How to Get Good Luck in your Life Using Salt [Works 100%]

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Last Updated on January 19, 2021 by Mikebush The Rich Lazy Asshole

How to get Good Luck with Salt in Simple Steps

Just like how to command money spiritually, I will briefly show you some simple steps that would allow you to get good luck with salt. In case you don’t know, salt has a deep spiritual meaning when used to either curse or blesses someone.

If you are looking to attract good luck or break a curse that’s holding you back as a hustler, salt plays a huge role. So the essence of this post will guide you through the process of using salt to get good luck.

So that you know, salt has a history as a value of symbol of purity in several religious rituals. In a country like China or Japan, salt of commonly known as “Shio,” is used as a purifier. In a situation where a family welcomed an unwanted guest, they sprinkle salt on their doorsteps after the guest leaves the house.

what is salt in Japanese

The literal meaning of Salt in Japanese

The magical power of salt can be used to invite positive energy, such as wealth, prosperity, and good luck, which is why many successful people always have salt. This is to show you the efficacy of salt and how it can be used for both the good, the bad, and the ugly. But in this article, we are concerned about the good only.

So let’s move forward on how we can attract good luck with salt.

Steps to Get Good Luck with Salt

Here are the steps to take;

Get a white packet of salt

how to get good luck with salt

Salt used for good luck rituals

As you know, white represents purity – which is why we are going for the color white. But perhaps you ask, “but there is only white salt available in the world,” that is not true because there are other colors of salt available.

The color of salt you choose depends on what you want to achieve with the salt. Since we are focused on Good Luck and not any other spell, we have to go with the color white.

Make sure that it has never been opened – else you might attract curses to yourself. Once you have the salt, then move to step 2.

Get Ready for the Ritual

Getting ready for a ritual means prepping yourself up just before you are about to use the salt and say some powerful words to yourself.

You don’t spend all weekend drinking, then go ahead with casting some spells.

Preparation for the ritual means keeping yourself clean and void of all impurities. These impurities might be;

  • Drinking
  • Womanizing
  • Saying bad words to people
  • Lying
  • Having bad intentions towards another

Now it depends, but once you know that what you are doing isn’t pure, you need to purge yourself and remain in a holy state ahead of the ritual.

I want you to imagine yourself as a priest who needs to perform a ritual, put yourself in such a position, and know how to act.

Get Ready your Materials

You will need a couple of other materials asides from just salt if you want to make this a success.

Other materials you would need includes;

  • Salt
  • A bowl where you’d pour the salt into

And that’s all you need.

Choose where you want to attract Good Luck.

This is another crucial point you should consider. Every one of us wants good luck in our lives, but to get good luck with salt, you must be specific.

Specific in the sense that you must choose where you want to attract good luck. Let’s say a freelancer wants to attract more clients; you must use the salt on your laptop, which is your primary source of communication between you and your clients.

If you own a business, you must use the salt around your business premises to attract customers and wealth.

The bottom line is that there must be a point of contact between where you want to get lucky and what type of luck you want.

To get luck with salt is spiritual, so there shouldn’t be any mistakes. But I will still outline how to perform the excellent luck ritual with salt. That will make it easily understandable.

Perform the Ritual

get good luck with salt

The good luck ritual


For the ritual performance, I will explain to you how to get started. So first, it needs to be in the middle of the night – midnight precisely.

Take the salt, and move to your point of contact (your laptop, client’s picture, business location, etc.).

Now, there are no specific words to say, but you need to make a confident declaration that you want to see happening. Also, you must be specific and avoid generic statements like “I want to be lucky.”

Here is a typical example of a good luck spell you might want to recite – this is for a freelancer or a business owner.

“I want 90% of customers coming to my store to bring me at least one or two referrals. I know this is not my right, but I am asking for it. This month, I must make over $5,000 from clients and customers who will patronize my business. This is the good luck that I want for this month, and this I must get”

While you are reciting the above words, you are sprinkling the salt around your point of contact. Remember that you need to recite Seven (7) times to reach perfection because spiritually, Seven (7) is a perfect number.

Eliminate Doubt

One thing kills good luck fast, and that is “Doubt.” If you want to get good luck with salt, then you must eliminate all forms of doubt from your heart after you’ve recited the proper luck declaration.

Believe it has happened and make bold requests from people you believe can give you the money you desire, then watch them do it.

It isn’t magic, it is spiritual and make sure you tell no one else your secret – unless you want to ruin it.


What is the symbolic meaning of salt?

Salt symbolizes taste and it is vital for life. It can be used to attract good luck for money and some traditions use it to mummify bodies. Although salt stands for goodluck, it can kill.

What type of salt do you need?

You need grey salt that is moist, reflecting the mineral content and can hold water. Apart from bringing you good luck with money, it can lower blood pressure.

Which of your shoulders should you use?

The common belief is that you should toss a pinch of salt over your left shoulder. It enters the face of the devil and your wishes come through.

Does religion say anything about salt?

Yes. Most religions portray salt as good will. In some religions, salt is used to pray for fortune.


To get good luck with salt, I have highlighted the steps you need to take. This post is meant for hustlers and people looking to make money. Using this tactic will allow you to acquire the good luck you need to succeed in life.

If you tried it and it worked for you, let me know in the comment section.

See you guys in the next article, cheers.


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