How to get a foreign number for yahoo [Update!!!]

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How to get a foreign number for yahoo

So you know that it isn’t possible to become a yahoo boy without pretending to be an American or a British citizen. After you meet your new client on any of these dating sites I listed here, you still have to exchange contacts. Let me show you my own way to get a foreign number for yahoo in this blog post.

There are so many applications out there that allow you to own a foreign number – the United States and the United Kingdom. But many of them are also scams; so I will give you all the options you can explore and have your own foreign number.

One of the major things I have discovered is that most people don’t want to spend money to buy the necessary tools they need. It isn’t possible to spend money and make money in the yahoo game.

The aim is that you invest money into things like applications to get a foreign number for yahoo, and cash out with ease.

Some of the applications I will be listing out are also paid, so do well to set apart a few dollars to secure a foreign number for yourself and communicate with your clients easily.

Benefits of Having a Foreign Number for Yahoo


After you’ve told your client that you are a US citizen, you should back it up by providing and communicating with her through a US contact.

Even if you aren’t in town or in the US, your WhatsApp contact should at least show that you have a US number. It shows that you are authentic and someone she/he can rely on.


With authenticity comes trust. Having a US number will help your client trust you better and be happy to do business/send money to you.

In this game, trust is everything and you wouldn’t want to leave room for your client to doubt you one bit.

Even if you are using the military billing format where you are no longer in the United States, your WhatsApp number should still remain +1, even though it won’t connect via mobile calling – since you aren’t in the United States.

How to Get a Foreign Number for Yahoo and WhatsApp

So let’s explore the options you can use to get a foreign number for yahoo.

Second Phone Number 2nd Line

This mobile application that is available on both the Google Play Store and the IOS store is one of the best ways to get a foreign number for yahoo.

At first, you are allowed to have a free trial, and after that, you start paying monthly subscriptions to keep your number active. With this App, you can also verify your US number on WhatsApp and have a US number.

Step 1 – Download and install the second phone number 2nd Line App from the Play Store.

how to get foreign number for yahoo on IOS store
Second Phone Number Download from Play Store

Step 2 – Install the app and sign-up using your email id and password

sign up for foreign number

Step 3 – Select a state code of your choice from the available list of state codes in the US. I recommend that you choose 201. But if you have a specific state code you wish to enter, then that is also fine.

Step 4 – You will be presented with different numbers from the state code you’ve selected. Choose any of the numbers popping up from the list, then copy the number.

select any foreign number

Step 5 – You can use the number to verify anything you want to verify. It works for WhatsApp, Google Voice, or any other online platform you want to register and sign-up for.

Get a Foreign Number using Text Plus

This is practically the best method to get a foreign number for yahoo for free. It is simply the best because you don’t need to pay to get a number, so it’s easy to just download the application and start using your number straight away. Here are the steps;

Download the App using the android link or IOS link.

download text plus for foreign number
Text Plus IOS Download
  • Install the application and sign-up with your username and password
  • Select an area code from the available list of states on the application
  • You will be assigned a brand new number that is only applicable to you. 
  • You can then use the number to verify your WhatsApp or Telegram, or any other application that requires you to have a United States number.

Get a Foreign Phone Number for Yahoo Using Numero eSIM

So this is a convenient new application that allows you to buy foreign phone numbers with ease. You can easily buy phone numbers for making calls or for receiving calls. You just pay monthly for the phone numbers.

Here are the steps to download and use the application;

Download the App from the IOS Store or Google Play Store by typing “Numero eSIM”

download numero eSIM from google playstore for foreign number
Download the App

Create a Free Account

create a free account to get a foreign number for yahoo

Choose “Phone Numbers”

Click on “Phone Numbers”

Click “Buy Numbers”

Select the USA

Select the Foreign Phone Number that Suits your Purpose

Now you can input the number on WhatsApp and confirm your new phone number. You can also use it on telegram to verify your account and convince your client that you are real.


There are still other ways you can get a foreign number for yahoo, and I will be updating this page as I finish compiling them.

Meanwhile, you can watch this video on Youtube to view more and see the step-by-step process of getting a US number for WhatsApp or Telegram easily.

A Video Guide on How to get a foreign number for Yahoo.

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