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So my friend and I collected over twenty thousand dollars from a client last week, and guess the format we used for the billing? Yes, you are right, the gold format for scamming. It is one of the hardest formats but very effective when it comes to billing your clients.

The gold format is the billing part that happens after you have used the love format or dating format to make your client love you. As I explained before in the beginner post of becoming a yahoo boy, you will use the dating format to get clients interested in you, but you must use another format to bill them.

So using the gold format for scamming means you must be intelligent enough to answer questions, convince your client, and be bold enough to request an outrageous amount of money.

The key thing is to make them trust you and be attached to you, so it becomes easy to manipulate and convince them to give you money – See how to convince someone to give you money.

Let’s go straight into details immediately on how to use the Gold format.

What is the Gold Format for Scamming?

smartlazyhustler gold format for scamming

A large quantity of gold is usually found in a certain part of the world in large quantities, and that is in Africa. In many cases, we have a large deposit of gold in the west and central parts of the African continent.

First, you need to pose as an investor and make sure your client believes you. Then get them to commit to you in terms of relationships and building for the future.

After a while, as an investor, you need to inform your client that you are traveling to Africa to submit a proposal for Gold mining. You can choose any country of your choice as long as you have the format to back it up.

Inform your client that you will need 6 investors and that you’ve gotten 10 proposals. But you will be screening them to know people who match your criteria.

Your criteria should fit the following people;

  • Close friends/partners
  • People you can trust
  • Friends who won’t make noise about the deal.
  • Friends who can have an eye for long term gains
  • And finally, friends who can spare just Ten Thousand Dollars for just 6 months.

In most cases, your client would become interested and would want to invest. From there on, you can continue with the rest of the billing by providing an account number to receive money from your client. Then enjoy your loot.

Let’s look at how to use the use Gold format for scamming in detail.

How to Use the Gold Format for Scamming

gold format for scamming proof

We used the Gold Format to get $20,000 from a client

This step will show you a more practical approach to use the gold format for yahoo and get money from your clients.

Get a client

This is a major hassle for most hustlers because they don’t know where to get clients. But the main thing remains that this is the most important step.

You need a client first before thinking of the format to use for the client. Without a client, there is nobody to bill or use the format for.

I know getting a client is hard; that is why we have dating sites you can use like the ones I mentioned here. I will still be adding more to the list, so you can always check back to see a list of new dating sites that will be added.

Create Instant Rapport

You will need to create rapport by easily trying to manipulate them. Go through her profile and check out their likes, dislikes, and what they are comfortable and uncomfortable with. Make it clear that this would be a long-distance relationship with the prospect of meeting up in the next 3 months.

Check out their zodiac sign and match it up with yours immediately. Let the client feel that the universe sent you to make their lives better.

I have done this over and over again, and it is so simple. You need to understand some basic human behavior to know how to manipulate a client.

Create a Wonderful Bio

Your bio will save you lots of stress if you make it open that you don’t engage in small talks and little things like video calling and all.

You are a guy and should be in charge of the conversation. If you don’t make video calls and phone calls obvious, you can’t use the gold format for scamming.

Your online bio should read something like;

“Successful 8-figure investor, exploring rich mineral resources around the world and living my best life. I am looking for a beauty to join me soon enough. Is that You? Let me know.”


Qualify your Client

Qualifying your client means getting to know them well and what they do. You want a rich client, not a client that is broke and looking for money.

A perfect client would have investments and is willing to spend money for something good. If your client is investment savvy and looking to make more money, they will be perfect for you.

If you don’t know what to say, I have written a list of questions to ask a client. Check if you can see anyone that fits investment, and get started.

Gain your Client Trust

Not every client will trust you, so you need lots of clients and every document you need to show the client that you are legit.

Inform your client that you are out of the phone and video communication until you return to your country. If your client is in the UK, you can claim to be an American. If the client is from Europe, you can claim to be an American or from the UK. But if the client is from America, claim to be a British Citizen.

You will need to show your client some proposals you will be submitting to the government. Also, you will need to show your client the letter of approval from the government to start mining gold in their country.

All these will help you create trust with your client so that when it’s time for billing, everything will be easy and smooth.

Bill, your Client

The first billing for your client would be a small amount that they will use as an investment, while the second billing would be bigger.

If you bill them a higher amount, they might not pay, which would put them off or make them scared.

But if you bill them a small amount like, let’s say, $10,000, they can easily pay the money and won’t bother you much.

After the first billing, you can contact me, and I will put you through how to bill your client the second time.

Documents you need for Gold Format

  • You need a proposal letter to the government of the country you want to mine their gold.
  • Then an acceptance letter from the government stating that you have been granted permission to mind Gold in their country will also be useful.
  • Investor agreement letter and list of investors already on board.

These are some of the documents you need to make this format a success.


If you need all these materials in PDF, you should contact me, and I will help you create them for a fee of 15k.

If you need further clarifications on using the gold format, send me an email to [email protected], and I will respond to all of them.

Happy Hustling!!!


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