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Have you Been Scammed Online Before? This is how to get your Money Back

I am going to be fair to you; there is no one rules serves all method on how to get money back after being scammed online. Every situation is unique and depends on how the transaction went. I am going to be fair enough to cover all aspects of several online scam situations.

So depending on the aspect you find yourself, you can know exactly how to go about it. In terms of how to get money back from an online scammer, you have a whole lot of work to do to get it accomplished.

There are several ways you can get scammed online, but there are major ways that occur frequently. I have been scammed online severally; and 75% of the time, I got my money back. That is the exact same method I will teach you.

Popular sites like;

  • eBay
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Betting sites
  • Craigslist
  • Alibaba
  • Facebook

All of these sites are nice places to get scammed. So if you aren’t familiar with the process of online transactions in the above sites, you might fall a victim.

So let’s discuss the popular ways to get scammed online, and how to get money back after being scammed online;

How can you recover your money back after being scammed online?


get money back after being scammed online


This depends on if you are within the same geographical location as the scammer or not. It is easier when you are within the same country than when you are miles apart.

I will address the two points.

Within your country?

Whether you are in the UK, America, or even Nigeria, this method can work for you. You just have to follow the same steps and get started to getting your money back after being scammed online.

Sometimes last year I got scammed by a fellow countryman online but I had no idea I was scammed already.

I bought bitcoins from him online and made payments fully, but he claimed he never got my deposit. I probably felt he was genuine – maybe due to lots of trusts I had in him. After 1 whole day, I started realizing I was getting scammed.

I placed a one-last call to him to see if the deposit I made has reflected, but he never took his calls again.

“Then I realized I had been scammed”

These were the steps I took.

I sent him a message

A message was sent to him from me telling him that he would be caught anytime you go to withdraw that money by ATM or physically. Then I also alerted him that the authorities are looking for him already.

I did that to scare him away from going to cash out the money. That would give me a few days extra to work my way towards getting my money back.

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Then placed a call to my bank

After doing all of that, I never bothered contacting him again after I sent him that message, and luckily he fell for it. Just after, I quickly placed a call to my bank and spoke with my accounts manager, explaining everything to him and he told me what to do.

I visited the police station to get a warrant

I visited the police station and got a warrant of arrest for the “account holder” I paid the money too. The officer I met at the station advised me that I needed a court injunction that would block the funds in the bank account of the scammer.

The court injunction

That killed it totally and it was what I needed to get my money back. The court injunction stated that;

“Since the scammer didn’t appear in court, it was obvious that he committed the crime. They stated that my money should be paid and reversed back to me.”

Visited the Bank’s Headquarters

This was where I presented the court’s judgment, and it was affected by the legal arm of the bank. The account was blocked immediately, but it took about 7 working days for my money to be transferred back to me.

I will try and discuss the popular ways to get scammed online and how you can get your money back after being scammed. Some would be quite difficult while others are easy as anything can be.

If you are looking for how to get money back after being scammed online, then I think you should follow these steps if you stay within the same country with the scammer.

Tips to get money back from a scammer outside your country?

This is quite difficult, but I know it is also workable. This probably works for those who were scammed either by 419, a Nigerian prince, or Nigerian scammer. The steps are quite complex and require a great deal of work.

Identify the country the scam came from

This should be your first assignment once you realize that you have been scammed and you want to get money back after being scammed online.

Sometimes the country you paid the money to and the scammer’s location might be different. It is your job to find that out or you look at the second step.


getting scammed online

A scammer online

Lodge a complaint to the commission of the financial crime of the country

Every country has its financial crime entity. In America, either the CIA or FBI will help you track down the scammer.

Explain to them the following;

  • How the scam happened
  • Names of everyone involved
  • Country you sent the money to
  • Receiver’s name

All of the above information will help them track the scammer successfully and recover your money back for you.

Keep in touch with your scammer

This is one of the Achilles heels of every online scammer; just like Oliver Twist, they always want more. You have to pretend as nothing happened, and that would keep them closer till you complete your aim of getting back your money from them.

It is quite simple to get money back after being scammed online by someone outside of your country. We have read stories about it, and they all followed the steps I outlined here.

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Other online cases of scam?

There are other cases on how you can get money back after being scammed online. This time around, the whole process is automated and you don’t really need to stress yourself.

Getting Scammed on Fiverr/Upwork

The above-mentioned sites are freelance sites where you pay people to do a job for you. You can either be a seller or a buyer. Either way, you stand a chance of getting scammed.

  • Make sure you are dealing with a verified account holder. It means that the website have access to their credit cards, so they can always give you a refund.
  • Click the dispute button once you feel you’ve been scammed.
  • Fill the necessary information and get your money back.

How to get money back after being scammed on Aliexpress

Most times when you initiate a transaction on a site like Alibaba and make payments, the money goes into the online account of the seller.

Alibaba acts like an escrow and keeps the money until the seller and buyer agrees and gives a thumb up of a good transaction.

When you realize that what you ordered for isn’t what you bargained for, be fast to create a dispute on aliexpress and the case will be resolved immediately.

I have done well to explain on how to get money back after being scammed online. If you follow the above steps, you will always recover your money.

What to do when you realize that you have been scammed online

Once you realize that you have been scammed, do the following;

Be calm

This will allow you to think strategically on how to get your money back. Once you panic, you lose your sense of judgment.

Report to the Authorities

Make that complaint ASAP.  They would surely help you track the money and get it back. It is one of the major steps if you want to get money back after being scammed online.

Continue keeping in touch with your scammer

Pretend like nothing has happened but keep feeding the police and authorities with more information. Having him around will also aid his arrest.

Get as much genuine information as possible

As long as you are in touch, the IP address of your scammer can easily be tracked and every other information about him or her. That would definitely aid their arrest.

Now you have known how to get money back after being scammed online, you are now on a safer side.

But for more safety, I recommend that you know the signs of a scammer online.


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