5 Tips to Get Your Money Back from Someone who Ripped You Off

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How to get your money back from someone who ripped you off

What’s up hustler, and I want to show you something that will help you in the hustle. Most times we are desperate to buy a few things online like CC Carding, then we get into the hands of rippers. I will show you how to get your money back from someone who ripped you off in this post.

There are several strategies you can employ, but they are dependent on your actions before the transactions. Let’s say for example you don’t trust someone before a deal, you can carefully get a lot of information from them.

There are lots of things I typically love collecting from someone before I finally transact with them. But I don’t let them know I am collecting this information, I do it in a sinister way to avoid suspicion.

This strategy is for a major transaction. Once I don’t have a good feeling about you for smaller transactions, I call off the deal immediately. But for bigger transactions, I get close to you and collect the necessary information that I will need should you rip me off.

Even if you mistakenly collected any of this information, then you can go ahead with these strategies to get your money back from someone who ripped you off.

Ways to Get Your Money Back from Someone Who Ripped You Off

How to get your money back from someone who ripped you off

So these are some of the strategies I employ when someone tries to rip me off. So you can also follow the same..

Claim to work for a Bank and threaten to block their account.

To get your money back from someone who ripped you off, you have to be creative. The last time someone tried to rip me off, I made him understand that I work for the same bank he was operating with, and I will place a block request on his account and invite the cops to complete the other process of arrest.

He wondered if I was saying the truth till I showed him a fake ID while calling the bank to report the issue of theft with the ripper’s account.

I used the opportunity to successfully put a hold on his account with the help of the bank while engaging him on the phone.

Most rippers don’t use their real account to receive funds, which makes it even better because the real owner of the account will pressure them to return the funds or expose them. This is why this strategy is perfect and works pretty well.

On a side note, once the transaction isn’t complete within 5 minutes after payment, know that they have ripped you and proceed to take action immediately.

Get a Friend to Call the Ripper

When a friend sent money to a ripper and wouldn’t get a refund, she sent me the number, and I acted like a bank official. When the ripper picked, I greeted him and used the following lines;

“Hello, this is Mike calling from {insert bank name} and the Fraud investigation department. A report came in claiming that your account was used to engage in fraud, up to the tune of {insert amount}. A report has been lodged and the account you used is currently monitored – including your transfer.

I advise you not to visit the banking hall till they clear your case.

I am calling to hear your side of the story because from the system, you received the said amount that the complainant talked about. Please refund the money or we might go-ahead to block your account in the next 45 seconds.


If you deliver these lines in a professional, clear, and precise manner, you can convince and get your money back from someone who ripped you off.

Post their Picture online with Scammer Tag

Most scammers don’t use their bank account details, so it’s easy to know that the friends they use won’t hide their details and profiles.

In most cases, it is simple to just visit Facebook or Instagram and get their pictures, then you splatter it with the word “scammer” written all over it.

You can also beg your friends to do the same. That way, you’d have a wider reach and the possibility of the owner of the picture seeing it.

Once the owner of the picture sees it, they will revert to you, then you can negotiate for them to send you back your money.

Get their Details and Report to the Bank

Once you notice that you’ve been ripped, to get your money from someone who ripped you off, you need to be smart about it.

First I would advise you not to raise any cause for alarm if you are going to use this method. Quietly call your bank and inform them that you believe that someone has scammed you, and what you can do about it.

Follow their instructions and work underground till they send back your funds.

Involve the Police

If the ripper is close to you and the deal is something you can speak to the police about, then go ahead with it.

Over 75 rippers have been arrested in the United States with the help of the police. Reporting to the police should be an option where you and the ripper share the same locality.

For international jobs, we can help you, but it depends on the amount involved, and means of payment.

To avoid getting ripped in an untraceable manner, avoid paying via cryptocurrency and this isn’t a legalized form of tender.



You’ve seen some of the best possible ways to get your money back from someone who ripped you off. But remember that being safe depends on your initial due diligence.

Whether you are buying Shopwithscrip logs, tools, scripts, etc., have it at the back of your mind that most sellers on the internet are scammers.

Most of the tools they are telling you they have, they don’t and just looking to scam you. Be careful and keep your funds safe.

Till the next article, keep the hustle going.

Much Love!

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