients for your yahoo job is on Instagram. Instagram having lots of users who are ready to spend money, makes it perfect for you to land a client for your yahoo job. So how do you get clients on Instagram for yahoo?

One of the best ways to get clients on Instagram is to choose a niche you want to operate, create a profile that suits that, then start marketing yourself for people to become interested in you.

One of the reasons many hustlers can’t use Instagram for their work is because Instagram keeps blocking their account. I have shown you how to create a fake Instagram account without getting blocked, so I believe that should give you some head start.

If you want to get clients on Instagram for yahoo or increase your followers, then you have to follow some simple strategies I will outline for you in this post.

Steps to Get Clients on Instagram for Yahoo

Find a Lucrative Niche

One major you are making as a hustler on Instagram is that you don’t have a niche. You are everywhere and doing everything, making it difficult for clients to trust you and give you their money.

Finding a lucrative niche is the first step to getting quality clients on Instagram. Some niches attract high-quality clients, while the others are basically for time wasters who are roaming around the IG space with no aim or looking to catch some fun.

If for anything, you should avoid looking for clients in the following niches;

  • Entertainment
  • Movie
  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Music, etc.

For some lucrative niches, you can get good clients almost immediately, you can check out the following;

  • Forex trading
  • Crypto Trading
  • Stock trading
  • Real Estate flipping
  • Forex signal buying
  • Crypto signal buying
  • General investment Ideas
  • HYIP Schemes
  • Betting Expert

There are also lots of them that you can explore. The aim is to make yourself a master at any of these niches.


Setup your IG Profile to Suit your Niche

how to get clients on Instagram for yahoo

An Instagram Forex scammer Profile Description

The next step would be to set up your IG profile to reflect a big authority in your niche. To do this is pretty simple, just look out for other hustlers in your niche and copy their model.

If you can’t identify as hustlers, you can also look out for genuine profiles just copy what their profiles look like and make yours the same.

Create Enticing Posts to Convince Clients

Now your profile looks appealing, the next step would be to create posts that would make clients believe that you are good with what you do. Just create posts that show you are wealthy, confident, a guru, and a master of your niche.

cash evidence to lure clients on Instagram for yahoo

Cash evidence to lure clients on Instagram for yahoo

The idea behind this is to make them chase you, instead of you chasing them. In most cases, they will surely come into your DM for financial advice or even buy what you are selling.

There’s a popular guy on Instagram that sells crypto signals. He packaged his profile so well that people think he is legit, but he is a scam and scam people of their money.

So if you want to do the same thing, just look at his profile and copy what he does and how he does his stuff.

Market your Profile

Now you need people to start vising your profile, so you need to start marketing your profile. This is a good strategy to get clients on Instagram for yahoo.

Without marketing your profile, you wouldn’t have followers, and without followers, you wouldn’t have people who are seeing your posts.

There are several ways to market your profile and I will list a few;

  • Reach out to influencers on IG related to your field and ask for a promotion
  • Ask other users with a considerable following to mention you.
  • Run a paid advert and promote yourself
  • Use another account and promote your account
  • Comment on popular pages using other accounts to promote your main account
comment marketing for Instagram scammers

Scammers promoting themselves on popular pages comment section.

Give out Advice for FREE

As a professional in your field, you should be giving out advice for free. The more quality advice you give out, the more people would follow you and seek to learn more.

Let’s say you are a Crypto Signal expert, you should be giving out free signals. If you are a betting guru, then be giving out free bet tips.

You can get these bet tips from other professionals and be posting on your page as if they are yours. In most cases, your users won’t figure out.


Collect Payment for Premium Service

This is where you make the money after you’ve gone through the other steps to get clients on Instagram for yahoo.

You make money by collecting payment for premium service. Tell your followers that if they want to enjoy your premium content (signals, betting advice, crypto coins to buy), then they should subscribe to your premium service.

Your premium service could be as high as $30 to $50 maximum so that people can easily purchase.

I also suggest that Bitcoin should be your preferred payment method. That way, you can easily receive money fast.

If you have CashApp, you can also make it your preferred payment method. If you aren’t in the United States, then you can see the steps to open a CashApp account from other countries.

Don’t Scam, just give out Fake Service

If clients pay you for your service, don’t collect money and block them, just give them something fake. That way, they don’t tell others that you are a scammer and make them block your account.

Always Hype Yourself

The last step would be to always hype yourself and post positive reviews about yourself using your other accounts.

Make it look as if people are posting good reviews about what you are giving them, and it would attract more people.


Trying to get clients on Instagram for yahoo is difficult, and you need to follow a good strategy. If you want to start the hit and dump method, Instagram authorities will block your account immediately.

So take your time and set up your account. It will take time to do, but in the long run, you will have a steady source of clients who will always give you money.

If you have questions, ask me and I will be happy to help.


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