How to Get a Man to Give You Money Without Asking

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How to get a man to give you money without asking? You can get any man to give you money without asking, understand the man’s personality and take advantage of what they like that you can offer. You do not only have intimacy to offer. Your productive skills, how you talk them into action, and the little things they gain from you count.

How to get a man to give you money without asking

Before now, you were thinking most men only give in the value that they receive. Some men even think they can only give according to what they receive, but the case is the reverse. A man can give twice, thrice, or more times than the value they receive, especially to a woman.

Again, it is quite easy to get money from a man as a woman, and even as a man. It is a matter of knowing what works which this article attempts to explain.

How to Get a Man to Give You Money Without Asking

One of the ways to make money on the side is ‘a man’, especially married men. How is this even possible? You will find out as we explore the best ways to get a man to give you money without asking:

  1. Evaluate Your Self-Worth

Before you can get a man to love you, you want to raise your self-worth at least closer to their level or even more. This is important because you do not want the man to colonize you. When a man finds that you are way below their standard, they think you are not worth spending money on.

Most men naturally love to aim higher if given the slightest opportunity, and this includes the kind of woman they are dealing with. For example, a man earning $10,000 a year would not mind dating and spending on a woman making up to $100,000 in the same period.

You are probably wondering how you can measure up your self-worth if the man is richer. No, the amount of money you earn does not matter.

Read the title of this section again, it says ‘evaluate your self-worth’. A man you want to give you money already knows that he is richer, so he only cares about how you carry your body about. You do not have to be proud though.

  1. Get in Touch with the Right Clique

After you improve your standards, you need men within or above that standard. This means you are looking to make more men friends who are interested in you.

How do you get in touch with this clique of men? Through your friends, outings, social media engagement, and more. Social platforms are the commonest and easiest places to build a profile that gets men to give you money without asking. Use your social accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, etc., to make male friends nearby.

You can join discussion groups with male members nearby. Since you need a man that will give you money, your target audience must be nearby males so as to gain nearby admirers.

If you are in a relationship, your man, seeing the class of men around you, will reconsider giving you money only when you ask.

  1. Do not Be Too Dependent

That you are a woman, or still considered a girl, does not mean you should see a man as your financial lord and saviour. It is okay to depend on a man to give you money, but it is not if you are being too dependent.

Do not make a man see you as a liability, otherwise, the value you built earlier will diminish. It can be difficult to rebuild it since you do not even trust yourself not to be too dependent. The men in your immediate environment would have had that impression that you are a beggar, you do not want this to happen.

If you have no job, it will force you to want to depend on a man. In this case, you can diversify by keeping additional male friends that will give you money. If you are dating, this will be tougher, but if your boyfriend is stingy, go ahead with keeping additional friends.

Unfortunately, the various men you keep want a taste of you. If they cannot have a taste of you, their interest in you will drop, and they will stop giving you money without asking, and most of the time not at all. The solution is to let go of those who want you and make new ones. This is to say you are recycling your friendship with men to collect money.

  1. Market Yourself

You can market yourself without being in bed or appearing unclad to please a man. What other way can market yourself? Simply post sultry pictures and videos. You can also host live sessions once in a while. Before host live sessions, make a post about it on your social timeline so it appears on the feeds of your male friends.

Get money from him without asking

I recommend having video sessions with an individual male so that the community of men you are building will not know how many male friends you have. Another reason why individual video call is better is that if you are in a relationship, your man will not know what goes on in your money-finding life.

  1. Bring Value to the Table

You do not have to wait for a man to know you enough to give you money without asking. Force the man to know that you are there, and would not mind their money or gifts.

There are many ways you can do this, including selling your feet pics on Instagram, Craigslist, and even OnlyFans, etc. You can take advantage of being a woman to find recognition in your area of expertise.

Suppose you are a marketer. You could be posting about marketing on your social media, which can attract a man interested in your service, or that can refer you.

Your body should not be the benchmark of the value you can offer if you must keep receiving money from a man without asking.

  1. Say “I Need Money” Indirectly

If you cannot get a man to give you money without asking for it, you can at least ask for it indirectly. In this manner, you are keeping a man from thinking you really need their money, but the truth is that you need that money.


Note that this technique only works once in a while on the same man. The next time you are using it is on another man to avoid blowing off your cover.

You need many excuses to get money from a man in this regard. You can say that you are running out of cash faster than you expected, and a man you mention this to will immediately think of giving you money. One of the tricks smart girls use is to complain about not having money on their timeline or status. This will only work depending on the kind of a man you are expecting to willingly give you the money. It can be your husband, relative, boyfriend, and even a stranger.

  1. Get Your Man Jealous

If you are in a relationship and your man only fancies keeping his money from you, make them jealous. While with your boyfriend, grant other males’ permission to call. Do this with discretion because not every man will condone the attitude lightly. Some will take advantage of this to cheat on you, forcing themselves to think you keep male lovers other than them.

You can also complain about not having money in the presence of your partner. Make real or fake phone calls saying that you need money. Unless your boyfriend has no money or did not hear your words, they will willingly give you money.

Final Thoughts

Although you can get a man to give you money without asking, it is not proper to see it as your birthright to receive money from a man. Do not make this an attitude you cannot do away with, even if you are dating a rich man.

Always make your requests. Sometimes, your man could be thinking you have no need for money. If a man had to give you money without you asking, it means they will have to give you money all the time. It can only make a man hate you with time, especially when they run out of cash.

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